Story Recs: Of Runes and Myths


If the Supernatural world wasn’t intriguing enough on its own, the rich world Charlaine Harris created gave us a Viking with a history to match. It’s no wonder that these deep roots have caught the attention of many a fanfic writer to wind into wonderfully rich tales that equally became history lessons while providing enjoyable reads! Our most exemplary of these, and an inspiration for this theme is Thyra10’s excellent “Dead with the Vikings,” a joy to read and extremely well-researched with expansive A/N, teaching us more than we ever thought to know about those ancient Norsemen. Thankfully there’s more where that came from and we thoroughly recommend the following, which go well beyond Norse mythology and myth.


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Let Love” In by Terri Botta


Eric decides it’s time for him and Sookie to come to an understanding.

AU, E/S, rated M


This was the story that hooked many readers on SVM/TB FanFiction, it is a classic! Beginning just after the amnesia curse is fully broken, Eric comes to Sookie to have their ’talk’ and sort out their relationship. Even as Sookie attempts to throw barriers at that discussion, Eric convinces her to go away with him to talk without distractions. While hammering out the details of what course they will take, they encounter many diverse beings, including Gods and Goddesses, a soul singer, and various interesting and entertaining otherworldly creatures with an interesting exploration into Native American lore.
“Let Love In” is one of the most well written stories; the detail, the character depth, and the storyline draw you in from the first chapter. The Eric in this story is strong, but loving, and his no-nonsense attitude grabs you immediately. Sookie, being Sookie, makes some wild assumptions and some huge mistakes, but, still, this Sookie can be reasoned with; she listens and grows. The way their relationship develops is skillfully done and the story is well worth the read.
If you have never read it, you should go, right now, and do so. If you haven’t read it in years, maybe like me, it was your first, you, too, should go, right now, and read it again. It will delight you, make you want to shake Sookie until her teeth rattle, and then want to hug her tightly. You will cheer them on and be thrilled with the developments between the two.

Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


Hjerteknuser” by LinSog93


Eric and Sookie are best friends before Eric has to leave with his father so he can learn how to be a real Viking. They were supposed to return three months later, but never shows. Sookie is praying to Odin for Eric to return to her, but when he does, it is not what she had expected or even hoped for. AH, ONE-SHOT


This was a brand new story for me, but I am always eager for a good period story, especially a “Viking” era story. This bittersweet story does a good job capturing a child’s impulsive brand of love, and the sort of desperate loss only a child may feel after their best friend is taken from them. The evolution of villages, and the assumption of roles by women in the wake of battle and loss is captivatingly told alongside the dark side of raids and raiders.

I think I have become a bit complacent when it comes to stories that utilize foreign words, generally expecting the author to give the translation in the introductory notes, or within its first usage. For whatever reason, I read through this story nonstop to find out what the title meant. The author does give the translation in the closing notes of the story, and not knowing until the end made all the difference. This bittersweet tale of devotion and coming of age, of paths diverting and reconnecting, of strengths and weaknesses, takes on a new meaning in hindsight. It is easy to see why this story came out a winner in the IWTS contest.




My Valkyrie” by California Kat


A/U (mostly set in 1010 A.D.— during Eric’s Viking days) After Sookie’s father and brother are killed by a vampire named Appius Livius Ocella, she is taken to Faerie for her own safety. Aspiring to become an angel one day, Sookie becomes a guardian, and her first charge is a young Viking prince named Eiríkr. Will Appius ruin their chance at love? Or will he unwittingly give them the opportunity to be together forever?AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-, ONE-SHOT


California Kat has created yet another wonderful twist on the tale of Eric and Sookie with her one-shot “My Valkyrie.” By using the myths of Fairies and Valkyries, we are given a love story that spans centuries and cultures. Inspired by a banner created by the talented Sephrenia, we get to enjoy a Viking Eric as well as the modern man. California Kat’s writing always comes alive in your mind with her skillful descriptions of the places, characters, and events. Go see if love can conquer all, even evil makers.


The angst oh the angst... it's a miracle we still have fingernails left.

The angst oh the angst… it’s a miracle we still have fingernails left.


Crossing the Ocean” by Thyra10


Written for the Unsolved Mysteries Contest (2011). Three different mysteries:

1.What happened to the Vikings that came to Vinland (New Foundland) and then disappeared?
2. Why is it that one can detect the DNA from one Native American woman from around year 1000 in the blood of people on Iceland today?
3. Why is it that Iceland has had such a long tradition of vølves (people predicting the future – the name is from the Viking faith and is kept today). Today they make their predictions for the country and the world once a year.

This story is about a part of our history we know little about and research is contradictory. I have chosen the newest research I could find as the basis of my story but that does not mean that my story is historically correct. I have tried to keep it as close to what historians think is the truth about Vikings crossing the Atlantic – and back again.

AU, rated M, ONE-SHOT


The sampling of stories to be touched on for this theme would not be complete without an offering from Thyra10, not only a prolific writer, but one of the more well-informed writers in the fandom on this very topic. So many of her stories could suit this theme, but we opted for a simple one-shot that touched on some contested historical topics woven into a thoughtful glimpse at some of Eric’s early years as a vampire. Survival was just as arduous for a young vampire exiled to an unknown wilderness by a sadistic maker as it was for the early people of Vineland. How their paths intersect and the lessons for Eric in its outcome are haunting and not easily shaken. Well worth the read!

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Thou Shalt Not” by Mairemor


Felipe de Castro orders Sookie to attend him in Las Vegas while Eric is ordered to New Orleans. What are his true intentions? Sex, Blood and Vengeance! E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


This story has a unique blend of Norse and Southwest Native American mythology at its core. As difficult as that sounds to marry at first glance, Mairemor excels at this, providing “teaching moments” in her prefaces to each chapter, explaining the two worlds of mythology she used and the locale for the climax of this tale.
Betrayal and vengeance are the underlying themes, and while the saying goes ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’ I have to say Eric’s outrage at his King’s betrayal and rape of Sookie puts that saying to shame! Her despair is palpable and heartbreaking but, ultimately, Felipe pays the price for his actions.
In only five chapters and a little over 15,000 words, Mairemor enlightens us with a breadth of knowledge about these two worlds of gods and spirits seamlessly blending these different beings in a logical way that makes perfect sense. She confesses to having a passion for Norse mythology, which is evident in her epic stories about the Northman family that are equally enjoyable reads.




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