Story Recs: At Sea



We’re reaching for further horizons with the prospect of embarking with a certain Northman, be it as a pirate, sailor, or fellow passenger. Whether or not in the realm of the supernatural or the high seas, is, as ever, always an intriguing background to these tales that go beyond the classic bodice ripper imaginations of Gran’s favorite books. For those looking to expand their horizons even further beyond the E/S realm, we’d also highly recommend “A Pirate’s Life for Me” by Addie Logan, an altogether original reinterpretation of the genre, starring Buffy and Spike.


Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…


A Guy with Skills by Suki59


Sookie and Eric are plane-wrecked on a romantic tropical island.

This is in response to the weekly one-shot challenge. Here’s what we were given…Aren’t you one of those guys? Those guys with skills? You send them into the wilderness with a pocketknife and a Q-tip and they build you a shopping mall. You can’t do that? E/S, rated M, ONE-SHOT Continue reading

Story Recs: Supercharged Sookie – Part II

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern 'gent's' ass...

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern ‘gent’s’ ass…

-Supercharged Sookie Part II-


As we mentioned in Supercharged Sookie Part I, we had such a tough time narrowing down the choices, so we decided to keep them all and squish our beloved Epic Eric in between. Now, without further ado, please continue to enjoy the spoils of Supercharged Sookie in our Part II.


We at the Directory love a smart or strong Sookie, preferably both, and feel it should be the standard rather than the exception to the rule. The only thing that can top a smart and strong Sookie? The Supercharged Sookie, a woman after our own hearts who is fully aware of her own power and has no issue kicking some ass, vampire or otherwise. While we enjoy the journeys of Sookie growing into those powers, there is nothing quite like a Sookie who has them from the get go. The only issue we encountered? We were spoiled for choice, so in the end we decided there will be two story rec posts for our beloved heroine, and we only though it was fair if we sandwiched an Epic Eric in between.



For those who like to latch on to all those words and can only respond with, “More!”




SVM, Without Gran’s influence I believe Sookie would have turned to a life of crime…with telepathy, wouldn’t you? Mawhaha…With tragedy & trouble following Sookie like rabid dogs will she find a family, love and a home in the most unlikely place? AU, rated M, -COMPLETE-


A story about true friendship beyond family ties; Sookie and Hadley grow up fast, without family forcing them to exploit the full range of the curses that are their Fae gifts by becoming professional con artists. Their tricks lead them Continue reading

Story Recs: Epic Eric

Because sometimes Eric can be that much MORE!

Because sometimes Eric can be just that little bit MORE!


-Epic Eric-


The man is already epic, you say? Yes, this is undoubtedly true, and when we decided to counterbalance our beloved Supercharged Sookies with some much needed Epic Ericness, we actually struggled to match the stories by the numbers because what exactly constitutes an Epic Eric? By our definition, it is an Eric with just that little bit extra that puts him well above the rest, making him that much more from the get go, and who are we to say no to more Eric?




Stories high in fantasy elements, often a rich Alternate Universe


Beholden by ElfChef

It’s hard being a telepathic barmaid but Sookie Stackhouse can’t complain. She has a nice life in her small town. It all goes up in smoke when a fairy blackmails her into marrying a vampire. A vampire that could care less who she is or what she feels. Watch their unlikely story unfold. This isn’t an easy love story but then again love and life seldom are. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-

At the start of this tale, we are introduced to an Eric with a necessity to keep a tight control on himself and everything around him, one containing an anger that threatens to unleash at the slightest trigger. An anger that hints there is much more (and there certainly is) to this not-so-average vampire. In this constant state
Continue reading