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There’s no denying it really, whether it was “True Blood” or the Southern Vampire Mysteries, at first meeting, Eric was a bit of an asshole. One that redeemed himself quite quickly or slowly, depending on your view, but a bit of an asshole, nonetheless. While that cockiness may be an attractive charm initially, it will only carry one so far, we never managed to get over Bill all that well, now did we? Some might be unredeemable for eternity, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as witnessing the change, the underlying motivations explored, and extrapolated to uncover a side we’d suspected was there, but never could be sure hidden underneath the animosity. For balance, don’t worry, we’re not just discussing Eric here, though he is an oft-utilised character for this narrative, Sookie can be just as bad, if not worse, while the inventiveness of a fanfic writer can equally turn her charm on a much despised character, allowing us to see them in a completely different light.


For those who love a bit of substance to their tale but can't always take the high stress of angst...

For those who love a bit of substance to their tale but can’t always take the high stress of angst…


“Mrs Northman” by JoxX


AU Married to the Vampire King of Louisiana is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when it’s all a lie as the bombs go off & the masonry falls at Rhodes will Sookie save the Vampire she’s come to hate? AU, OOC, E/S, rated T, -COMPLETE-


What do water balloons, a collapsing hotel, and cultural differences have in common? This little story will answer these questions. Only 5 chapters and a little over 21,000 words, this is a quick and easy read. However, don’t be fooled by its length. It will still elicit strong reactions from the reader. JoxX hit a lot of nerve endings with this story. She made Eric an insensitive jerk, at least in the beginning. Pretty intense reviews were the result. She had to remind the readers that many of the problems she wrote about were founded in basic cultural differences. We all know that the Supernatural world plays by a different set of rules, and this story explores how those differences can spell heartbreak for a naïve and innocent young woman with stars in her eyes. Do not despair! It eventually becomes a HEA… and there is a sequel as well.


Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


“Dead Man’s Hand” by eys1214


Eric Northman is a casino mogul – envied by all and feared by many. What happens when a certain blonde redneck tries to hustle his poker tables? AH, OOC, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


People have rarely denied Eric Northman a thing and refusals usually come with a price. This incarnation of the Viking is every bit the Chieftain’s son, born to fill his father’s shoes, assume his wealth, and wield his power. Along with deep pockets, a strong arm, and a definitive sense of judgement and retribution, Eric also carries a massive sense of entitlement. Women do not refuse him, and do not balk when he kicks them out of his bed–it’s to be expected with a man as untouchable as him. For once, Eric is a true asshole, completely incapable of empathy or tact, never having needed it. But governing his motives are the lessons given to him by his deceased father, and the people he has met along the way–always seeing the potential buried in those who have been dealt a bad hand. When Sookie steps in, notably a strong and memorable Sookie, it’s the worst thing that could happen to both of them. Still, this wouldn’t be an Eric and Sookie story without some redemption.

Truth be told, I had only meant to skim this story in order to reacquaint myself with it, but once I began reading, I couldn’t stop. Great characterization and excellent plot development, along with lots of details to keep you sucked in until the last sentence.

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Beauty and the Vampire Beast” by magsmacdonald


A modern, vampire version of the classic tale featuring the SVM/TB characters we all know and love, sometimes a little OOC, but always with the goal of illustrating growth and change. Some G/E, with E/S HEA in mind. It begins with Eric and Godric before the reveal. An alternate meeting of Sookie and Eric occurs and we loosely follow the books (to a point). HEA even if there are bumps.
Sweet Eric (for Sookie and family), feisty, but innocent Sookie. AU, OOC, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Starting pre-revelation, Godric despairs at many of the vampire attitudes and arrogance, and sets forth a challenge for Eric. Eric, of course, fails miserably on his path to Godric’s challenge. Enter Sookie. Jason has been taken and she is searching for him, and using telepathy, she finds Jason and attempts to liberate him. In the process she is caught and trades herself for Jason. Eric initially treats her very badly, then realizes she may, indeed, be who he has been looking for and tries to change his ways while attempting to glamour the memories of his bad behaviour away, and, naturally, is an epic fail. The road to their HEA is rocky and filled with pitfalls, but as they grow individually, they also grow together as a team. While there is some angst and some violence along the way, ultimately the family they build is worth every moment.

Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe

Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe


“The Revealing of Andre” by Meridian


Andre Paul, child of Sophie-Anne LeClerq, had a “distinct” reputation: fierce, vicious, cruel and conniving. But…was that ALL there was to him? Emma may find out for herself. AU, OOC, OC, rated M, -WIP- (very close to completion)


In this story, you will fall in love with a very different Andre. We have gotten used to him as the cold, mostly heartless bastard, loyal only to his Maker and his “Brodders.” It is a delight to watch Meridian’s OC Emma, blithely blunder through his tough facade to find the gooey center. The author skillfully reveals the Master Torturer through his own candid self-talk, which is at times poignant and often hilarious. In addition to the mysterious and thoroughly likable Emma, a delicious side dish to this story is how Andre and Eric work through the seemingly unforgivable breach in their prior relationship. They begin to build a friendship based upon Andre’s changed perspectives as Sookie and Emma become fast friends. The four weather many adventures along with the rest of Andre’s family. It’s a fun and intriguing recasting of often predictable characters and their usual relationships.



Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


“The Devil Wears … Discount?” by ChanelAddict


Sookie is a VP of her family run fashion company with an icy reputation and little to no personal life. Eric is the lanky math nerd hired as her mismatched assistant. He’s thrown into a life of tight deadlines, tense meetings, & insane pressure to be perfect. Will it change him or will he change it? AH, OOC, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Our redeemable asshole in “The Devil Wears… Discount?” is, against the usual scenarios, Sookie… We meet her in a context not unlike the movie (and book) that inspires the title of the story (“The Devil Wears Prada”), but the story goes AU very fast especially as a young Sookie is the VP of the fashion biz with help from her right-hand woman, Pam, and the hard working assistant is one Eric Northman, kind soul if there was ever one, but still as hot as we know him in spite of nerdy glasses and discount brand clothes (oh the horror!)… Sookie starts out as being very unlikable, so give her a chance even if she is hard to stomach in the first chapters… The appearance of a great original character, Emily, will change things for the better VERY fast although it won’t be a smooth journey for this rom-com delight… Enjoy with a glass of prosecco or one of those venti lenti skinny caramelli lattes Sookie favors and Eric fetches…




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10 thoughts on “Story Recs: Redeemable Assholes

  1. californiakat1564 says:

    Great choices!!! Dead Man’s Hand and The Devil Wears . . . Discount are two of my favorite all human pieces. DMH kept me on the edge of my seat and is the reason why I will never read an EYS1214 story again–until it’s completed. I like fingernails. I found Devil after it was already done!

    I also love Meridian’s Andre. I concur wholeheartedly with the reviewer’s comment that the world created by Meridian is completely unique and interesting!

    Beauty and the Vampire Beast is on my summer reading list, and I cannot wait to dig in. It looked like it would be awesome beach reading (I’m spending a week near the ocean). I already have several long stories on my kindle waiting to go!

    As for Mrs. Northman? I’d somehow missed that!!! I cannot wait till I finish grading the current set of essays I’m working on. Since it’s not that long, I can justify making that story my prize to self!!! Thanks so much for all the recommendations. Y’all are fangtastic. 😉

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  3. msstitcher says:

    I’m biased slightly as I get to see EYS work in the process but it is my all time favourite fic and am convinced it should be a best selling novel!! I’ve missed some of the other suggestions though so I am now going to treat myself to them x


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