Writing since-  May 2013 (I came late to the game and quite honestly didn’t even know about fan fiction until 2012)


I secretly live in these fandoms- Primarily SVM/TB typically canon stories, though often AU. At this point I DO NOT write all-human (AH) stories, as I also tend to prefer to read stories with supernatural elements. I secretly read a lot of Spike/Buffy fanfic as well.

Preferred pairings-Eric/Sookie. Duh. 

I’ll fight to death (in my stories) for – ERIC 

You’ll get my updates – Oh, well…um, I started back at a full-time job in 9/14. A job that primarily involves writing (non-fiction), all day, every day (often at night), so my multi-chapter WIP fanfic writing has taken a hit these past few months. I do not plan to start more multi-chapter stories until I finish the ones in progress (which I do plan to complete once I get a semblance of routine and sanity back in my life), but will occasionally post a new one-shot when I get the urge.

The word most used to describe my writing by others –My good friend Naima recently referred to the majority of my writing as “dark.” I would have to agree with her. >: D

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – No

Places to find me (A blog created by the fabulous, creative, and ever-encouraging nanou13 that incorporates gorgeous banners by the talented and generous Gyllene-thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart!)

 My Stories

Second Chance  ONE SHOT Eric visits Sookie on her death bed. One-shot, with elements from SVM. Rated T.

Duplicity ONE SHOT It’s Christmas Eve, and “Santa” pays an unsuspecting Sookie a visit.  Rated: NC-17

Blood Bound Eric thwarts Bill’s early efforts to “procure” Sookie. AU, Mature themes.Rated: M

 The Louisiana Vampire Murders Sookie Stackhouse is a forensic psychologist hired to evaluate business mogul Eric Northman, who is accused of being a serial killer. AU, OOC, 3rd Place Winner in the 2014 You Want Blood: Edge of Your Seat Award – Best Cliffhanger category. Rated: NC-17

Never Walk Alone After Gran dies, Sookie has an unexpected visitor: her new next door neighbor, Eric Northman. AU, Pre-Great Revelation. Rated M for mature content.

 In Praise of Bacchus  ONE SHOT Eric and Sookie are estranged after he regains his memories following Hallow’s defeat. What’s a poor vampire to do but drown his sorrows? Dead to the World AU, One-shot. Rated T.

 The Prisoner Sookie has been raised in Faery during the Great War between fae and vampires. How will she react when she overhears that a vampire prisoner is being held captive in Prince Niall’s castle? AU, OOC. Rated M for mature content.

Happy (Un)Dead Holidays ONE SHOT Pam and Jason devise a plot to bring estranged lovers, Eric and Sookie, together on Christmas Eve. Set in an AU somewhere between Deadlocked and DEA. Rated M for mature content. Written for Sookie’s Secret Santa fic swap. Rated: M

 Sookie’s Choice ONE SHOT Sookie makes a life altering decision after a family tragedy. One-shot, AU.  Rated: T

Fortes Fortuna Juvat ONE SHOT A different spin on Eric’s vampire origins. One shot. AU, M for mature content.

The List  aka “Dead Happily Ever After”. Sookie receives an invitation to Eric and Freyda’s wedding. Eric has ulterior motives. Canonish, AU. Rated M for mature themes. ON HIATUS.

 Gonna Get Close to You ONE SHOT Sookie is being stalked, but by whom? AU. One-shot? Written for IWTS 2013.  Rated: M

 Love to Love You Baby  ONE SHOT No angst, no drama, just a thinly veiled excuse to write lemony 1970’s disco era Eric/Sookie fluff. AU. One-shot written for IWTS 2013. Rated: M

 Regarde-moi Toujours Comme caONE SHOT An alternate version of Eric’s first meeting with Sookie in Fantasia, Written for my friend, nanout13. AU, OOC. NC-17. 3rd Place winner, 2014 You Want Blood: Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award-Best One Shot.



4 thoughts on “ALH-1971

  1. estrella75 says:

    I’m waiting on bated breath for the next installment of The Louisiana Vampire Murders! I love the complex layers she has been laying on this one, its terrifying and enticing.

    If i’m not mistaken, wasn’t “Regarde Moi Toujours Comme Ca” written for another member of the fandom? Well it was absolutely excellent. So sexy and engaging. I love to see awesome one shots that just stand on their own.


  2. lcrafts says:

    I love the tone of the fictions she writes, like film noir…definitely AU and not fluffy. The characters have complex motivations and that is part of the fun. She has been busy with real life for a while, and I can’t wait for her to come back!


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