Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive if you can’t find the answer you are looking for use the contact form on our Contact Us page instead.

Q: How do I track down all human stories on this site? Also, how do I filter for completed stories?

A: We are a Directory of writers so we list the writers individually and don’t have a specific filters for stories but you can use the search field on the homepage or in the sidebar to search for AH (or All Human though it is often shortened to AH in most writers’ descriptions). You can do a similar search for the word ‘complete’ and ‘completed’.

Q: I’m looking for a story that I no longer know the title and/or writer of, can you help me find it?

A: Yes, we have a specific page for this, Story Locator, find it here.

Q: I run or am a contributor to a website related or about fanfiction and/or the TB/SVM Fandom and I would like to see it listed in your link archive.

A: For listing and affiliation requests please use our Contact form on the Contact Us page.

Q: I’m missing a certain writer in the Directory. Why aren’t they listed?

A: We only list active writers on WordPress who have given us permission to do so and abide by our guidelines. We have approached any writer that we had contact information for, some never responded others declined for various reasons. The best way to get a writer into the Directory is to encourage them to join.

Q: I found an error on the site, where can I report this?

A: Please use our Contact form on the Contact Us page and we will be very grateful that you are willing to bring this to our attention.

Q: I was wondering if you could have a place where if someone posts a story or chapter you could see it. I would help with who has ongoing posts kind of like fanfiction has.

A: Both our Twitter feed and Facebook page offer this service, both are visible in the sidebar and viewable without a social media account to either party. For a solitary page where you can scroll through the feed click here.

Q: My question isn’t listed above, where can I pose my question?

A: Please use our Contact form on the Contact Us page.

Q: You guys are awesome but I can’t leave a comment on your homepage and I’d like to express my appreciation somewhere…

A: Thanks! Our theme doesn’t support comments on the home page unfortunately but leave a message for the site creators/blog contributors here.