Meet Your Maker February-March 2016: Recently Completed Stories


No Jokes Here!


We’re just happy to offer you all up a large selection of recently completed stories from the months of February and March:


The Handfast (Part of a Series) Natsgirl
Blue Nail Polish Meridian
Do You Hear What I Hear? Fairytale Amber
6 Months to Live hisviks
Relapse My Secret O
Never End dream7me7sleep
Time after Time California Kat
A Heady Draught (TaT follow up) California Kat


Remember: don’t be shy in letting writers know how much you enjoyed (re-)reading these stories when you do, they love hearing that, even if a story has long been complete.

Don’t let us forget your story!


We will be listing completed multi chapter stories on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis depending on supply. That being said, despite appearances, we are human, so we will be doing this for our Directory members only for now and the possibility that we may miss a story is there. So if we have inadvertently missed a story by a Directory member please use the form at the bottom of the post or the form on its dedicated page (under the Contact Us header) to help us out in the future (writers and readers alike) by notifying us as soon as a story comes to completion. Any that we accidentally missed will be added in a dedicated archive that will list these completed stories and to the relevant post.



3 thoughts on “Meet Your Maker February-March 2016: Recently Completed Stories

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  2. Natsgirl says:

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    FYI –
    One of the things I find frustrating is getting involved in a great story only to find it was never finished. Here are the latest group of ‘love them until the end’ stories.


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