Greetings, all.

I’m sorry, I don’t have a new chapter for you all just yet. I am, however, in need of your assistance. It was brought to my attention earlier tonight that the smut from my story Forever in a Night has been copied and posted on by someone else.

Some of you will probably be familiar with the author No MA Allowed. She recently tried to get a number of stories pulled from for adult content. Now it seems she is stealing other people’s work.

If you could all go and report the story link: plagiarised, I would be grateful. Please do not leave any nasty messages to the author. By all means tell her she stole the story, but please do not insult or belittle her, as I believe that is the kind of attention she is craving, and we do not need to…

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We Gotta Problem


Hello my best buds,

As some of you have already brought to my attention, we’ve got a slight problem over on FFN, specifically in the TB/SVM section.  Apparently, a sad little crusader has decided that it’s her/his job to clean up FFN of all the smuttiness therein.  On the face of it, I’d usually laugh my ass off.  FFN currently hosts tens of thousands of smutty stories, many of which are very dear to our hearts.

But, they’ve opened an account as of November 21st and have started naming names, with particular hatred aimed at me.  I don’t know if we’re dealing with a super-prude, or a Bible thumper, or just someone who has no talent of their own and tears down those that do, but no excuse is viable.

My worry is that if this person succeeds we’ll lose many of the wonderful stories that brought us here in…

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Tease the Muse: Prompts Needed

Submit your prompts and get your writing hats on so we can get those muses working!

Greetings, all.

I have been thinking about a new challenge for the site, something fun for everyone. I was tempted to do a Christmas Challenge, but Kittyinaz is hosting one of those. You should all check that out. So, instead, I have decided it’s time to tease the muse, and host a challenge that everyone can be a part of, readers, writers and maybe even some artists.

What I want is for you to all submit prompts between now and October 30th. The prompts can be as detailed or as simple as you like.

For example: 

What if Debbie Pelt would have shot Sookie at the end of book/season four?

Sookie refuses to give Eric up without a fight.

Instead of being raised by their Gran, it was Earl, who raised Sookie and Jason. True Blood.

Maybe some of our talented artists would like to create banners as inspiration for…

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