Angela Vaughn a.k.a. EricIzMine was a trailblazer in our world of FanFiction.  She charted a course and never strayed; she was true to her voice, stuck to her guns and was never afraid to express her opinions.  Her body of work is sadly incomplete but hints of where it would end up are scattered throughout her MultiVerse series.  The massive undertaking of creating such varied stories and intertwining them into such a cohesive overarching narrative became not only Angela’s focus, but the focus of all of those who assisted in her research and editing.


Angela was one of the first FanFiction writers that opened herself up to her fans in a public forum, she allowed us to befriend her on FaceBook, to get to know her not simply as a favoured author but as a fellow human being.  She was kind, funny, honest and loyal, but most of all she was beloved by all of her followers.  Angela’s larger than life personality brought together a large group of diverse people who formed her fan club The Brat Pack, through her we found each other. She devoted much of her spare time in participating in that group always willing to answer questions, to toss out teasers and reward our patience with not only early chapters but exclusive outtakes.
A standard was set with Angela, in her writing and generous personality, that we doubt will ever see eclipsed. She stands at the origins of what is great about this fandom and in her memory we carry it on.

6 thoughts on “EricIzMine

  1. bambi2900 says:

    It was a huge shock to read just now of the untimely passing of Angela. Hers were some of the first SVM stories I read and I loved them so much that some have had repeat viewings from me. I have been away from the fandom for a while due to studies and other RL stuff so wasn’t able to keep up with Angela’s prolific writing for some time, but now I know there won’t be any more it is like part of my understanding of the world has gone awry. She had such wonderful, intricate ideas and her characters were so well realised, few can match her skill in writing. She will be sorely missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to her nearest and dearest. Rest in peace, Angela.

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  2. mandersdawn says:

    I just recently read Angela’s work–I found her through a memorial post CaliforniaKat did around the anniversary. I didn’t expect what I found–it took me months to finish her collection, and they were honestly some of the best months of my life. I’ve never laughed, cried, and felt the way that I did while reading the Multiverse or her other stories. And I still remember when I finished the last line of what she’d written–there was this great sense of loss, both in knowing that the stories will forever remain incomplete but mostly in that I will never have the chance to tell her how amazing her stories are and how talented she was, that for some of the most trying months of my life, she, through her stories, was an integral part of keeping me sane and off a ledge. That will haunt me for the rest of my life, but I hope that somehow she knows. Rest in peace, Angela, and thank you.


  3. crazyonheels says:

    She was and still is my favourite SVM fanfic author, to the point that I read her Multiverse series more than 5 times in a year. Her stories have become my headcanon, and now every fic I read from this Fandom is being compared to the majestuosity of her works. I don’t think that I will ever read something as fantastic as her stories were. I love them that much. They’re my Bible now.
    We miss you very much Angela, but your stories will never be forgotten.

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