PART II of The Great Summer Reads


EVEN MORE Great Summer Reads!

As promised we will be continuing with our contributors’ personal favourite summer read recommendations here on the FA blog.  Today we have some great reading suggestions by estrella75 who has a bit of a thing for the humans and hisviks shares some of her favorites with a focus on the shorter tales.




Great Summer Reads courtesy of Estrella75


Much like a kid on the last day of class, for me summer always evokes the desire for escape. Maybe in an effort to hold onto that childlike perception of summer being a time of abandon and fantasy, I’ve endeavored to hold on to that ethic into adulthood. In spite of having to rise early and drag myself into a bleak office every day, I try to keep my personal time as light as possible, including my reading material. My co-contributors here at the FA blog know that I tend to favor All-Human stories; I also have a penchant for guaranteed romances.

My Summer fan fiction reading list contains quite a few summer and whirlwind romances because, frankly, they make me feel good and put a smile on my face. “Come Undone,” by Ali989969 and “Colorado Summers,” by AshleySue are classic summer Cowboy themed romances that seem to always evoke some fun and enticing fantasies.  DirtyLemons gives a hedonistic romp through a fun and ill-timed College romance in “Spring Breakin’” that is hard to resist with a follow up reunion story. Kjwrit’s “One and Only,” takes place in the dead of winter, which is strangely apt for this list. Read it comfortably while basking in the hot sun on a riverbank.

A couple of lengthier stories are thrown into the mix from scribeninja and MissusT.  “What Dreams May Come,” takes on fantasy and dreams and fate, while “Halo Effect” uses amnesia as a device, and Eric Northman as the reluctant Hollywood sex symbol.  These two stories offer up a nicely fleshed-out journey to happiness while throwing in a few bumps and tears (though not insurmountable) along the way.

Finally, I have included some decidedly different coming-of-age stories.  “What I Got,” by MissyDee is a favorite fun story of two young outcasts who find each other after years apart.  Brainmates’ ‘Stolen” is set at a 1950’s American Family vacation resort, where a bad girl and a good boy find one another. The only AU selection on my list, from Jan-of-Arc, is her “Deid” series.  The series is comprised of 3 short stories centering around a streetwise and sometimes foul-mouthed Sookie who was raised quite differently than the one we’ve known, but is doing her growing up in much the same way on a summer trip home to Louisiana.

I hope you enjoy discovering or revisiting some of these gems!





While I do enjoy a lengthy read in the leisurely summer time and will certainly be rereading ChicPea’s highly imaginative AU interpretation and utterly unique “Birds of a Feather“.  Also on my to re-read list is Meridian and JR Watkins’ delightful collaboration, Colliding Muse, “Dodge and Chase, that holds a wonderful display of characters starring a very independent Sookie in her role as an investigator putting all her impressive skills to use as well as probably the most interesting portrayal of Godric I’ve come across in a while, none of which overshadow the budding romance between Eric and Sookie that emerges in search of him. Another old favourite I’ll probably tap into again is AoifeNZ‘s “Viking vs. Vampire“, that in my mind has the most honest portrayal of an SVM Eric as vampire Sheriff of Area Five, one that is not always as flattering when viewed side by side with the former ‘Viking’ version of himself as they both vye for Sookie’s attention, a little heartbreaking yet very comical at the same time, the end gives one pause to think but in the best of ways.

While a long epic can sustain me for hours I actually have a great preference for short stories and one-shots, especially in the realm of fan fiction as it isn’t easy for a writer to keep a story small and contained. When I have all the time in the world poolside I like to alternate my reading with something novella-length like Sophie Myst‘s “The Queen’s Telepath and its follow up “The King’s Telepath. In both she evokes a sense of calm and ease that doesn’t rush the reader or the story despite its ‘shorter’ length, perfect for reading on a lazy afternoon when you have all the time in the world.

Go to Ground” by gem1n1 was a short-ish tale that took me by surprise, and went unnoticed by most, that explores the possibility of how the Great Revelation could have gone (and probably more accurately) wrong. Sookie and her Gran find themselves the only sane voices in their judgemental environ and come to the aid of the Vampires of Louisiana (except Bill, the citizens of Bon Temps definitely knew how to take care of their own on that accord… ). There are a few recently completed stories I saved just for the prospect of the summer months with the knowledge they would be short and complete come summertime like the “Shorts by California Kat that evolved from her reader prompts and have heard great things about. The prospect of an interesting AU hook like My Secret O’s “Detoxhas caught my attention too, because Bill’s blood can never be a good thing and Eric as your Substance Abuse Counselor can never be a bad thing…


We hope you enjoy this week’s suggestions! we’ll be back the next with more Great Summer Reading Lists from some of our other contributors!
If you prefer a comprehensive list of all the Great Summer Reads so far find them all HERE.


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