Story Recs: Season Seven – Rewriting the Wrongs


Show? What show… oh yeah, that show.

On the tail end of summer rolling slowly into fall, the annual tradition of fixing the fuckery of an entire season we just witnessed on those tiny screens would usually start right about now. Alas, we are without our love/hate relationship with a certain show with no eighth season that poorly fed idle our hopes. While some are still a little raw from book endings and subsequent deteriorating seasons as we went along, there were always bright spots, beloved quotes, and always plenty of inspiration on how it should be done. This week we’ll be focusing on the brave souls who dared rewrite the material as it came or appeared to come and in the subsequent post we’ll be tackling the fixers who managed to polish something decent out of the aftermath.


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…

Life from Death by California Kat


This story picks up in the middle of Season 7, Episode 9. What if the Viking decided that being Bill’s messenger wasn’t going to work for him? It was high time for Sookie to hear some hard truths, and what she chose to do with those truths would determine whether Eric cut ties with her. E/S, rated M, COMPLETE


While listening to Bill drone on and on about Sookie not being able to move on from him without his final death, Eric has an epiphany, springing our favorite Viking into action, thus thwarting the drab ending that was Season Seven in the most delightful of ways. In eight chapters and an epilogue, this rewrite delivers the kind of Sookie who dares to open her eyes and finally see the reality before her and an Eric who finally speaks honestly to Sookie and says all he needs to express in order to reach her closely guarded heart. California Kat’s signature angst isn’t completely absent in this, but a far more lighthearted tone drives this narrative from the embittered ‘finale’ we all endured to a pleasantly palatable ‘Phew, finally!’


Stories high in fantasy elements, often a rich Alternate Universe

Stories high in fantasy elements, often a rich Alternate Universe


Sacrifice by idream3223


When Hep-V was unleashed on the world the vampire population mutated into something new.  Now the hordes run rampant over the planet, driven by an endless hunger to feed on flesh and spread their contagion to all living things.  The world is ending in beats fast and slow and Eric is looking for the woman who means more to him than anything else.  Will it be too late when he finds her, and what terrible sacrifices might he have to make to set right what has gone wrong? AU,OOC, E/S, rated M, rated MA, COMPLETE

Most of us rolled our eyes when the final glimpses of Season 6 offered us Zombie vampires, but what if they had been the real focus of the story; the endgame? Despite the aversion to all things zombie, this story managed to ‘suck’ us in (no pun intended) and a second reading proved no less engrossing. The writer gives us a dark, terrifying vision of a world where the Zombie vampires have evolved and taken over the landscape of the Earth with no real hope of survival.

Eric has pulled himself out of his self-imposed exile to find Sookie, who has seemingly lost her mind. Intent on doing one good thing for her and saving her for as long as he can, he realizes that there is, indeed, a method to her madness. The price for the survival of the world, however, may be more than Eric is willing to pay. It’s difficult not to feel for these two and shed some tears with them along the way as idream weaves together their seemingly hopeless path with just a glimmer of hope in the distance. Rest assured, the end of days has an awesome soundtrack…


Stories high on suspense, mystery, action leaving you eagerly anticipating what's next...

Stories high on suspense, mystery, action leaving you eagerly anticipating what’s next…


Your Presence Still Lingers Here by Lara Kingsley


Who’s as devastated as me after Season 6 finale? I’ve been so down after watching it, especially the whole 6 months later thing after the Sweden scene that I needed to write something. Think of it as some sort of therapy…and the result is this story. OOC, E/S, rated M, WIP


What if Sookie had woken up, realizing she wasn’t really the 1950’s ‘Stepford wife’ she tried to be with Alcide (by the way, not a good look, Sookie!)? After continuously retreating to Eric’s cubby to surround her with the remnants of his lingering scent and memories of their love, she finally takes action…FINALLY!

Join Sookie, Tara, and Willa as they join forces to discover what happened to their loved ones who were missing at the end of Season Six. These three determined heroines venture forth, discovering unforeseen resources and surprising allies, old and new, to help them on their way. Lara Kingsley introduces delightful, new, original characters and situations to lead them on a path that goes far afield of the horrors of Season Seven, as our loving couple rebuild their lives together and hatch a plan to deal with those crazy Hep-V vamps!


Because laughing out loud is never a bad thing.



To remedy the fiasco of True Blood’s Season 7, Carroll E. Stewart has written 10 short stories, which can be read independently, under her motto “Somebody, anybody please…stake Compton, bring on The Viking!”  E/S, rated M, COMPLETE


What sets Stewart’s enterprise apart is her relentless dismantling of the entire season; not one episode is left standing while she takes every single one using some aspect that has drawn her attention (eg, in 7.01, ”that piece of crap map Pam held up,” while looking for Eric in the Rhone Valley), and then creates an alternative ending to the episode and to the show as well.

Stewart’s TB fixers are always imaginative, often humorous, and, at times, a little irreverent, too. Canon is regularly and systematically disrespected, and some of the plot developments are decidedly out of left field (Dragons! ‘King Eric’!), but worry not, each time Eric and (a significantly smarter) Sookie find a glorious happy ending sometimes even with little Northmans in tow… Fans of her work may recognize some of her charismatic OCs; enter Samuel Da’vid, a powerful and ancient ally of Eric’s. In spite of their endless sass, Pam and LaLa are consistently Eric and Sookie’s allies while Sarah Newlin, Alcide, and Bill get what they had coming to them. If TB left you with a bitter after-taste, gift yourself these stories, one of the most effective palate cleansers known to the fandom…


A completely unique take on anything you’ve ever read before.



Because the thought of watching True Blood season 7 sounds about as enticing as watching Bill’s sideburns grow in. 10 connected one-shots. 10 farewells.

Sookie/Eric HEA, but not the traditional kind. AU, E/S, rated M, COMPLETE

hisviks has done an amazing job of giving closure to a show we wanted to love in her Season Seven rewrite, “It’s Already Gone.” As the title suggests, True Blood was already gone to most of us before Season Seven even aired, but hisviks skillfully uses dialogue from the show to help us see that it wasn’t all bad. She helps us remember the funny, wonderful, heart wrenching, infuriating moments, and all while moving the story forward.

The nontraditional “Happily Ever After” makes you weep for more than one reason and sets your heart at ease. You don’t have to wait until the last ‘episode’ to be overcome with emotion as we get to remember and say goodbye to all our favorite characters, even the minor ones, with a reverence the show never granted them. hisviks uses the first person narrative from different characters to tell us what the future holds for our beloved residents of Bon Temps and Shreveport, which is spot on, no matter who’s doing the ‘talking’.

“It’s Already Gone” will make you remember why you fell in love with Eric, Sookie, and all the rest aiding you in moving on from the horrible images of Season Seven and allowing you to just enjoy these beloved characters once again and, in the end, reminding us that we always have FanFiction to right the wrongs.



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*While hisviks is heavily involved in the running of this blog she tends to protest very loudly at the mention of featuring one of her own works in the reading recommendations and subsequently detaches herself from the decision making process to avoid conflicts of interest whenever this occurs. 


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    Wow!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!! Me!!!!!!! I am shocked and honored and a bit numb at your very kind words. A heartfelt thank you and with great humility I can only shake my head and say “Me…. Really…..” You have not only rocked my world but my universe as well. Carroll.

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