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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. tleel says:

    I am hoping you lovely writers can help me out, I want to re-read a story I read a few years ago that I really liked but can’t seem to find again. It is about Eric & Sookie. in it, it has Eric with 3 or 4 brothers all there makers where Appius, one brother was only 10 years younger than Eric and from Eric’s village; they live in the house (from Ericizmine multiuniverse stories) in Western Hills; I think they had a hunter. If you can help me locate this story I would be so greatfull, there was another one if not the same story where there was a female vampire who could day walk married to a King; and I believe relative to sookie. any help would be appreciated. Sincerely Tleel

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    • hisviks says:

      Hi tleel, we’ll most likely be launching a separate page for these queries soon but I’ll pitch it to the blog contributors to see if they know it.


      • hisviks says:

        Hi tleel,

        For the First we are thinking it might be a series by meg2. She wrote three series. In the first she is an FBI agent, who quits to run a business with Amelia. Eric is King of LA and he has all his brothers there. He marries her, but she gets killed and accidentally turned by Pam. The stories in that series are:

        Dead Wrong
        Dead Certain
        Scenes from a Marriage 1
        Scenes From a Marriage 2
        The Darkest Hour
        The Gravity of Love

        For the second one, do you perhaps mean Mairemor’s Northman Saga? He and Sookie have two daughters who are part vampire. One daughter Kirsten marries a vampire king after dating Alcide’s son. The other daughter was more fae.

        Can you let us know if these were the ones you were looking for?


      • tleel says:

        thank you for looking into this for me. I am a slow reader but I will look into these stories and read them and let you know if they are the ones I’m looking for. Once again thank you so much for your help.

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      • tleel says:

        Thank you I do believe Meg2 was the author and the dead wrong series was the stories, I just finished readings them again. thank you so much for helping me find the stories.

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