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Sometimes we just want to indulge in the, albeit predictable, narrative that our two favored protagonists are simply meant for one another with the assurance that no matter what obstacles may come or try to push them apart they’ll fight. Not only for their own survival, but, most importantly, for each other. Please indulge our swooning and enjoy some of our picks where, without a doubt, Sookie and Eric know they are simply meant to be…


Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


“Then As Now” by Zhivago3


Sookie and Eric are made for each other. They don’t realize it though until strange things begin to happen to them. Memories & dreams begin to haunt them. Will they accept their destiny or will their pride stop them? Strong sexual content and language.AH, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Zhivago3 has created a wonderful tale about a love that endures from lifetime to lifetime. The phrase “in my dreams” takes on a whole new meaning for Eric and Sookie from 2009’s, “Then As Now.” The story has us jumping from one era to the next. This (maybe) all-human story has no shortage of sexual chemistry between Eric and Sookie as the draw to one another is intrinsically there, no matter what the period in time while they try to sort out what is a dream and what constitutes reality. Each location and time is uniquely and beautifully written to suit the history and personality of each Eric and Sookie pair we meet; it’ll never have you questioning the concept of fated romance, but perhaps encourage you to dream of your own…


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Love Eternal” by Justwanderingneverlost


*For over 100 years, Sookie has trained to be ruthless Vampire assassin, with the goal of ultimately hunting down the man who drained her parents. For nearly as long, Eric has been the slave of the Vampire who viciously killed his maker. What happens when these 2 orphans meet and find their paths destined to merge into one purpose?* AU, OOC, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


This was a surprisingly challenging story for a first-time Fanfic writer, and truly shows the evolution of her writing throughout. The writer manages to give us strong and sympathetic main characters who instantly know, in spite of their natures, that they are “Meant to Be.” Our couple faces a seemingly hopeless path with countless harrowing trials, but find a symbiosis in their bond and fuel in their shared need for vengeance to find their happy ending. Pepper in a bit of romance, some prophecy, and magic, it’s a satisfying equation for a great read.



A tale that intriguingly unfold itself…


“Predatory” by melodiusnoctourn


Sookie was a hunter; she hunted and killed dangerous Supes in order to protect humankind. She would never expect to fall prey to a powerful thousand-year-old vampire named Eric Northman, because as far as she’s concerned, Hunters and Vampires shouldn’t mix. AU, OOC, E/S, rated M, -WIP-


In a world where rare, Pure-blooded Vampires are born and not made, Susannah Hale (aka Sookie Stackhouse) finds herself inexplicably drawn to dashing Pure-blood Eric Northman. Stranger still, he is determined that she is, in fact, his lost love. Sookie knows this is not possible because she is a child of the powerful Hale Clan, human Hunters who keep the peace between Supes of all types and humans… How could destiny determine their union when unruly vampires are her prey? In this universe, melodiusnocturn takes a refreshing look at well-worn characters who relate to one another in new and unexpected ways where Eric and Sookie are forced to uncover the truths that shroud their love for one another in an intriguing mystery.


Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe

Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe


“Folklore” by Shara Moon


What happens when the story Sookie’s Gran once told her as a child about Vampires, Werewolves, and other Supernatural beings turned out to be more than just a fairytale after all, and that somehow she is connected to it? Sookie is whisked away to another world to fulfill a destiny that was predetermined so very many years ago. Can she truly save them all from what is to come? AU, OOC, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


Never having read this story before now, I thought I had an idea of what I might encounter based on the summary. Still, I’m a sucker for this theme, and the storyline also seemed to fall in with my usual likes. This was not the story I expected. This story is a great example of the truths that usually lay beneath the colorful and flowery prose of old fairytales, myths, and legends, and the unpredictable road the destined soulmates must travel to reach their end. There are premonitions and prophecies, there are buried truths, martyrs, and sacrifices. I can’t say this is a happy story, but Eric and Sookie are worth the time here. Eric maintains his unforgiving, hard-edged façade while Sookie manages to shed so much naïveté. Good for a weekend read, sneaking a chapter between tasks, or while avoiding them.


The angst oh the angst... it's a miracle we still have fingernails left.

The angst oh the angst… it’s a miracle we still have fingernails left.


“The Arranged Marriage” by lilka6666


To Sookie’s dismay, a mysterious figure she doesn’t know wants her to be his wife. There is so much to this stranger Eric, than is seen to the eye. When Sookie discovers what dark secrets he is hiding, dating back to her childhood, as well the dangers about the world they live in, will she be able to fully let him in and learn to love him? AU. A darker Eric. Eventual E/S. AU, OOC, rated M, -WIP-


What if you’re suddenly told you were meant for someone, and every action and thing said up to that point comes to stand in a different light? In this story, Sookie finds herself confronted by an unusual man seamlessly inserting himself into her life where she appears to be the only one questioning his presence as he desperately seeks the most permanent of commitments with her. This writer’s unique way with words and tone will have you wondering and on the edge of your seat, questioning many times just what Eric’s intentions are by claiming she is ‘the one.’ There is little he is forward about except his intentions, and though not hiding in the shadows, he certainly casts a dark one with his presence, leaving Sookie at a loss in how to react. His manoeuvres and insistent pursuit of Sookie can be perceived as stifling, but ultimately there is heart in this darker tale, a promise for something brighter is ahead, and it’s simply up to Eric and Sookie to find their path to it.




Feel free to tell us about your favourite ‘Meant to Be’ story, we know we certainly had a hard time choosing just a few!

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13 thoughts on “Story Recs: Meant to Be

    • msbuffy says:

      Just a stunning story, my dear, and to discover that it was your first one? Amazing! I loved it from the first word to the last and will soon read it again. Congratulations on being included in this “Story Recs!” Can’t wait to see all of your others here sometime in the future. I happen to believe you’re one of the fabulous ones! 🙂 Hope all is well with you these days, and I’ll get around to completing my response as soon as my hands permit. All the best to you! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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  2. Jackiedm69 says:

    I loved all of these stories!
    There are at least other two meant to be stories that I personally liked and want to share:
    Spellbound by wannabewriter25 on ff. Net
    An Elegant Death by inlovewitheric.


  3. msbuffy says:

    I have read some of these, but it’s been quite some time, so I’ll have to read them again…oh, the agony! LOL! The others will most assuredly be added to my list and I hope to get to them soon. I could not be more proud or happier to see “Folklore” included here as I was Sharamoon’s beta/editor for her beautiful story and we worked on her project for well over two years. It was created purely out of devotion for Sookie & Eric’s characters and all things fairytale in order to give them a HEA like no other. Every moment spent working on it was a labor of love, and we hoped that came through to the readers. Enjoy all the stories, everyone! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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