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Though we never quite got to see demons on the show, their unique and rather faint presence was nonetheless intriguing in the books, between Mr. Cataliades and his nieces Diantha and Gladiola we only ever caught faint glimpses (and many a garbled word). Fanfic writers have, however, rather creatively used this unexplored realm of the verse to their great imaginations, limiting themselves not just to those characters but, many new ones, while also exploring the impact on Sookie’s already unique genetic makeup, after all without our dear Mr. C there never would have been a telepath! We should make special mention for the unfortunately incomplete, but, nevertheless, engaging take on this theme in “Drop Dead Gorgeous” by Citrox. Enjoy!



The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…


“Dead Ever After the Right Way” by Texanlady


Picks up 200 yrs after the 13th book. If you don’t want to know how Harris ended her book don’t read this story. I hated her ending, and felt she betrayed the characters, the story, and us, the paying readers, so I decided to write the ending we all thought we’d get after 13 years. Eric and Sookie all the way! Eric and Sookie find their way back to one another in this story. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


We all know how sadly the series ended, but what if that wasn’t truly the end? What if we could see what might have happened once Eric is finally freed after those two hundred long years? Texanlady has given us that chance! Eric is returning to Louisiana and his first stop will be to Sookie who has magically survived all this time. That is exactly what he would and should do, but it isn’t going to be smooth sailing to the HEA. He has some obstacles to overcome first, including a demon or two, if not more. Sookie, herself, has changed over the years and has finally become the strong member of the supernatural community that we always wanted. Together with those pesky demons, they will still need to conquer their very own demons. Texanlady gives us all the best parts as we watch them work through issues in a much more mature way. So snuggle up and read the final chapter in the series done the Right Way!



Sometimes you wish if only there were more, and then there is!


“Birds of a Feather” by Chicpea


Sookie works in antiquities, keeping an eye out for artifacts that humans really shouldn’t get their hands on. Sheriff Northman is one of the few aware of her other talent. He’s profited from leaving her alone, until he’s forced to seek her help. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


“Birds of a Feather” is unusual in the SVM universe in more ways than one. Demons do play a major part in it, beyond being legal eagles as good old Mr. Cataliades who remains Sookie’s godfather, yet a present and reliable one who took care to educate her from her teen years about magic and her own powers. Demons are a power to be reckoned with in supernatural politics, rivals, when not direct enemies of vampires. Demons also happen to be the employers and protectors of a studious, talented Sookie as she works as an archeologist researching rare, often magical, artifacts. Sookie’s skills in this story go beyond genetic accidents and, thanks to her employment at the Demon enterprise, she is better-informed than in canon about notable vampires.


As it happens, while Eric and Sookie meet already in the first chapter, this is one very slow burner with plenty of adventures getting in the way of any potential romantic intentions… Sookie is more guarded and Eric is more gruff… In fact, one of the first things Eric says to her is, “”Your neck would be broken before you could fasten your fingers around that object [an arrow head Sookie is handling] to defend yourself, if that were my intention,” Charming, eh? Eric is an all-millennial-hardened vampire in this story, but Sookie is no wallflower, nor (God forbid) Southern Belle, so she is well-equipped to handle him… Eventually there’s time for romance, too, though not without twists and turns, but, ultimately, things reach a conclusion in a manner that is unusual, but utterly satisfying.


Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…


“Babysitter with Fangs” by DDreads


Eric has been assigned a task that even he knows nothing about in his 1,000 years. He finds himself enlisting the help of his favorite telepathic barmaid. Set after Season 3 ends. AU, E/S, rated MA, -COMPLETE-


Now for something fun! This story was refreshing; I must say. If you avoid angst, but maybe love some bittersweet feelings here and there, this story is for you. Lemons? Yes, you’ll find some here. Eric and a baby? Yes, another sought after fanfic trope, it’s all here. This writer only had a brief fanfic stint, but I would have liked to see her writing evolve. She still left us with an easy to read, a sweet and sexy story about Eric and Sookie looking after a wee Demon baby, yet somehow sneaking in lots of loving in between to be concluded in a satisfying HEA. Need we say more?


The angst oh the angst... it's a miracle we still have fingernails left.

The angst oh the angst… it’s a miracle we still have fingernails left.


“The Gift Horse Series” by California Kat


On Christmas Eve, more than seven years after the events of Dead Ever After, Sookie gets a surprise visitor: Eric Northman. He’s brought her a present. Will she accept it? And—if she doesn’t—will she and her family make it to the New Year with their freedom intact?


The series currently stands at 5 stories: Gift Horse, Scrooged, Black Christmas, Boxing Day, and Ice Queens.


AU, E/S, rated T, -COMPLETE-


This engaging series of stories is a wonderful antidote to the unsatisfying mess that was Dead Ever After. Taking place seven years after DEA, we find an emotionally matured Sookie who has opened her eyes to the truth about the circumstances that culminated in Eric going to Oklahoma. In “Gift Horse,” Eric surprises Sookie on Christmas Eve with some startling information and the ‘gift’ of four options that will allow her to survive Felipe and Freyda’s disastrous plans for her. Surrounded by the warm glow of the fire, our couple finally speak honestly to one another.


That conversation initiates the series of events in the following four stories. “Scrooged” is an oh-so-satisfying story where justice finally catches up with Bill Compton in ways that are not to be missed! Still, in keeping with our Demon theme, it is “Black Christmas” that is one of my favorite depictions of Sookie’s godfather, the half-demon, Desmond Cataliades in a starring role. As we learn some of the back-story of the enigmatic semi-demon, his motivations and actions make sense as he fulfills his goddaughter’s one request of him at great cost to himself.


The subsequent stories in the series follow this newly-melded family where no birth would ever happen without at least a brief appearance of Eric alleviating Sookie from the often-poignant care of Pam and Karin. Pam is hilarious as she tries to coach Sookie from her conflicting look-ups on the Internet, leaving us to ponder what the differences are between a ‘cleansing breath’ and an ‘organizing breath’?? All this is done, of course, in the name of the best chance possible to live a life surrounded by the love they have fought so hard for. If California Kat never writes another word in this series, I think you will find the “Gift Horse Series” to be thoroughly satisfying as it stands… Give it a try, go on.




Be sure to let us know if we missed out on any of your favorite demons in the comment section below!


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3 thoughts on “Story Recs: Demons

  1. sinder290 says:

    So glad to see Birds of a Feather get a shout out. I believe this is one of the best written E/S fics ever. Wonderful slow burn, great plot, strong Sookie, hard core Eric, awesome Pam and other characters you’ll love. You’ll want to read again, the writing quality is so high. The demon aspect enriches the overall story.

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