Story Recs: At Sea



We’re reaching for further horizons with the prospect of embarking with a certain Northman, be it as a pirate, sailor, or fellow passenger. Whether or not in the realm of the supernatural or the high seas, is, as ever, always an intriguing background to these tales that go beyond the classic bodice ripper imaginations of Gran’s favorite books. For those looking to expand their horizons even further beyond the E/S realm, we’d also highly recommend “A Pirate’s Life for Me” by Addie Logan, an altogether original reinterpretation of the genre, starring Buffy and Spike.


Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…


A Guy with Skills by Suki59


Sookie and Eric are plane-wrecked on a romantic tropical island.

This is in response to the weekly one-shot challenge. Here’s what we were given…Aren’t you one of those guys? Those guys with skills? You send them into the wilderness with a pocketknife and a Q-tip and they build you a shopping mall. You can’t do that? E/S, rated M, ONE-SHOT


Eric and Sookie take off for a long overdue vacation after completing an assignment for Felipe in Tahiti. A storm forces Eric to crash-land his vintage plane on a deserted island. While Eric gets out to assess the damage, Sookie tries to remember the details of every survival movie she has ever seen. We know our Viking has skills aplenty, but does he have the right skills to get them out of these suspicious circumstances? Will our couple ever get to have their long awaited vacation? Does getting sand in all the wrong places really ruin all the fun? Join them in their adventures as our resourceful couple figure out which skills are really necessary to get them out of this hot mess.


Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


The Maid of the Moor by Bathshebarocks

The death of Susanna Stackhouse’s parents in a shipwreck ruins her plans for a good marriage. Now living with her grandmother, Adele, in a small market town on wild Dartmoor, her only hope of avoiding life as an old maid is her earnest but dull suitor, William Compton. A terrifying encounter on the moor as Susanna and Adele return from Plymouth late one evening turns her life around, as she meets the handsome but dangerous Eric Northman. AH, E/S, rated M, Historical, romance, -COMPLETE-


With Bathshebarocks’ meticulous attention to detail, it takes very little not to become engrossed in this tale from the first sentence with its careful verbiage describing customs and dress of 18th century England as well as that of the wild topography of the Moors. It’s impossible not to feel present in this story as it is painted before you in vivid strokes.


Susanna, an admirable young woman who has done the best she could for herself and her grandmother given their circumstances can’t help but feel there is more for her out there, the large body of the sea beckoning with its endless horizon as promise. When she does dare to venture further, Susanna never expects the journey she embarked on to include meeting Eric Northman, eldest son of a mysterious and wealthy family reputed to be involved in smuggling and other unsavory business dealings. The journey will have its share of heartache and loss, but will find her carried across the sea into a life that she had never dared dream.



An absorbing read right from the start…

Dead at Sea by Seastarr08


AU/AH…Sort of. Sookie is on her way to America to marry a suitor, when there’s a snag in her plans. A pirate snag, better known as the Northman.

“It’s impossible to know where one will end up. We all rely on the wind to take us where we want to go, but sometimes we need to adjust the sails and set our own course.” AU, AH, rated M, -COMPLETE-


The chartered path never quite pans out for Susannah Stackhouse on her voyage from her native England to the Americas after her ship is boarded by pirates led by the enigmatic Captain Northman only to steer her life off course. Supernatural elements are not absent in this all-human world, and a coincidence should never be considered accidental here. Susannah soon becomes Sookie in the aftermath of her already-trying journey in the company of her captors and quickly comes to view them as anything but hostile.


An attraction to Eric is there, but it’s not an instant storm in a glass of water, the bodices aren’t ripped off in seconds, so to speak, rather he gives her the tools to overcome while helping him to confront some ghosts of his own past in the process and returns her safely to dry land. Tides do run high, only to ebb and flow while Sookie endures it all and comes to stand confidently on her own two feet as a woman in a world of men. Unfortunately, misfortune continues to haunt her despite moments of reprieve, forcing her to return to the place she once felt safe, at sea. It only takes a little while for faith and chance to intervene, and then to set the sails on the right course for our favored lovers to cross each other’s path once more, featuring Sookie as a kick-ass pirate!



For the love of a short story…

All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor by Northman Maille


“My entry for the ‘Age of Eric’ contest. Eric has a ‘flashback’ of sorts about his struggle to return to Europe after a stay in America, and how the mode of transport he chose was almost the final death of him. Vampire Eric stars.” rated M, ONE-SHOT


For hundreds of years there have been stories of missing ships in the vast oceans of our world. Far more intriguing; however, are seemingly abandoned ships in perfect working order except for their missing crews and passengers who are never heard of again. Could there be an explanation for at least one of the more famous maritime mysteries involving the supernatural? Join Eric Northman as he reflects on a transatlantic crossing that went terribly awry and gave rise to the myth that a woman on board only angers the intemperate seas…






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