Story Recs: At Sea



We’re reaching for further horizons with the prospect of embarking with a certain Northman, be it as a pirate, sailor, or fellow passenger. Whether or not in the realm of the supernatural or the high seas, is, as ever, always an intriguing background to these tales that go beyond the classic bodice ripper imaginations of Gran’s favorite books. For those looking to expand their horizons even further beyond the E/S realm, we’d also highly recommend “A Pirate’s Life for Me” by Addie Logan, an altogether original reinterpretation of the genre, starring Buffy and Spike.


Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…


A Guy with Skills by Suki59


Sookie and Eric are plane-wrecked on a romantic tropical island.

This is in response to the weekly one-shot challenge. Here’s what we were given…Aren’t you one of those guys? Those guys with skills? You send them into the wilderness with a pocketknife and a Q-tip and they build you a shopping mall. You can’t do that? E/S, rated M, ONE-SHOT Continue reading