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A new year, a fresh start, can only mean… the Mr. January picture of a certain Viking vampire with which you open up your Fangtasia calendar! To match that rather pretty picture we’ve assembled an assortment of Scandia-flavored Eric stories from a group of imaginative writers who took the challenge to explore a more ‘modern’ version of his ancient counterpart, or simply inserting that familiar Viking in a changed homeland to allow we readers to explore every new facet that has to offer. It should be noted that while two of our offerings seem untimely, featuring Christmas in some form in the title, they can be easily enjoyed year-round with no issues whatsoever, even if you hate Christmas.


A completely unique and interesting take on it all…

“Viking vs. Vampire” by AoifeNZ


Inspired by DTTW, but the stranger Sookie picks up is a living Viking mysteriously transported through time and space. With Bill finally out of the picture, Eric now faces his toughest competition for Sookie yet – himself. Which Eric will Sookie choose? AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


In a twist on the witch’s curse, AoifeNZ introduces us to Eric before he becomes a vampire, allowing us to perceive what the original “Mr. January” was like in all his Viking glory. AoifeNZ has created a unique story concept and then follows through with solid writing, plot, and character development. “Viking vs. Vampire” includes all the moments you want in a SVM story, humor, romance, and a great opening fight scene between past and present.

Watching vampire Eric interact with his Viking self is both comical and heart wrenching as we realize just how much and how little the “man” has changed in 1,000 years. Vampire Eric tries to treat his human self like any other lowly bloodbag while Viking Eric is just as mule-headed as his vampire counterpart, and being jealous of oneself can be quite frustrating, not to mention confusing. Sookie is one lucky girl because, let’s be honest, with two Erics, how can you go wrong? Will her Mr. January be a Vampire or a Viking?


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…

“Dead in Denmark” by Thyra10


15 years after the revelation. Eric is back in his birth country, Denmark. Sookie owns a bar in Nykøbing. Eric has had his life turned upside down and needs help from her. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


This is a truly unique mixture of the familiar and the unexpected that places value on age and experience. Thyra10 has taken the world of SVM and relocated it to Denmark. We have Sookie as a Dane, but one who is older and wiser than she is in canon welcoming a long lost relic of her country in her inn who has seen more than one vampire stay.

Eric is not the “large and in charge” vampire as we’ve come to know him who carries a burden of problems and sorrow, and it is through her innate sympathy that he finds a friend in Sookie. In this version, Eric is from Denmark, not Sweden, so he is returning to his home ground, and Thyra10 masterfully weaves in tidbits of Danish history and geography through the Viking and his long-lost surroundings. Naturally, a little trouble is always on the horizon, and it is refreshing to read a story with a Sookie who is wise to the ways of the supernatural world and able to help Eric in more ways than one.



“Merry Christmas Mr. Northman” by hisviks


By all appearances the boss from hell, Eric Northman, has been making Sookie Stackhouse’s job a trying journey. A last minute task moments before the office Christmas party suddenly makes every single thing spoken and asked of her by the enigmatic Mr. Northman stand in a completely different light…. AH, E/S, ONE-SHOT


Is Sookie’s stoic boss, the enigmatic Eric Northman, just plainly working his Executive Assistant hard (no pun intended!)? Or are his demands on her time and devotion to the office just a sign of preferential treatment hidden under a stoic Scandinavian façade? Not much happens in this subdued one-shot (or in the pendant story, the equally enjoyable “Happy New Year Ms. Stackhouse”), but it is a heart-warming story featuring a particularly likeable Sookie and an Eric we are not so sure about, but want to ask him to ‘say something already!’

As the story progresses, small acts from Mr. Northman as well as his ongoing teasing of Sookie’s relationship status to ‘Bill’ begin to indicate that his antagonistic management style may actually be interpreted as an arguably, yet somewhat unusual, courtship… Impossible not to mention is that this is the story where the infamous “Beehl the Constipated Cat” first made an appearance…


Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!

“Not so Great Expectations” by Chanel Addict, in collaboration with Seastarr08


Sookie, fed up with the dating scene in Shreveport decides, with the help of Pam, to take things in an entirely new direction. Will she really go so far as to find herself a mail order husband! AH, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


This gentle, all human story will warm your heart from beginning to end. Sookie, a smart and enterprising small business owner has a history of the worst luck when it comes to her romantic affiliations. She recognizes that she is in a rut, and screws up her courage to take a chance overseas to see where it will lead her. At the other end of that chance is the dashing Erik Nordmon, a strong-minded Swede, refreshingly in touch with his feelings, and willing to make a place for her in his hopes and dreams for the future.

Erik’s struggles to improve his English as he opens his heart to Sookie are handled with a delightful touch of humor…but never doubt that he gets his point across. His gentle touch helps Sookie explore her vulnerabilities, sexual and otherwise, and had me rooting for him from the start. The authors do a fine job of imagining what the challenges might be for Erik and Sookie as they start out with a commitment, and then have to backfill their understanding of one another while at the same time they continue to make space for the relationships in their lives that each holds dear.


Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…


“Over the Hills and Far Away” by greenlemons


After her carefully planned European trip is ruined because her boyfriend Bill is caught cheating, Sookie embarks on her own journey and runs into a handsome, Swedish man who spontaneously decides to accompany her on the trip. AH, E/S, rated M, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


When I agreed to review this story, I could have sworn I had never read it. Once I began to read, however, I realized I was mistaken. Not only had I read this story, but it was one of the first SVM fanfictions that ever crossed my path in what seems like eons ago.  Those first stories hold a special place in my heart, no doubt, because they served to pique my interest and suck me into this world. This was my first glimpse of the inscrutable, brash, sexy, and shameless Swede known as Eric. Sookie is as stubborn and naive as she ever is, but with a wide-eyed wonder, boldness, and passion for seeing the world that obviously can’t help but suck Eric in.

These two are funny, infuriating, and refreshing. While all Sookie wants to do is keep following her itinerary, and thus escape the reality of Bill’s infidelity, Eric just wants to get caught up in her wanderlust. For every moment of frustration Sookie has with this overwhelming man, shocking her hard-set American sensibilities, she is almost immediately thankful for his honesty, and amused by his boldness. For an American reader, this is a fun and tempting pull to travel and experience the world… and maybe find our own sexy Swede willing to save us from boredom.
There are numerous outtakes and a sequel that follow this story, all equally compelling and entertaining!


Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe

Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe


“The First Noel” by JR Watkins


Eric must complete one last task for the season. EPOV, E/S, AU, somewhat canon, somewhat human, rated MA. -WIP-


In the inimitable First Noel, we meet an Eric who is not exactly human while still immortal, and his unique state leaves him moving somewhere between the past and the present in familiar lands. He holds a rather amusing view of the Fae thanks to his close working relationship with Niall.

When placed in charge of the faery’s great-granddaughter moments before his promised annual vacation, for the first time in his thousand years Eric can’t help but find someone to whom he can connect, a part-fairy equally made up of pieces that don’t quite fit in anywhere, much like him. Where the once familiar surroundings of his continued homeland have seen much change and forced him to find his place among it all, Sookie certainly offers something different and her presence allows us insight into that intriguing past and the role he has played, and continues to play, in it. While officially incomplete, it is left in a satisfying place that may be taken as an open ending for now. A highly recommended read!



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6 thoughts on “Story Recs: Mr. January

  1. Jackiedm69 says:

    All these stories are really great to read .
    So if you haven’t read them yet I recommend to start reading in front of a cozy fireplace and a glass of wine.

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  2. redjane12 says:

    ‘Over the hills and far away’ as well as ‘Not so great expectations’ always bring me to tears… of laughter! Two hilarious stories but with touching romantic moments too… Love the entire selection to be honest…

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