Writing since- April of 2015 (reading since ) 2010

Retired/ACTIVE/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms- Anything to do with TB and SVM. Bon Temps and Shreveport, particularly Fangtasia, feel like home to me.

Preferred pairings- Eric and Sookie, Pam and Niall (they’re hilarious, oddly adorable and co-starred in one of the very first E/S stories I fell head over heels in love with by hisviks), Pam/Jason, actually I would try Pam with anyone at least once…. Jason/Tara on TB. But Eric/Sookie are my #1.

I’ll fight to death for – (favourite character): Sookie. I identify with Book Sookie and Show Sookie so much as we share a lot of the same fears and issues. As much as I love her with Eric, her ending up with someone else wouldn’t have broken my heart the way it did if it’d been done in the right way, a way that respected the character and her journey. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that happened for either Sookie, so I like to try to make things better for her.

You’ll get my updates – I’m going to be trying something new with this fandom and completing the stories before I begin posting so that I can update regularly. Until then, I’ll mostly be posting one shots or short series hopefully on a semi-regular basis.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Sweet/haunting.

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – No, maybe in the future!

Places to find me  

WordPress: (Note: this is currently where the vast majority of my work in other fandoms is hosted, but all of my TB/SVM stories are and will also be available on WordPress):



My Stories

Come Wake Me Up – Set post-TB finale. Twenty years have passed since that magical night in the cubby when Sookie and Eric exchanged blood for the first time. What has become of Sookie Stackhouse since then? – Sookie-centric with a helping of Eric; angsty 

This was originally intended to be a one shot, written purely for my own form of self-therapy. It can be read alone or with the companion piece that is currently with a beta.





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