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While a lingering glance across the room may sometimes result in instant happiness for Eric and Sookie, sometimes it proves to be just the opposite. Whatever the circumstances, the dynamic can be quite intriguing between these two when forced to work together, mostly out of self-interest, while one or both can’t stand the other. Naturally, the animosity is worn down as a certain Telepath shows her charm and we can’t help but to forgive the Viking and his boorish ways. A firm favorite among our contributors is the rather epic “Not From Here” by RouxRoux that has, unfortunately, sat unfinished for quite some time, but unequivocally sets the standard for an Eric and Sookie lost in another dimension where vampires are kept as pets and Sookie finds herself elevated to a rather unique position. They soon end up working reluctantly together while failing miserably on their own. It is well worth the read if you can bear not knowing exactly how it will end, though contours of a HEA are somewhat visible. As always, enjoy our other reading suggestions!


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Wiles” by Mortissues


The supernatural world runs on plot and intrigue. I should know, I shaped most of it. The vampire understands how to survive in my world, he sees the potential threat in every word and action. But my poor Great Granddaughter has only just found out this world even exists. Elderly relatives should not interfere, but perhaps, for once, finally, the two of them? Ah, who knows… AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Wiles features one of the most mischievous, playful, and yet, determined Nialls ever found in fanfic land. Niall maneuvers with finesse during which he outsmarts Sophie-Anne and Eric quite masterfully, resulting in an extremely frustrated and permanently angry Viking who finds himself obliged to protect Sookie, or, as he refers to her, ‘the non-human’, from many a danger. Sookie is kept in dark while all the supernatural politicking goes around her, but she is one smart cookie and goes through some steep learning curves in Rhodes. So as reluctant as they may be, Eric and Sookie end up, naturally, as allies and…eventually more… An unexpected turn of events that makes for a highly entertaining story with some minor angsty moments.



Keeping us firmly on the edge of our seats…


“Occupied Engagement” by todaviadulce


In a world where vampires have too much power, the fae are trying to get all their kind out. Part-fae Sookie Stackhouse takes on a challenge to help her kind until she catches the eye of a certain 1000-year-old vampire who needs her help.
Author’s Note: This story is totally inspired by Mazza666’s lovely story The Dark Side of Light (which is incidentally inspired by the Night Huntress books) and you should check both out. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


In support of her Fae family’s efforts to help fairy hybrids escape from an evil Vampire government, Sookie falls into enemy hands. Eric rescues her, but has his own, very determined agenda. Have things just gone from bad to worse? Can they come to an understanding and help one another? Eric discovers if he wants Sookie’s help, he must train her to strengthen her fairy powers. Sookie’s response is delightfully rational, straightforward, and a delight to watch. Todaviadulce has loaded up this fic with a plethora of villains who keep coming at our dynamic duo, which keeps the excitement at a high level and makes their learning to work together critical. You will love Pam in this story as she makes her way from incredulity to gratitude and affection toward Sookie without sacrificing one bit of badassness.



We simply want to devour it whole, luckily there’s plenty of it…


“Over You” by Brainmates


Eric & Sookie have always been annoyed by each other. After high school he moved off to L.A. to pursue fame while Sookie remained devoted to her high school boyfriend, Jake, who just happens to be Eric’s best friend. Then a terrible tragedy brings Eric & Sookie back together. The events that follow change both of their lives forever. AH, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


As the summary suggests, the worst possible tragedy brings these two together. The sudden death of Sookie’s longtime partner and Eric’s lifelong best friend serve to create a bubble where two people who once could barely stand to be in each other’s presence suddenly have a shared grief that only the other can understand. Grief does strange things to empathic tendencies and evokes sometimes irrational coping moments, and often sex and grief go hand in hand. Thus, Eric and Sookie’s shared grief becomes their shared reality after they discover Sookie is pregnant. Scorned by friends and family, and knowing they need to do the right thing for themselves, for the baby coming, and for Jake, they come together the best way they can. Eric’s Hollywood status doesn’t let them keep a quiet life, and his own demons keep him from accepting anyone into his heart. It’s a long and difficult road for these two, but the promise of new life and peace can only come when they both let the past go.

This was Brainmates inaugural fic and remains a favorite for many. Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood scene, it has a healthy dose of angst, romance, humor, sexiness, and family.


Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe

Stories set in an altogether rich Alternate Universe


“The Huntsman’s Quarry” by ElfChef


A torrid tale of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, and in a single night of passion, they are bound together forever. Eric Northman is a 1,000-year-old vampire with a simple credo: ‘The devil may care, but I don’t.’ His latest quarry is part-Fae. Her attitude: ‘Catch me if you can.’ Sookie has a target on her back and a chip on her shoulder. AU, OOC, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-*


Our story opens with a James Bond-like Eric Northman, Vampire Enforcer extraordinaire, receiving assignments from his own “M” in the person of the Ancient Pythoness. Reeling from a bad breakup, he goes about his cold-hearted way, bringing in the Supe world’s most challenging bad boys, and then disappears as best he can till the AP catches up with him for his next assignment. In between missions, he comes across an incredibly seductive young part fae woman (guess who) from out of town who offers him a weekend of memorable sex with no strings attached…or are there? The nail biting journey our two strong characters go on is unusual, in part because ElfChef excels at serving up the usual cast of characters with a very different spin. There are a few OCs added for spice, but her portrayals of the AP and Amelia are among my favorite depictions of them in the SVM fandom.
*It is worth a note that although this fiction appears to be a WIP, it is 24 chapters long and ends at a natural stopping place. I hope you will give it a read and join us in encouraging ElfChef to give us a sequel that continues the adventure.


Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


“Life, Accidental” by ChanelAddict


What would happen if two single people, who don’t like each other all that much, inherited a baby? We’re about to find out. AH, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


This story could be considered a textbook example of the “Reluctantly Together” theme. Eric and Sookie are both connected to one half of a couple who die suddenly, and then find that the guardianship of their one-year-old baby girl has been willed to them along with the home they had and anything that they would need to give her the best life possible. Coming together with only a history of one disastrous setup of a date and a mountain of misperceptions, makes for a volatile atmosphere, no matter how nice the house. There are innumerable bumps in the road, mind games, and many tears shed, but the two of them are committed to giving the baby the love she deserves. Neither of them knows why their friends thought it would be a good idea to put them to this task, knowing how they hated each other and how unsettled they were in their lives, but they come to realize that their friends saw something worthy in them that they would never have found on their own.


Tell us about your favorite reluctant Eric and Sookie below, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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5 thoughts on “Story Recs: Reluctantly Together

  1. msbuffy says:

    I just re-read “Life, Accidental” last night, and, just like the first time I read it, I could not put it down once I started. It’s a terrific story of how two people who couldn’t be more different take on a huge responsibility that neither ever expected nor ever really wanted. Still, take it on they do, and the reader will find themselves captivated from the start through the finish as these characters not only live up to their responsibilities, but their true potential, and even as opposite as two people may be, love can still find it’s way to into their hearts where they discover they’re not so opposite after all…

    I had the distinct honor and pleasure to be ElfChef’s beta and collaborator for “The Huntsman’s Quarry,” and did we have a great time writing that one! Meet an Eric who is so different from most Erics you’ve ever read as well as a Sookie you’ve never met before, an AP who will leave you laughing, and some other familiar characters who are rather out-of-character, but you’ll love them all the same! There are also ElfChef’s signature original characters who may bring some laughs or tears, but they are most definitely original in her own inimitable way! We left the story with open ending on the chance that we might go back & revisit these characters again some day, and we might. You never know! On behalf of ElfChef and me, we sincerely hope you enjoy the little world we created and laugh along with Eric & Sookie as they frustrate and love the hell out of one another!

    Liked by 2 people

      • msbuffy says:

        (Blushing) Aww…Thanks! I just have to comment when it fits! This is such a great story that it should be mandatory FF reading, for readers & writers!
        Thanks for the lovely comment! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. luvvamps says:

    I just re-read “Life, Accidental” . So glad I did. I miss so many of the old writers, their stories are just as good now as they were then. They just don’t write them like that anymore.


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