Meet Your Maker June 2015: Recently Completed Stories


New writers in the FA Directory!


We’re happy to welcome two new members  to the Directory! eys1214 is a much beloved writer with some great AH  and canon stories while lindie825 is just getting started. Be sure to check both these wonderful new additions out:




It would be greatly appreciated by all these writers if you leave a comment on their profile page in  recognition of their work or just in acknowledgment of the joy of discovering a new writer. 

SECRETLY we think it’s all down to us 😉


We weren’t expecting so many tales to come to an end within a month of our last post  but a lot of writers have been finishing up their stories and yes, the thought has occurred to us that it’s down to these Meet Your Makers posts… luckily we at the Directory are realistic enough to know there’s little that moves the muses in the appropriate directions so we’ll carry on congratulating the writers on finishing instead.


Stories completed from May 31st – June 30th:


Every Contingency California Kat
Secrets That We Keep kjwrit
Meant to Be Kleannhouse
The Man I Want to Be* Carroll E. Stewart
From Time Immemorial – Part I Hisviks
The Tower* Carroll E. Stewart
Repossessed kjwrit


Remember: don’t be shy in letting writers know how much you enjoyed reading these stories when you do, they love hearing that, even if a story has long been complete.

* Link above are for CES’ WP, alternatively you can read The Man I Want to Be here and The Tower here on fictionpad but it requires a signup with that site as both are marked for mature audiences.

Don’t let us forget your story!


We will be listing completed multi chapter stories on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis depending on supply. That being said, despite appearances, we are human, so we will be doing this for our Directory members only for now and the possibility that we may miss a story is there. So if we have inadvertently missed a story by a Directory member please use the form at the bottom of the post or the form on its dedicated page (under the Contact Us header) to help us out in the future (writers and readers alike) by notifying us as soon as a story comes to completion. Any that we accidentally missed will be added in a dedicated archive that will list these completed stories and to the relevant post.





8 thoughts on “Meet Your Maker June 2015: Recently Completed Stories

    • hisviks says:

      Oh crap, is it terribly riddled with mistakes? I figured it was short enough to bypass you… I should probably add ‘NOT edited by msbuffy because hisviks was too lazy to send it over to her in time…’


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