Story Recs: Fantastic Felines

An Eric who purrs... how can you go wrong?

Fantastic Felines: An Eric who purrs… how ever can you go wrong?


An agile grace, a hint of fang, a contented purr, and a touch of fur… Wait, what fur? Yes, we’re talking felines, not vampires… well, there are some vamps still available below because while we like petting the kitties and will playfully endure the bites, we haven’t descended into full on bestiality here at the Directory. However, we do have a selection of some awesome stories that feature some magnificent cats and pussies (and, no; we’re not talking the babe ‘magnet’ violet-eyed, genie-trousers-wearing pansy that’s not even good enough to be a rug) as an integral part of the tale. Claws will come out, tummies will be rubbed, and pussies will be stroked while loving licks are returned and… Oh yeah, there are some cats too!



On a Hot Tin Roof by Jillian K


Sookie loves Eric. He is beautiful, blond, and used to getting his way. He is also her cat-that is until Amelia decides to experiment. Now Sookie has to contend with a tall and sexy human man who insists on sleeping on her bed and claiming her as his. AU, rated T,-COMPLETE-


”On a Hot Tin Roof” gives us a delightfully funny insight into a world where Eric is a very possessive cat who will protect what is his no matter what it takes. Throw in a scrawny stray cat (who else but Bill), a touch of Alcide, and then Amelia, the witch who can’t seem to get things right whenever a cat is involved, and you have the makings of a humorous, light romp that will make you laugh when the soft fur is replaced by the hard planes of a very human, six-foot, man who wants nothing more than to cuddle up in his Sookie’s lap that makes for an Eric and Sookie story like none you have ever read.




The Night at the Zoo by AlphaEN


Eric and Sookie take a much needed break and go out on a second date. E/S, rated M, ONE-SHOT


…“Pam,” I put my hand on her delicate shoulder. “Be objective. I cannot say there is nothing to worry about, but the chances of direct danger are minimal. Close up as if nothing has happened. Remain calm. That’s the best thing you can do for me. I am asking you.”


She presses her lips in a thin line, “Okay, Eric. But if you’re not back by dawn, I swear I’ll reveal every dirty secret I know about you to your bonded. Including your night at the zoo.”


“That night was a disaster.”

Eric has a fondness for large predators, but has never been able to have his greatest wish. This one-shot is technically a side story to the author’s larger work, Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow, but definitely stands on its own with minimal references to the larger work. Sookie’s attempt at a memorable date with her Viking, coupled with the fulfilling of a secret wish of his (thank you, Pam), is a fun nighttime romp through a wildlife center where Eric wrestles beasts, shows off, and gets to come face-to-face with the King and Queen of beasts. In the end, he proves to himself that they really are just big kitties.




Pretty Kitty by Ficlit78


Post Season 3. Eric senses Sookie’s return and is driven mad by the need to see her. We all know what happens when a human and a vampire bond, but what happens when a fairy Chooses a vampire? Heavy lemons. OOC, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-

The epic Pretty Kitty reportedly started as a one-shot to which the story owes its name. In that whimsical and enchanting first chapter, the focus is firmly on the kitten who has taken the sadly departed Tina’s place in the Stackhouse homestead and whose ‘pretty’ name can’t be revealed (spoiler!). Playfully and most decidedly unwittingly, this little feline plays a crucial role in Eric and Sookie’s later rapprochement and in that, consolidates its claim to fame in one of the most popular TB Eric & Sookie fanfiction stories ever, carrying forth the taunt and tease it conjured in this seemingly innocent interaction of Sookie and her furry little friend… Eric’s POV is intense and full of humor as he observes the object of his affection under the cover of darkness and watches her dote on this kitten in spite of sharp nails and a penchant for blood play, Eric can’t help but purr… and fantasize about being THAT cat…



Pussy Wars by kjwrit


A birthday present for wifey Makesmyheadspin and a reason to put Eric in a tool belt. AH, E/S, rated M, ONE-SHOT


“Pussy Wars” is a funny and sexy little tale that makes you feel like it’s your birthday, and kjwrit bestowed you a personal gift; a half-naked Eric (and Alcide) wrapped up in a pretty little bow… *ahem* tool belt. Recently relocated Eric is fixing up the old Compton house and has some very tense interactions with his new neighbors, Sookie and Amelia. Forced to deal with one another because of a wandering ‘Pam’ whose character is purrfect, relations start out on the wrong foot as they fiercely protect their respective fur babies. The hilarious assumptions the characters make about each other as a result of this will have you laughing right to the very end. Throw in some misinformation provided by the resident town gossips and you get some very awkward and comical moments of sexual tension and frustration that just keep getting better throughout. “Pussy Wars” is sure to make you smile and wish you had a cat if only they could help you catch a man like Eric who is anything but mousy.




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3 thoughts on “Story Recs: Fantastic Felines

  1. redjane12 says:

    On a Hot Tin Roof was a new story for me and I LOOOOVED it… Eric is so very Eric but also unlike any other Eric I had ever found… No spoilers from me but it is a deliciously hilarious story…


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