Carroll E. Stewart

Writing since– 1959

Reading since- 1958. I still love the Little Golden Books

I write for SVM/TB and canon/non-canon and Sherlock. I am presently writing original fiction.

I have not written SVM/TB or Sherlock in a while. Still working on my original fiction novels.
Preferred pairings- I write HEA’s for Eric and Sookie. Same for Sherlock and Molly Hooper. If you want angst for the main characters, you will not find it here. I have a life. I have all the angst in real time I can stand.

You’ll get my updates – I try to maintain some sort of frequency. I usually post that information with the story.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – This is embarrassing. Ah-h-h-h—hm-m-m, well they don’t use brilliant, or cutting edge or interesting….

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – no

Places to find me –  Please Note: On FanFiction stories are rated PG13. (Posted here are MA 18 stories.)

Original Fiction: I also post original fiction on my Word Press site.

 My Stories

He Would Never TB Season 7—Episode 1 

In my world, this is the ending for TB’s S7: “Jesus Gonna Be Here”. Eric is healed, La La makes a fortune, and Miss Sookie finally gets her head on straight.

The Rhone Valley TB: Season 7— Episode 2

In my world, this is the ending for TB, Season 7, Episode 2. The Rhone Valley has belonged to Godric and Eric since time began. Eric wants what he wants. He is going to make sure that he gets it.

Child of Eric Northman True Blood: Season 7—Episode 3 

My name is Sarah Newlin and I have learned that you cannot out run you destiny or your Maker. I do not wish to embrace my destiny and Eric Northman is my Maker. I am the cure for HepV.

The Blood of Angels True Blood: Season 7—Episode 4 

Eric Northman is dying from HepV. There is no known cure…there is only the blood of angels.

Dallas, Texas. The place where Godric met the True Death. The powers that be wish for Eric to greet his true death here as well.

Dead ‘Gotta Eat True Blood: Season 7—Episode 6

Sarah Newlin is the new go-to girl for the cure for the old HepV. Eric Northman is in need of a cure and some payback…maybe a lot of payback…

The Path of Barefoot Angels True Blood: Season 7— Episode 7 

Mr. Gus likes his money. Eric loves his maker, Godric. Sookie can make bad decisions, but is capable of learning from her mistakes. And Bill Compton, he just wants it all.

Understand This True Blood: Season 7—Episode 8 

Bill refuses the cure and wants to die. Niall refuses to cure Bill. Eric refuses to give up on Sookie. Mr. Gus refuses to walk away from a billion dollar deal. Sarah refuses to believe that her fate is now bound to the billion dollar deal.

Promises have been made and broken! Dirty deals and dirty deeds rule the night! Mr. Gus believes that with this Sookie Stackhouse he can control Eric. What Mr. Gus does not understand is that only Sookie Stackhouse can control Eric Northman.

Give Me Strength True Blood: Season 7—Episode 10

Bill has declared that it is his time to die-and that he wants Sookie to do the deed!

The Chronicles of the Pranksters

Victory Runs Deep הניצחון עמוק

Eric has been with his maker for fifty years. In the court of The Old Empire he meets Samuel,the small Jewish vampire that he will come to call Brother. Desired by the Catherine,the Queen,Eric disappears. Prankster Chronicles. 1st story in the series.

The Year is 1600

The Year is 1600. Excerpt from the Chronicles of the Wandering Vampire Pranksters: The Viking and the Jew. Eric and Saumel face angry villagers and meet the Bard. Samuel pens as a poet and Eric wants to be a pirate. Arrgh! 2nd story in the series.

I Said No

The year is 1699. A new year is coming, along with a bundle of joy for Eric. He is lonely and misses being a father. He is not the only one seeking a father/child relationship. After meeting Pam…” Be blessed with the child of your heart if not of your loins,” Samuel says to him. Oops! Prankster Chronicles, 3rd story in the series.

Are We There Yet?

Eric and Pam attend the opening of the newest Da’vid wing at The Met. Looking at photos,Samuel discovers the hidden entrance to King Tut’s tomb. They have to get there before Carter and Catherine, Queen of the Old Empire, does. The race is on and gold and mummies and a petulant Pam are the spoils! Prankster Chronicles. 4th in the series.

I Have Fought Many Wars

The Great Vampire Revelation to humans is coming and Eric will be prepared. With his child and Longshadow as partners, he opens a new club, The Residence;it is Gothic and full of magic. Here he meets Sookie at the grand opening and for one night, she is his. Small bits of Sookie in this story Prankster Chronicles. 5th in the series.

…Thus ends The Chronicles of the Pranksters…but the time line continues…

I Am Not An Architect

I Am Not An Architect introduces you to Ella. In the 1990’s Eric is lonely. As the years pass, he misses his Nesse more and more. Then, he meets Ella and the chase is on…only, there are so many things that are just not “right” about her…not that there is anything “wrong” with her. For she is, indeed, very toothsome. Eric begins to realize that all though he desires her, he wants something more. As they move forward, it is as brother and sister with the give and take of that relationship. Because of Ella, all though Eric can not see it, he begins to change…because Sookie is coming. And then, once Sookie is in his arms, he really does change. (Answers many questions for books 1-10 and then steps out on its own and defines the vampire mythos. Sookie does not become a prominent figure in this story until the end of book 10 when for me, Miss Harris’ Canon stops. Sookie becomes a central character in Chapter 53 in my story.)

Until the Aliens Arrive

The Northmans wish only to live in peace and prosperity.Their family time is sacred and they ask that time be respected. An evil from Eric’s and Sookie’s past re-appears to taste the delights of a blue eyed blonde. Ought ohhhhh! 7th in the series.

At the Stroke of Midnight

Christmas magic is coming to Northman House! Here is to Miss Sookie’s magical shoes that enabled Eric to be her first; magic that needs a home; a club by any other name, and Miss Pam. It is time for her to find her happily ever after. 8th in the series.

Bad Moon Rising

The Northman Clan uncovers dark caustic magic that has been percolating for over the past thirty years.The were witches that Eric and Sookie fought, had dipped into this cauldron over 30 years, ago. Now there is another. 9th in the series.

Once Upon A Time

With Sofia and Cedric wed, Eric and Sookie decide it is time to move the De Carraig castle to the lake. But with Summer Solstice in Eire approaching, magic and marriages abound and The Littles rule! With their help, Alcide claims his destiny and becomes The Herveaux. 10th in the series.

Northman Family Tree

Listing of the children of Eric and Sookie Northman, along with their extended family. No plot or story line, here. This is just their family tree in my stories.

The Memoirs of King Eric, Tall Tellings and Truths

My name is King Eric and I am The Viking’s boon companion. I am because of the chromosomes that went to xy and not xx. Today is the 4th of July and I, King Eric, am celebrating my independence! Hence, my autobiography is as follows: The Memoirs of King Eric; Tall Tellings and Truths: “Taking The Viking in Hand.”

Preemptive Strike: TB, Season Five, The Finale

Welcome any and all vampires that do not believe in mainstreaming. Hey Russell, long time no see! Welcome to Bon Temps. Get yourself invited in and say your how dos. Don’t be bashful! Have you met the cute little blonde waitress that works at Merlotte’s? No? Why she is just dying to meet you. I heard her say so. I just bet she will be the final death of you yet.

Preemptive Strike: The Hell Mouth Opens, Oktober 31

On All Hallow’s Eve the dead once more roam the Earth. Rene betrays Sookie’s Fae heritage to Satan and the Mistress of Hell sends Compton to bring Sookie back to Hell for evil to feast, upon. But when you are the Queen of the Fae and your daddy-in-law is Godric, the family’s guardian angel, that is a little tuff to do.

Breathe in The Light: OI, the Journey Home.

Mad Mab reigns supreme in the Land of the Blue Realm. Old warriors met their deaths in varied ways. OI, the KIng of the Dragons understands that love is worth fighting, for.

An Eclipse of the Heart

On this roof top In Dallas, Eric was not suppose to be here… That was the hardest part. Leaving his Eric. But Sookie would see to his child. It was clear to him that she was Eric’s destiny. Just as Eric was hers. Sookie would be Eric’s reward in this life. And when his child met the true death, as his maker, he would see to it that Eric had his reward then, as well.

The Man I Want to Be

This is a non Canon story. On this time line Gran is already dead and vampires have not yet come out. Eric meets Sookie for the first time at a carnival. When they introduce themselves, Eric recognizes her name form Sophie-Anne’s court. It is time to get proactive. Gather up the family and call in some favors. New Orleans will never know what hit them…!

The Tower

Eric, Sookie, Pamela and Samuel Da’vid are all practicing their fairy tales. They wanted to be prepared when Baby Signy arrives.

My Wicked Ways

Pamela tells the story of Snow White from the wicked witch’s point of view. Along the way, Samuel explains how the dwarves found Snow White and Eric wakes the poisoned princess with a kiss.


Eric, Sookie and Pamela bring new life to the old fairly tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

She’s a Brick House

Sookie, Eric, Pamela, Samuel, Tara and his La La fineness takes on the fairly tale of The Three Little Pigs. With a Were Wolf, a Wicked Witch and Rumpelstilskin thrown in for good measure. To quote Eric, “This story is not to canon.” To quote the author, “No kidding.”



20 thoughts on “Carroll E. Stewart

  1. carrollestewart says:

    Dear HisViks and everyone else that is a part of this team,
    Thank you for all your work, dedication and artistry. Your understanding of the material and your compassion for those of us who are not talented electronically, thank you. Time is precious…and that you give of yours so freely speaks to the heart and soul of who you are. This page is possible because of you.
    May God hold you and keep you and shine His mercy on you…and when you think you have no time left, may He grant you an abundance of that commodity.
    Gratefully yours,
    Carroll E. Stewart,

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lcrafts says:

    Oh Carroll, this page is a blessing. I have been working my way through your stories on Fictionpad…my husband laughs at me because I have the all written down in the order to read them on a little scrap of paper. This makes it so easy. I love, love, love Samuel and his relationship with Eric. In fact I love all the vampire relationships. I just finished The Man I want to Be. Thanks for all your imaginative scenes in the garbage truck…lol. And thanks for your particular version of Pam…she delights me, I wish I could find her.

    Well back to I Have Fought Many Wars.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carrollestewart says:

      Dear Miss LCCrafts,
      I thank you so much for your very kind words and am humbled that you would stop by and read my stories.
      Awww…Brother Samuel…I love that guy…
      The garbage truck scenes were fun to write…lolololol….Judas, always playing the angles…
      MIssy Pam…a pain in the ass but fun, fun, fun….
      Now, I have a request of you…I know you time is precious but….
      I did not set up this page on FBA….lordy woman…I am not a wire head…nope, nada, nyet….and when I was approached about being include, I said yes, thank you for thinking of me….and then the nice ladies sent me the instructions on how to set it up…after reading through it a couple of times and attempting to make it happen, I cried in frustration and sent them back a note saying…thank you…but no thank…I have not the technical skill to make this happen…
      One of the very nice folks who run this site set it up for me…for which I am forever grateful and I stop by occasionally and say THANKS! I will do so today….
      If you have a minute to spare, would you mind just going to the home page and scything thanks for all their hard work? They do this all for free and they do it very well….
      I thank you once again for your time!
      As always, thanks for reading!


  3. carrollestewart says:

    Woo hoo. All I did was right at the made ladies made it look beautiful and easy to access they rock on all levels I appreciate everything they do. My old ass is never look so good Xoxo Carroll


  4. carrollestewart says:

    Pshaw! Miss Meridian,
    I did nothing on this page…it looks fab-u-lous because of all the hard work and selflessness that are the good folk that make this happen.
    My old, tired ass has never looked so good!


  5. Sera says:

    Dear Caroll… I have never read your stories before and the other day I discovered your page and I’ve been doing very little except reading your stories since Sunday afternoon and have been happily reading The chronicles of the Pranksters and the stories to follow. Your ideas are brilliant and very original. I just got to chapter 72 of ‘I’m not an Architect’… it looks like chapter 72 is missing and is a repeat of 70 and 71 combined… I checked and the next chapter is 73 so I’m concerned that I missed the party in New York… I’ve been waiting 71 chapters to see the babies kick butt. Can you fix it so I can read the whole story? I’m so looking forward to seeing the old world finished off and I don’t want to miss a single word you’ve written…

    Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas and beautiful talent with all of us.

    Sincerely, Sera


  6. carrollestewart says:

    Dear Sera,
    Eeeeek! and oops! FictionPad moved everything for me….thanks for the heads up…the babies kicking butt is one of my favorite parts! I will get that included and let you know….
    I thank you for your very kind words and for stopping by and reading…!!
    All the best!


  7. carrollestewart says:

    Dear Sera,
    I went and checked..yes. a duplicate chapter…took that out and left a note to please just move on…thanks for that heads up…the babies kicking butt is indeed FictionPad Chapter 73….the chapter notations that I have in the document and FictionPads Chapter numbers are not the same…
    All looks to be there…once more, thanks for being so good to me and letting me know…you rock!


  8. Sera says:

    Dear Carroll. Oh okay I wasn’t sure about chapter 73 and I didn’t want to read it if something came before it. You are very welcome. I really don’t have the words to describe just how much I’m enjoying your stories, which is a little embarrassing since I’m a writer so I should have words but I don’t. So just know that I haven’t enjoyed reading anything so much in a really long time (years and years).

    Sincerely, Sera

    Liked by 1 person

  9. steffet says:

    Miss Carroll,I love all of your stories, and would like to read them again. However when I go to fictionpad it says nothing found. Is there anywhere else I can read your wonderful stories?


    • carrollestewart says:

      Dear Steffet,
      Oh, thank you so much for your very kind words…Yes…FP…..pppbbbbllllttttt! They sold the site without giving the writers any warning! Posers! You can read some of my things on my word press site. I am not a whiz kid at wordpress so you will just have to check the menu on the side, pick a date and see what story you end up, with. Then scroll up, I think, for the next chapter.
      This is where I post my on going story. Right it is The Were’s Curse—Curse the Moon: Part Deux.
      Eventually, I would like to get every thing in one place. This is going to take some time…more of that woof thing..
      I do so appreciate you wanting to read them, again.
      As always, thanks for reading!
      Be blessed and be the blessing!
      Be safe in your out and about!


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