Story Recs: On Duty


On Duty: because who in their right mind would say no to Eric in a uniform?


While we like our favorite Viking large and in charge, he becomes that much more magnetic when poured into a well-fitted uniform with shiny buttons, and not a crease in sight. When speaking of Eric in a tightly, tailored uniform we, of course, can’t not mention kjwrit’s Men In Uniform Series that stars Eric in all manner of uniformed garb, but don’t worry, dear readers, our recommendations are not an exclusive All Human fest, Vampire Eric cleans up just as well, and not to be left behind, our ever-intrepid telepath, Sookie, can don a white uniform and a matching cap with the same enthralling ease while holding out the sponge for Eric’s favorite bath… At your service!


Prime examples of our beloved characters in All Human form, with or without powers.


 Leap of Faith by MissusT


Eric and Sookie are reunited years after a devastating break-up. Eric is an active duty Marine and Sookie is still struggling to move on. Will they take a second chance at true love, or is there too much history between them? AH/AU, rated M, -COMPLETE-


For lovers of an Eric in uniform, this story could be the benchmark all others are measured against. The beginning is heartbreaking; highlighted by distance, war, and time, to tell the tale of two people coming of age. We follow a road filled with promises, happiness found, the desolation of separation and uncertainty, the fear of death, and ultimately vindication. It’s confronting; lessons learned in trust, forgiveness, and taking that step out onto the battlefield. Be warned: tissues necessary and once you start, impossible to put down.



Stories high in fantasy elements, often a rich Alternate Universe


The Peace Offering by Wylis


700 years ago Prince Niall gave up his most precious possession- his mostly Human great granddaughter- to end the war between Vampires and Fairies. A/U E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Vampires and faeries may live in the open among humans in the 14th century, however, mortal enemies they remain. On this premise an engaging story of war, love, betrayal, and eventually hope unfolds. Sookie lives uncomfortably among the Fae, despised by most because of her mixed blood. Her great-grandfather, Niall, loves and cherishes her, but makes the difficult decision to offer her in marriage to a vampire King to bring about peace. Sookie though resigned to her fate, her eyes; however, can’t help but to linger on the familiar Viking vampire who wears the uniform of commander, rather than to the crown she had been promised. The writer creates a rich world that immerses you in Sookie’s journey, marriage, and its ultimate outcome that is so profoundly captivating. Be prepared for some tragedy along the way; war does have its costs, after all, but you won’t regret reading a second of this vibrant tale.



For those who can withstand the nail biting anxiety to reach that elusive payout when all is inevitably well…


Slaying Dragons by eys1214


“I love you,” Eric whispered. “You’ve set the bar impossibly high for everyone else. And I promise to be faithful to you. Only you. From this day forward till death do us part.” Little did he know that death was coming. AH/AU, E/S, rated M, -WIP-


From the writer who has always had a way with complex characters and relationships comes forth an Eric who is Sheriff, FBI agent, and many other layers in between; this brilliant story chronicles a relationship that appears doomed from the start. With the skill of an expert investigator, the story unravels in similar complexity, while it reverts from the present to ever-nearing flashbacks. Still in its early stages, this involves dark themes dealing with vengeance and what we sacrifice in order to acquire it. In spite of this, there is also a pleasant balance of bantering wit, remarkable dialogue and powerful drama. We also can’t fail to mention one of the best Eric mantras we’ve encountered:  “Once a girl goes North, she always goes Forth.” and forth we shall go…



Stories high on suspense, mystery, and action leaving you eagerly anticipating what’s next…


 Nightingale by smanfan


“Sookie is a nurse at a mental health facility, and her mundane life gets turned upside down when a unique patient arrives.” AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


In a pre-revelation alternate universe, Sookie has chosen to pursue loftier goals than slinging beers at Merlotte’s. Under the guidance of one seemingly innocuous Octavia Fant, Sookie is a sweet and caring psychiatric nurse who uses her gift of telepathy knowingly to ensure better treatment for her patients, one of whom is an amnesiac Eric Northman whose presence makes anything but sense. With its resolutely romantic emphasis, Nightingale is a charming love story where Eric & Sookie’s relationship is allowed to ripen to full bloom, and for the most part, goes undisturbed by supernatural politics.




Some site news: we now have our very own Story Locator page to help you find that story you no longer know the title and/or writer of. We’ve also added an F.A.Q. page to answer some common questions we’ve been receiving.




13 thoughts on “Story Recs: On Duty

  1. californiakat1564 says:

    Great selections!
    I recently re-read Nightingale, and it was just as good on the second read! Nice to see a uniformed Sookie in the list too!

    And Wylis’s story is quite memorable! So wonderfully angsty! This story wins my personal award for the Appius I most want to stake!

    I cannot wait to sink my teeth into Slaying Dragons, but I don’t want to live on tenterhooks, so I’m waiting for it to be finished. I thought I was gonna go batty as I was waiting for installments of Dead Man’s hand. (LOL)

    Again, thanks for taking the time to offer these recs.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Missus T says:

    Hello Fangbangers! Thanks so much for recommending LoF among these other On Duty recs! Great to see people remembering the story and still enjoying it. Happy reading!

    (P.S. – I kind of want to print out your kind words about the story and frame them. Thanks again! 🙂 )

    Liked by 2 people

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