Part IV of The Great Summer Reads


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THE LAST OF THE Great Summer Reads!

Summer is slowing coming to a close and we at the Fangbangers Anonymous blog hope you have been enjoying our suggestions so far. Today we present you with the last of them, courtesty of Lcrafts and Suzymeinen to get your final reading in before the actual end of summer. Remember the entire list of our Great Summer Reads can be found here.


Great Summer Reads courtesy of Suzymeinen


When it was decided that we should produce a summer reading list for the FA blog instead of our normal reviews for these wonderful warm months, I will admit that I was at a bit of a loss. You see, I didn’t know what I was going to read yet. It would be whatever struck my fancy when I was ready to sit down and relax.

So I decided to share with you some stories that I have read in summers past or that I was following that have recently come to a close. Looking at my list after I finished, it was a real mix which is how I like to read, keep them different so it keeps me interested.

If we are going on a long vacation, I may choose an epic saga to immerse myself in like CaliforniaKat’sBack and Forth” Universe (which has a special place in my heart as my first fanfic) or a shorter, lighter tale like tradlover’s ”New Beginnings.” Looking for hot and spicy? How about an E/S/G story? ”Chastity” by misstressJessica is a great AH story that would satisfy that itch without feeling like Godric is added just in for the smut sandwich or js1280’s ”True Colours” that is a gentler initiation into the world of ménage-á-trois for our heroine.

None of those catch your eye? What would you like? A real tear jerker? Try magsmacdonald’sMake a Wish.” Out of this world AU? ”The Big Bang” by idream32223. Reuniting the romance with a kick-ass original character? Try penpractice’s ”Sandy South.” A drama with lots of action? ”Instincts” by evenflo78. Take charge Vampire Sookie? Gabrielleblue’s ”Eternal Night.” I’m telling you, there is something here for every reading appetite as voracious as mine. Bon appétit!





I have a bit of a MO, if I really like a story, I then want to read everything by that writer so, in accordance with that, I am only featuring two writers that will keep you wanting to read. For me, the summer is a great time to dig into lengthy completed old favorites, the ones I read repeatedly. I love stories that feature a strong or evolving Sookie, one who challenges her Viking at every juncture. Let me introduce you to a writer that some of you new to the fandom may not have discovered. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to write in this fandom any longer, but Meg2 has three longer series that are all very different and all complete:

Pre Dead and Gone:

The Irish Series, which starts with “From the Beginning and is followed by twelve stories.

Dead and Gone with the Wind is followed by eight stories.

Post Dead and Gone:

Dead Wrong is followed by seven more stories.

Another of my favorites is the only one in our fandom written by Alskl1ng. She features a very competent Sookie taking a job as Eric’s “DayWoman.



We hope you enjoy this week’s suggestions! we’ll be back to our regular posting soon!

If you prefer a comprehensive list of all the Great Summer Reads HERE.


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