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It may feel like a cheap soap-operatic trick, but the old amnesia trope has inspired many a great fanfic as well as being the foundation on which the Eric/Sookie ship was born in canon. Proving just how versatile amnesia can be, it doesn’t limit itself to simply Eric, vampires, or other supernatural creatures. Frankly, it was hard to choose from the many offerings out there, and a special mention, of course, must go to jc52185’s “Amnesia” trilogy, not only for its name, but for the intriguing and intelligent approach to the subject, breaking our hearts and warming them, all at the same time. We’re certain that the ever-convenient case of amnesia will continue to pop up here and there, causing laughs, heartache, and a few tears along the way that come with forgetting and remembering all at once…

Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


 “Halo Effect” by Missus T


Celebrity Eric Northman plays good Samaritan when Sookie gets injured by the paparazzi following him. What happens when they discover that she has amnesia? When all is said and done, can you find true love in a flash of blinding light? AH, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


When newly divorced foodie blogger Sookie Stackhouse moves from Chicago to her family’s summer home in Michigan, she has no idea what changes are imminent in her life. Eric Northman is on a break from the movie industry stress, spending some time at a lakefront rental in Saginaw, Michigan, and little does he know the amazing gift Fate has in store for him. Ever the gentleman, Eric saves an unknown Sookie from a crowd headed for him, the only problem? She doesn’t remember a thing. What begins as a publicity vehicle to cover up a seemingly one-night stand winds up being the start of a life for two people who have just been going through the motions. As Sookie learns who she really is, she takes Eric on an adventure that helps him as much as it heals her. Their journey eventually takes them to the craziness of Los Angeles as they build a new life together while juggling friends, work, relentless exes, and stalking co-workers. This is a marvellous story of rediscovery and a sweet, solid relationship developing. Bonus: it’s one of two AH stories that our lovely Queen of All that is Delicious is ever likely to endorse!



A completely unique and interesting take on it all…


“Dead Without a Work Permit” by Thyra10


Sookie is tricked by Eric to come to his home country, Norway. Soon she is working for Eric and living in his house. A rewrite of the Southern Vampire Mystery series into human characters, but still the same Eric and Sookie. AH, E/S, rated M, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


Where to begin with this story? As fanfiction devices go, the rewrite of canon isn’t new, but as usual, Thyra10 manages to surpass the expected. Along with a creative and uncanny human rewrite, lessons in Norwegian culture and attitudes abound. Another common plot device in fanfiction, amnesia, serves a multitude of purposes; advancing the plot, introducing new characters, kicking up the romance (eg, shower scenes), or creating dissention. In this story; however, it only really occupies a brief span of chapters, but manages to serve as a huge crossroads for our couple, the event without which the story could never be. Where an absence of knowledge would suggest otherwise, the amnesia, in this story, manages to truly uncover the truths in our characters and their lives. Like our beloved and reviled book series, there is a Happily Ever After here, but the twists and turns along the way may make you just as queasy as the original ride… but oh, so, worth the ride.


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Death’s Door” (A “Bored to Death” outtake) by EricIzMine


[From the EricIzMine Multiverse] This story picks up at the end of March… Without Hadley’s whining about homesickness, Bon Temps is left untouched by Vampires until a sexy blond pisses off the wrong Witch. Eric seeks shelter and finds the perfect companion until she dies unexpectedly. AU


Death’s Door explores the much-loved Amnesia plot from SVM within the context of the Multiverse by the late (but never forgotten) EricIzMine. The Multiverse explores a world where the combination of Sookie’s fae traits and her bonding to Eric lead them to travel (or skip) to alternate realities. These skips are unpredictable and lead Eric and/or Sookie to face what alternative lives they might have led if certain circumstances had changed, such as Eric not moving to America, for example. In Death’s Door, amnesiac Eric is rescued by Adele behind (they believe) Sookie’s back, but it all comes to a head when Adele dies, and Eric & Sookie from ”Bored to Death” (the first and core story in the MultiVerse) come to visit… Probably best read after Bored to Death, it is a lovely exploration of the friendship between amnesiac Eric and a particularly likeable Adele as well as what would happen if amnesiac Eric avoided reverting to his Sheriff self…



It may be small but perfectly formed!


Erase and Rewind” by Mazza666


IWTS Entry. Telepath Sookie Stackhouse is a doctor at the Facility, a high-security mental health hospital. One night a strange man is brought in with amnesia but is he all that he seems? AU, E/S, rated M, ONE-SHOT


This is an unusual take on the tried and true amnesia plot we are all so very familiar with. Sookie is a doctor who works with long-term hospitalized mentally ill patients. Eric is, well, suffering from amnesia (had to see that coming, right?).

There is a completely unexpected twist near the end of the story that I guarantee you will not see coming. This is listed as a romance/tragedy, so be warned! There isn’t an HEA for our favorite couple, but there is love, and perhaps a validation of that saying, “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


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  1. kinnik7104 says:

    The Amnesia Trilogy is FANTASTIC!!!! I have read it more than once, the whole thing! Of Course, anything by EIM is brilliant!
    And I’m so excited that I get to check out the other recs now! I haven’t read them.

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