Story Recs: You Don’t Choose Your Family



Orphaned and ‘unseen’ by her Faery relatives, Sookie isn’t one with a large family, and thankfully, there are the loveable Gran and idiotic Jason to fill some of that void. Though, in some cases, Sookie’s biological family isn’t all they promise to be, and the one she carves for herself through long and loyal friends or in the midst of a variety of Supernaturals, one of whom is, of course, always Eric, may mean just as much, if not more, than the one she was born into. So, during those moments when you’ve had quite enough of your own family, how about living vicariously through Sookie? We can’t help but mention EricIzMine’s “Mutli-verse”, who, without a doubt, lifted the ensemble casts of SVM into a warm bath of family with some of the most impressively written children in the fandom! If all you have time for is a quick dip in and out, may we suggest hisviks’ often hilarious “Thanksgiving Fixin’s” to put you just in the right mood in between all those family feuds and, just remember, they’ll all be gone by morning, but these stories won’t! Have a Happy Thanksgiving from us all here at the Directory!

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Story Recs: Supercharged Sookie – Part I

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern 'gent's' ass...

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern ‘gent’s’ ass…

-Supercharged Sookie Part I-

We at the Directory love a smart or strong Sookie, preferably both, and feel it should be the standard rather than the exception to the rule. The only thing that can top a smart and strong Sookie? The Supercharged Sookie, a woman after our own hearts who is fully aware of her own power and has no issue kicking some ass, vampire or otherwise. While we enjoy the journeys of Sookie growing into those powers, there is nothing quite like a Sookie who has them from the get go. The only issue we encountered? We were spoiled for choice, so in the end we decided there will be two story rec posts for our beloved heroine, and we only though it was fair if we sandwiched an Epic Eric in between, so be sure to look forward to those in the weeks ahead!

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…

Sookie Takes Charge by Meridian

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Story Recs: On Duty


On Duty: because who in their right mind would say no to Eric in a uniform?


While we like our favorite Viking large and in charge, he becomes that much more magnetic when poured into a well-fitted uniform with shiny buttons, and not a crease in sight. When speaking of Eric in a tightly, tailored uniform we, of course, can’t not mention kjwrit’s Men In Uniform Series that stars Eric in all manner of uniformed garb, but don’t worry, dear readers, our recommendations are not an exclusive All Human fest, Vampire Eric cleans up just as well, and not to be left behind, our ever-intrepid telepath, Sookie, can don a white uniform and a matching cap with the same enthralling ease while holding out the sponge for Eric’s favorite bath… At your service! Continue reading

Story Recs: Endings and Beginnings


Welcome to the first official post of the Fangbangers Anonymous Blog!  Where the Directory at its core is here to display the abundance that continues to be produced by many talented writers, our blog is here to remind all of us of the wealth already present while seeking out the gems of new.

You’ll find these story recommendations every other week organized to a specific theme. For our first installment we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than “Endings and Beginnings.”

We hope to complement the Directory with a collected approach that will offer new and long-standing readers alike something different beyond a notification of what is updated each week (Our Twitter and Facebook pages do offer this service).

The emergence of the Directory itself came from a discussion about the fandom in its heyday and its current state. You’ll find commentary about it everywhere with a certain hint of nostalgia; we’ve lost some greats to retirement or to circumstances.

We have featured one of those here today. While we were discussing memorable endings and beginnings with our contributors, it didn’t take long for EricIzMine’s name to surface along with the story that turned an ending upside down. In that vein, we sought more stories to recommend that harbored that spirit of an ending or a beginning that threw us all for a loop and left us wanting more…

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