PART III of The Great Summer Reads


of course Pam doesn’t run and lets the fucker drown…

YET MORE Great Summer Reads!

Part III of our Great Summer Reads are here, we hope you’re enjoying the suggestions so far! Today VAlady and The Queen of All That is Delicious are sharing some of their old favourites along with some unusual choices. Remember the entire list of our Great Summer Reads can be found here.


Great Summer Reads courtesy of VAlady1


One of my favorite summer activities is re-visiting some of my beloved stories. Of course there are lots of good ones to choose from, so the ones I list are merely the tip of the iceberg.

I have two “series” stories here, one is short, while the other is an epic read.

Never Again” and “Again” by Crisi TM are a great example of turning a HNA-(happily never after) into what we all love, a true HEA. They also demonstrate nicely how a story can be very different, depending on the point of the view of the person telling it.

If you are willing to commit some major time to it, I highly recommend the “Need” trilogy by Sheba6086 which doesn’t shy away from introducing lots of new and intriguing characters. If you don’t like stories where Sookie becomes vampire, this won’t be for you, but if you are open to the idea, I think the writer did an admirable job.

My other choices are a mixed bag. Seastarr08’s Ache for You“* has an intriguing idea for its theme which truly explores the facets of being apart and coming together again, no matter how hard that initial spark of connection is rattled over the ages. “Selfless to the End” by My Universe builds on Sookie’s natural inclination to put others first and takes her someplace no one would have expected. The writer stayed true to both Sookie and Eric’s canon personalities and created something quite special.  Sleepy Lotus’ Mine is a Four Letter Word” is near the top of my favorites list. It has elements of mythology as well as growth for both Sookie & Eric. She flees LA to escape Bill after he attacks her, and ends up going to college and learning to control her telepathy with the help of a very special friend and teacher. Eric is not an EMO version here at all, he is pragmatic, comes to realize what she really means to him, and deals with betrayal from a source he never expected.

My final suggestion, “Your Wildest Dreams” by Sheba6086 is for those who enjoy a good cry. It’s one chapter (long, but still just one) and while I do cry when I read it, I also love the way it ends (I know, may not make sense, so do read it and see if you agree).


Thanks, and I hope you come to love these as much as I do.


*Seastarr08’s WP site is marked private (and the only place to read her stories in full) you can gain access by sending a PM to her account.



queen of all that is delicious


My summer reading list is full of epic journeys. With long summer nights, I can sit on my patio and enjoy the time digging into some of my long-time favorites from the early days of SVM fanfiction as well as exploring some interesting stories I may have missed along the way.

I am an avid re-reader whether fan fiction or novels, I tend to go back and revisit old friends often, and this summer I plan to spend some time with some of my dearest characters from InLoveWithEric’s epic tale of growth “Precious Love” and switch to EricIzMine’s adventures in the braid, otherwise known as the “Multiverse”.

Somehow along my road, I missed out reading the rather interesting “crossover” (Star Trek, yes, you read that right and it promises to be as hilarious as it sounds with Captain Eric Northman and his gracious plentiful crew on the Starship Cornucopia) from Mairemor that I plan to read, it looks to be something much different than my usual and I am looking forward to discovering what happens when Eric and Sookie boldly travel “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

I hope you will find some old friends once again or possibly meet some new ones in your summer reading too! I know I will be spending some time longing to open a cafe in my favorite AH version of Bon Temps in EricIzMine’s “Saints and Sinners” (don’t forget “Alcide in Wonderland” after!) and figuring out how to get a serious relationship going with Alpha!



We hope you enjoy this week’s suggestions! we’ll be back next week with the last of our Great Summer Reading!

If you prefer a comprehensive list of all the Great Summer Reads so far find them all HERE.


6 thoughts on “PART III of The Great Summer Reads

  1. msbuffy says:

    Since I had a special preview of this, I’ve spent the last two weeks reading VAlady’s suggestions, and I have to say that those are some terrific recommendations! Oh my! Sheba6086s’ stories are fantastic and extremely addicting. You won’t want to stop reading & WOW! They are so good! Unfortunately, the last posting date for them was 2011, so I don’t think she’s around anymore, but I left a review anyway, especially for the trilogy and the oneshot “Your Wildest Dreams.” Tissue Warning for that one!

    I’m re-reading Crisi-T’s right now and then I’ll be onto Seastarr’s once again. I read so many of these years ago that it’ll be fun to read them once again.

    Thanks, ladies!


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