We’re Spring Cleaning and in Need of Help!


So Fresh and So Clean

We’ve been Spring Cleaning here on the Fangbangers Anonymous blog because even a thousand-year-old vampire requires a bit of dusting now and then and unlike some vampires he actually knows how to wield a mop.

New Pages to Make Everyone’s Life Easier

We’ve recently added a new page so you have a quick and easy overview of all our story recommendations, find it here.  We’ve also added another new page that archives all the recently completed stories from the Meet Your Makers posts, find it here.

We’d Love a Bit of Your Help

After the launch of this site last year we got a lot of requests for long lost stories, in response to that we launched the Story Locator, we ask you to fill in a form and try to figure out what that story is that you no longer know the title and/or writer of. Sometimes we know it, sometimes we don’t. We’re often helped out by readers of this site in the comment section under the Story Locator page or when we reach out in the various Facebook groups. We’be had well over a hundred requests and while we’ve managed to sort most of those out we’ve got a few on our docket that have yet to be found, so please help us find the following stories. If you think you recognise one simply use the corresponding number as reference and let us know in the comment section below.

If you have a story request of your own, feel free to use the form available on the Story Locator page.

Story Description

1 Sookie goes to Dallas to save godric and is successful. However, bill with Lorena have her tied up later after leaving godric’s house. Godric goes to check on her and finds her tied up while bill and Lorena are occupied. He knocks them out without seeing him. I think Sookie is hurt. Godric changes Sookie without anyone knowing. He goes out into the world with his new child. I think she awakes early with extra abilities. Later on the queen brings bill ip on charges of losing her human. Sookie and godric show up at the trial. Sophie actually tries to put a collar on her. She gets mad when everyone realizes that she is a vampire.
2 Hi there. I read a story a few years ago about Eric and Sookie. They were all human and they were married. Eric was really successful and Sookie got pregnant but lost the baby. Then Jason comes over with his girlfried, who may of been crystal or Amy but i don’t remember. She’s pregnant and sookie rushes off to the kitchen crying. Eric threatens him and then jason says they dont want the baby and that they want eric and sookie to adopt the baby. Eric goes into the kitchen to see sookie crying into a dishrag. He tells her and then they do adopt her and they name her adele northman i think. I’ve looked everywhere but i can not find it! Thanks!!!!
3 hi i read a story where eric and sookie got together after godric died and they secretly stated to see each other eric help sookie with the maryann and after she tells she needs time she goes to a halloween party and walks in on eric feeding on a fangbanger
4 Eric and sookie story. Eric is a vampire but has a daughter who is a decedent from his children who finds him at fangtasia. His daughter ends up dating a shifter /were lion called Cleaver
5 Looking for a story where sookie is a faery princess with dark tendencies and is having an affair with felipe and Eric is trying to win her
6 I’m looking for a story where Eric and Sookie are summoned to Vegas by De Castro. They are thrown into a cell and Eric is given a choice to turn Sookie himself or have Victor do it. After Eric turned her De Castro has her removed from Eric during the day and all her blood drained and replaced with his making De Castro her maker. He tells Eric she was killed and tells Sookie Eric abandoned her. Years later Sookie finds out De Castro lied and that Eric is going to marry Freyda. She ends up using her CD to turn back time.
7 Hi I am looking for AH stories the first one is called ” A lot like Love” it was pulled out but if any one has it in a PDF form I will really appreciate it. The second I do not remember the name but it is a squeal to a story where Eric wins Sookie in a card game against Jason and i am looking for the part 2 of this story Sookie and Eric are having Troubles in their marriage Sookie is depressed after Amelia has lost her baby boy and Eric is involved in governments with Pam – it is an Historian story. thx Galit from Israel
8 This is a Godric/OFC fanfic. I can’t remember the ofc name but i do remember the plot. It starts off where Godric tries to “off’ himself & she prevents him from doing so. She doesn’t talk him out of it, just gets in the way. She starts living at his nest. He is bitter about her thwarting his plans to meet the true death & he remains hostile towards her. During one party she is in the kitchen & gets attacked by a vampire. Godric stops him from draining her. He then scolds her for being reckless & provoking the vampire. She gets frustrated with him & leaves the nest to go out to a club. Then she gets attacked & the she blacks out thinking about how much trouble/how mad Godric is going to be.
9 Eric is an artist and Sookie agrees to be a nude model for him. He teaches her about sex and ends up pursuing her in another country because she is considered shamed because she had sex with Eric.
10 I can only remember clearly sookie and Eric just defeated hallow and her coven. Sookie grabs hallow’s spell book. Sookie calls someone to get info on a certain spell, hearts desire. The person explains to Sookie that if it was casted on Eric it would cause him to run to his hearts desire. The person jokes about Pam not getting her hands on it. Both Sookie and Eric exchange looks. The next lines are yeah right pa. We both knew I would have ended up on the road to Bon temps.
11 Sookie was living in the city ( Shreveport, maybe?), she and Eric aren’t together, and she gets attacked outside in front of her house. Eric shows up and takes on the attackers to save her. Wish I could remember more. Thanks!
12 Eric has imprisoned Jason so that he can get to Sookie. Eric glamours Jason into forgetting his imprisonment because he and Sookie become a couple. At some point Sookie tells Eric he will have to remove the glamour. *Not Beauty and the Vampire Beast
13 Hello! I am looking for a story. I believe it is AH and the only part I remember is Sookie was dating Bill caught him cheating with Lorena and left. She might have started working with Eric but they went to a company where Lorena worked and was getting a tour and Sookie and Lorena starting fighting and Andre pulled them apart and Sookie said something like he was mine before and he’ll always be mine. Eric heard her, his feelings were hurt and had the limo driver take her away.
14 Eric knows Bill has been sent to procure Sookie for the Queen. He tells Sookie telepathically. Eric turns Sookie but she is more than a vampire.
15 Im sorry I can’t remember much but I think it was AH and written in multiple POV and Eric and Sookie end up together but in the beginning Bill and Sookie were together and Bill was trying to get Sookie back, but in a part of it Bill took a girl back to a hotel room and she dies and he was set up and then band from going to secret clubs cause he was rough with the girls in the clubs. Maybe drugs were involved. Showed up at a club were Sookie and Eric was but was forced to leave. Sorry its not much, but thats all I can remember. It was a long time ago when i read it. I thought it was written by InLoveWithEric, but ive read all the AH on her WP site and it wasnt there so i think it is a different author.
 16  Eric & Sookie are being chased down by their enemies, and they finally make it to Bon Temps to hide. Eric uses the cluviel dor to make the wish, and when their enemies catch up to them, they discover a human Eric and Sookie. He used the cluviel dor to wish them both human, and they live out their days as humans with their children & grandchildren, growing old together. When Sookie starts showing signs of dementia, he patiently takes care of her until she dies. Then he follows her shortly thereafter. I read this years ago, and can’t remember if it’s a oneshot or multiple chapter story. It was probably on FF.net.

16 thoughts on “We’re Spring Cleaning and in Need of Help!

    • jules3677 says:

      That was my thought too. Though the Requestor wrote Sookie was attacked outside her home. So that made me discount the story. 🙂


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