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Need we say more, really? A good Bill is no Bill perhaps? A dead Bill? Even better… Undoubtedly the first thought most of us have is what would the world of Sookie Stackhouse have been like with Bill out of the picture. While it is often the narrative that marks the first foray of many fic writers with mixed results, there is something challenging and creative about just as many. We had a hard time narrowing it down (can you tell we really don’t like Bill), focusing on stories where his presence was either non-existent, swiftly dealt with, or simply a lost shadow with no physical presence. Though we like to pretend otherwise, it really didn’t come as much of a surprise that this line-up includes some of the best writers in the SVM/TB fanfic community.



The stories that keep on giving…


“Homestay” by Ooshka


AH/OOC Set in New Zealand. Eric is a consultant sent to work on a project, Sookie is the contractor they hire to provide the data he needs. Can the pair of them overcome their histories and make it work? AH, OOC, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-, Many (equally enjoyable) sequels!


Homestay is the first in what became very much a saga following the growing pains of the relationship between a human Eric, an American with mommy and daddy issues galore, who finds in New Zealand a Sookie who turns out to be not a temporary office hookup as he planned (in some of the most hilarious and misguided inner dialogues ever) but the home he never had. Sookie is one charming woman, down to earth as one has to be when raising young kids after the death (yay!) of one lousy letdown of a husband, Bill Compton…

This AH story follows Eric, the consultant, and Sookie, the widowed mum of toddlers and part-time finance contractor, and it is all about domestic life and about how a homestay (sort of an ‘adopt a foreigner’ for a short time scheme that Eric decided to ‘enroll on’) becomes homemaking… Ooskha’s writing elevates a daily life story with some drama, but nothing too dramatic, to absolutely compelling reading… The character development (especially of Eric) is remarkable and Ooshka does an incredible job at making Sookie’s tiny daughters into great characters, often very funny and some of my favorite ‘kids’ in the SVM/TB fanfic world ever…

The story is written in alternating Sookie and Eric Ps and, in less able hands, could have become repetitive and slowed the pace, but Ooshka uses this device effectively to show the disconnect between Eric and Sookie’s views of the world… A true joy to read, with many poignant moments and some drama, but also plenty of humor often courtesy of Amelia, Felicia, and with bonus comic relief provided by the Compton in-laws because in spite of Bill’s highly desirable situation (finally, definitely, totally deceased), Lorena is the mother-in-law from hell and the sisters-in-law are… a mixed bag, let’s say!


...and now for something completely different!

…and now for something completely different!


“Detox” by My Secret O


This is an alternate universe for Sookie. A world where Pam is Sheriff, Bill is a manipulative douche bag (nothing new there), and Eric is the ‘special forces’ used by the queen to get the job done. This story begins when the first 100 pages of Dead Until Dark end. The moment Sookie and Bill set foot inside Fangtasia, I veer away from canon and I don’t turn back. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-, Sequel available.


This story has an Eric who has no idea who Sookie is and has no feelings for her as a result. He has a mission to accomplish, assigned by a version of Sophie Anne that we can like, a fair queen who never intended for Sookie to be taken advantage of by “Beehl.” Isolated together in a cabin, they learn about each other and Eric goes from being annoyed with his assignment to appreciating her. And as the truth becomes clear to her, she grows to appreciate him. As for Bill, well, his tiny contribution (pun intended) is swiftly dealt with in the first chapter, thankfully we never hear from him again.


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Couldn’t Get Away” by Ericizmine


Every situation has variable outcomes…

Sookie had several dating options by the end of Club Dead.
1. Bill…
2. Eric…
3. Alcide…
4. None of the above…
Couldn’t Get Away (CGA) is centered on 4… loosely.
As per canon, Sookie goes to Jackson with Alcide to help find Bill… Every one of the events in canon through the end of Club Dead happened…
But at the end, after Sookie uninvited Bill and Eric from her house, and she finally had some peace and quiet to think…
What could she have thought about?
This story begins on Dec 26th, just a few nights after Sookie had some alone time.
AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Traumatized and fed up with the seemingly unending machinations, betrayals, injuries, and heartbreaks that her life has become, Sookie decides it would simply be safer for herself and those around her if she just disappeared. She sends letters to the 2 people whom she thinks would most concerned, Jason and Eric. She never imagined either of them would have the wherewithal or desire to track her down. She also never imagined she would have mediators from an alternate reality to facilitate things.

“Everything you left to avoid was neutralized when Bill Compton was ended.” With the problem resolved in the first chapter, the remaining 5 serve as a great unraveling of truths and lies, fears and expectations, promises and absolutions. Eric and Sookie, true to form, are as funny and sexy as they are maddening and frustrating.

Prior to her passing, Ericizmine left us with the Multiverse, a universe of 20+ stories in various stages of completion. The prospect is daunting to one who wants to dip their toe into that body of water. This particular installment was one of the completed story arcs. At a brief 6 chapters, this story is fairly self-contained, has a satisfactory beginning and ending, and whets the appetite just enough for future Multiverse outings without leaving you too confused.



“Drained” by Suki59


This interrupts Book 1 and finds Sookie discovering a dark mystery. She fears for her life and goes to Eric Northman for help. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


If you are a fan of a strong, intelligent Sookie who can act as an advocate on her own behalf, this is a story for you. Bill is missing and in trying to find him, Sookie uncovers a plot that puts her and those she cares about in grave danger. When she turns to the Sheriff of Area 5 for help, she finds that she must instead take extreme action to save his undeath and keep him safe. It is this unusual circumstance that allows Eric and Sookie’s relationship to blossom in ways that it would be unable to within the normal framework of their lives. Suki59 skillfully re-casts familiar characters such as Sophie Anne, often portrayed as one-dimensional, as more complex and interesting. You will hold your breath through a rollercoaster ride of dangerous circumstances and near misses as our beloved couple work their way towards a creative and thoroughly satisfying HEA.



The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Alive After Dark” by Rebelina11


A common sense tale: The Queen chose a much more ideal vampire to watch over Sookie. She sent Eric, not Bill. Sookie’s view of Eric wasn’t marred by what Bill did. Come see what happens when common sense prevails. Lots of fun and new stuff. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


A list compiling the best “Kill Bill” stories wouldn’t be complete without an entry where Sookie meets Eric first, so here it is, our choice, “Alive After Dark.” Rebellina11 has masterfully made some slight changes to canon to allow for Sookie to be introduced to the supernatural world by our beloved Viking instead of the side-burned douche. Bill still makes an appearance, but only as an annoying fly that you need to swat away. What follows is a tale about love, fighting and making up, and adventure. Rebellina11’s writing flows naturally, and even though some of the plot points are the same, it always feels fresh and not just a re-hash of the same story. The characters have more depth than their book counterparts and yet still feel like the originals. It’s amazing how smoothly some of Sookie’s exploits can go with Tall, Blonde, and Dead by her side. So go and enjoy this reinvented take on the ‘first meeting’ and enjoy some Lemon Meringue pie, Sookie’s Cookies, and Apple desserts.




Feel free to tell us about your favourite Bill-less story, we know we certainly had a hard time choosing just a few!

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8 thoughts on “Story Recs: Kill Bill

  1. askarsgirl says:

    Two of my favorite Bill-less stories are Secrets that we keep and Playing God by kjwrit! The latter he is in very briefly but the humiliation he suffers via Sookie’s smart mouth is memorable to say the least! The ones you mentioned are all most excellent as well. I haven’t read Ooshka’s story yet and am excited to start it. Thanks for all the great suggestions and work you do!


  2. jules3677 says:

    Excellent recommendations. Homestay is one I’ve never come across. Thankyou! Now I have my weekend planned. 🙂


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