Story Recs: From Dallas with Love



It may just have been a blood-infused dream that falsely led us to hope of a Sookie without Bill, but it’s undisputable that Dallas was a turning point, both in books and, most especially, the show. We came to see Eric in a different light, gone was the stoic and leering, tough Viking Sheriff as suddenly a vulnerable side was exposed, whether or not he liked it, for many this was the moment where it allowed us to see the possibilities of what could be. Dallas was also where we were introduced to the intriguing character of Godric that, even in his short cameo, became an instant favorite. It is no wonder that this specific spot is where many fanfics started, that rooftop in Dallas is almost a classic starting point now. Today we’re featuring some of our favorites set in and around that magical place known as Dallas. There’s far more to it than Six Flags…


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Story Recs: Back to School


We’re getting back to business!


While most of us are more likely to be returning a child to school than ourselves, that doesn’t deter us from indulging in a little taste of a Professor Northman or the thought of a fair, but just, (two)-thousand-year-old Maker helping us on our way into the next stage of (un)life. Learning and progressing is a part of any story and character development, but it can also be the story on its own, so today we focus on stories that carry that spirit, be it reliant on a mentor, teacher/student, or Maker/Childe relationship. After all, there’s no one we’d rather greet again as we say goodbye to the heat of summer with the sensation of a bit of cool skin and find ourselves right back where we wanted.  


Hey, they may be human but they're still our Eric and Sookie!

Hey, they may be human but they’re still our Eric and Sookie!


The Expert by Seastarr08*


Sookie is an editor looking for an author to write a big book, a book on human sexuality. Eric just happens to be a professor of psychology, specializing in, well, human sexuality. Only Professor Northman doesn’t want to write a book. Will they be able to reach a compromise? AH,E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


The Expert’s Professor Northman is one of our favorite AH characters in the SVM fanfic fandom. His vampire-like qualities; strength, wisdom, arrogance, and aloofness, along with his very human compassion and vulnerability are retained without making Eric seem sappy. Sookie is a smart, ambitious acquisitions editor who tries to build a working relationship with the reclusive professor while discovering what a Professor of Human Sexuality actually does. Seastarr08 gives us believable and complex characters that care deeply about one another while dealing with difficult situations. Sookie leaves a loving marriage with Bill for surprising and understandable reasons. She and Eric must both navigate carefully around this fallout while their work together grows to be so much more than either expected. Continue reading