Story Recs: Supercharged Sookie – Part I

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern 'gent's' ass...

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern ‘gent’s’ ass…

-Supercharged Sookie Part I-

We at the Directory love a smart or strong Sookie, preferably both, and feel it should be the standard rather than the exception to the rule. The only thing that can top a smart and strong Sookie? The Supercharged Sookie, a woman after our own hearts who is fully aware of her own power and has no issue kicking some ass, vampire or otherwise. While we enjoy the journeys of Sookie growing into those powers, there is nothing quite like a Sookie who has them from the get go. The only issue we encountered? We were spoiled for choice, so in the end we decided there will be two story rec posts for our beloved heroine, and we only though it was fair if we sandwiched an Epic Eric in between, so be sure to look forward to those in the weeks ahead!

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…

Sookie Takes Charge by Meridian

A complete rewrite of how I think the story should have gone from after the vampires died for the day leaving Sookie babysitting Russell (after Eric’s betrayal). M for language (so far). Non-canon/Slightly-Muchly OOC *There WILL be an E/S HEA…eventually*ANTI-BILL* E/S, rated M, -WIP-

One pissed-off telepathic fairy-hybrid that stakes the three-thousand-year-old vampire rather than babysit per a certain Viking’s orders. Check. Return from Faery like a bad-ass to school everyone that wronged her by say, burning a surly ex to a crisp. Check. One utterly, delightful ballsy Sookie with a healthy appetite, and a soft spot for a certain Sheriff that took some reflection on his past actions in her absence. Check. Hint of Godric. Check. Go read now! Check

For those who love a bit of substance to their tale but can't always take the high stress of angst...

For those who love a bit of substance to their tale but can’t always take the high stress of angst…

Once Upon a Time by Brainmates

Sookie is given over to the fairies for her own protection after the Great Revelation. She’s raised there as a fairy princess with a rebellious side. After reaching fae maturity she decides to go through the portal that will take her back home to Louisiana, only to find that earth is a dangerous place for a renegade fairy. Who are her allies and can earth ever be her home again? E/S, AU, rated M, -COMPLETE-

Once upon a time, there was a fairy who was confident, self-aware, unashamed, and without a fear of the unknown.  Fairy Sookie is inexperienced, bordering on naïve, seeing the world she once knew with wide-eyed wonder. A little confidence, however, goes a long way. It’s refreshing to see a Sookie this comfortable in her abilities and instincts as is her ability to adapt and learn. She sees people without prejudice and that includes the resident Viking sheriff she chances upon. Ultimately, this is a love story, highlighted by well-written, candid dialogue, and vibrant, physical chemistry between these two.  There are bumps along the road, but rest assured, in the end they lived happily ever after.

The angst oh the angst... it's a miracle we still have fingernails left.

The angst, oh the angst… it’s a miracle we still have fingernails left.

The Ties that Bind Me by Djehmli

What if Sookie only met Eric once and Bill was able to follow through and deliver her to the Queen. What happens years later when Sookie has full use of her Fae powers. E/S, AU, OOC, rated M, -COMPLETE-

From the beginning, this story captures Sookie’s inherent strength combined with her fairy powers that keep her alive under extreme adversity like no other. Despite the relatively tough and harsh beginnings, this Sookie endures, slowly working through internal and external obstacles to learn to trust others and from that trust and that same strength, she nurtures a love for her savior that never stems from obligation, and, in that, is able to overcome the many challenges that lay ahead. Sookie’s resilience in this is enviable, despite the trials and tribulations she stands taller than most without eliciting pity, making her stand just as strong, if not stronger, than the Viking by her side.

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…

New Beginnings by TradLover

“A simple, fluffy ‘what if’ where Eric and Sookie meet before Bill Compton appears. Featuring a strong, sassy Fairy Sookie and a sweet, infatuated Eric. Rated M for mature language and themes.” AU, E/S, rated M, -WIP-

Did you ever wonder how things would have turned out with SVM/TB if Sookie had been made aware of the supernatural, trained on her fae gifts, and received positive reinforcement instead of being treated as a pariah with a ‘disability’? Well, if you did, New Beginnings is the unashamedly, fluffy, feel-good story for you. This smart and sassy Sookie impresses a certain Viking Sheriff so much that he takes her on adorable dates….

special announcement:

Unfortunately our previous post by My Secret O EXPERIENCED some technical glitches courtesy of WordPress. Some received notification (Email or otherwise) while others didn’t, The second and final instalment of ‘FROM FAN FICTION TO ORIGINAL FICTION: WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE TO WRITE NOVELS AND GET THEM PUBLISHED’ can be found HERE

11 thoughts on “Story Recs: Supercharged Sookie – Part I

  1. Tracey says:

    Ties that bind was awesome and really enjoying Sookie Takes Charge. Honorable mention for bad ass Sookie Ericizmine Intrepid and Infinite (infinite is her 1ST I think and un-beta (ed) is that even a word?) But it’s a fav, so much so when I read it, for some reason I feel the need to re-read right away (reading for the 10th or do time now)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alisonactually says:

    Smart, badass Sookie is probably my favourite genre and a real standout example for me is The Northman’s Women by valyria. If they were complete, I’d add The Debt by kjwrit and A Smarter Sookie by Sophie Myst to the list. A lot of kjwrit’s Sookie’s are smart and confident instead of the belligerent hick we see way too often and who is in need of a good slap. Same for ericizmine, she gave us a lot of great Sookies. Looking forward to what you come up with next, hopefully something new (to me at least) to discover, otherwise I will enjoy revisiting old favourites.


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