Meet Your Maker April-August 2016: Recently Completed Stories


We’re back from the summer break!


We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things here at the Directory and what better way than to start of with a nice batch of recently completed stories from the period of April – August.  Here’s hoping you discover something new or almost forgot about…


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Meet Your Maker January 2016: Recently Completed Stories


What a Start to the New Year!


We might be a little remorseful at turning our calendar from Mr. January to that nobody who is Mr. February on our Fangtasia calendar but we can still hold onto the month by taking a closer look at the stories completed in the month of January by the writers in the Directory!

Stories Now Complete



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Meet Your Maker 2015 edition: A Year in Review


What a Year it’s been!


The Directory might not be quite a year old yet but it’s been quite a ride so far. We still continue to welcome new members and are (hopefully) helping you discover some new writers and/or stories. On this last post of the year we couldn’t help but introduce you to two more and bring you up to speed on recently completed stories and an overview of all completed stories from the past year. Have yourselves a fangfuckingtastic 2016!


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Meet Your Maker August – September 2015: Recently Completed Stories


Let’s welcome some fresh blood!


We’re excited to be welcoming some new writers to the Directory. MissAliceUnsub is well on her way with her first story and EternallyEC is only just starting out. Be sure to check them out!




It would be greatly appreciated by any writers if you leave a comment on their profile page in  recognition of their work or just in acknowledgment of the joy of discovering a new writer. 

A long list of COMPLETED FICS


We’re covering two months, and they appear to have been extremely productive for a lot of writers. Stories marked with an asterisk (*) are under 10 chapters.


Stories completed from August 1st – September 30th:

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Meet Your Maker June 2015: Recently Completed Stories


New writers in the FA Directory!


We’re happy to welcome two new members  to the Directory! eys1214 is a much beloved writer with some great AH  and canon stories while lindie825 is just getting started. Be sure to check both these wonderful new additions out:




It would be greatly appreciated by all these writers if you leave a comment on their profile page in  recognition of their work or just in acknowledgment of the joy of discovering a new writer. 

SECRETLY we think it’s all down to us 😉


We weren’t expecting so many tales to come to an end within a month of our last post  but a lot of writers have been finishing up their stories and yes, the thought has occurred to us that it’s down to these Meet Your Makers posts… luckily we at the Directory are realistic enough to know there’s little that moves the muses in the appropriate directions so we’ll carry on congratulating the writers on finishing instead.


Stories completed from May 31st – June 30th:

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Meet Your Maker: Recently Completed Stories


Discover Seven new writers in the FA Directory


We have a lot to be excited about here at the Directory, not only are we just over a month old and happily thriving with your appreciation, we’ve welcomed seven(!) new members into the  Directory since the launch at the end of April. Please join us in welcoming to the FA Directory:


jules3677 ->


Secret Nerd Princess

The Viking Trubie

*vixenfae ->

WolvesHaveReturned ->


It would be greatly appreciated by all these writers if you leave a comment on their profile page in  recognition of their work or just in acknowledgment of the joy of discovering a new writer. Special thanks to Alison A. for helping us find another retired writer (*).

When a story has an ending!


There’s more to be excited about, as far as we’re concerned… Writers know this feeling well; suddenly there it is, that final dot that denotes the end. Relief floods the system but then the remorse sets in, and a pang of pain hits with the knowledge that you are saying goodbye to some well-loved characters that have been ‘living’ inside you for months, if not years, and because of that, we as writers sometimes forget to celebrate that moment.


It is a wonderful achievement for a writer to make it to the end of their tale. We at the Directory feel the completion of a multi-chapter story is something definitely worth recognizing and to alert the fandom about, especially to readers who may have shied away from starting a new work-in-progress after coming away heartbroken one too many times when a story they loved went on an indefinite hiatus… Unfinished stories are part of life when reading fan fiction but it can also be a little frustrating… So here’s to all these (happy) endings!


Stories completed from March 31st – May 31st:

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