Writing since –  I’ve been reading/lurking since March 2012 and started writing since June the same year (as a way of coping after I watched that horrible cargo sex between Eric and Whora, er, Nora )
I secretly live in these fandoms – SVM/TB crossover
Preferred pairings that I’ll fight to death for – Eric/Sookie
You’ll get my updates– I am the worst when it comes to updates, I try to post as often as possible but lately real life issues are getting in the way. So sorry. Rest assured, I will finish those WIPs!
The word most used to describe my writing by others – Good (I hope) F*cking awesome (Man, how I wish) and Please update soon! (That one is true)
Languages I write in  English
EPUB/PDF available for download –  No (I’m a dummy when it comes to that)
Places to find me – 
I’m a member of Fanfiction Lovers and Bookies heart True Blood Facebook groups.

My Stories


“Who is that?” Nora hissed as she stared at Sookie. “That is the one girl you won’t be able to live up to,” Pam replied. “Believe me, many have tried and I’ve seen them all fail. So, Nora, don’t even try.” AH-AU


What if Alcide wasn’t the one who disturbed eric and nora’s “reunion” inside the shipping cargo in episode 1? what if it wasn’t alcide who called eric but a certain telepathic barmaid?


Eric Northman is a casino mogul – envied by all and feared by many. What happens when a certain blonde redneck tries to hustle his poker tables? AU/AH

His Last Vow

Twenty-nine years ago Eric Northman was forced to choose between his lover and his child. What would happen if the choice he made came back to haunt him?

Slaying Dragons 

“I love you,” Eric whispered. “You’ve set the bar impossibly high for everyone else. And I promise to be faithful to you. Only you. From this day forward till death do us part.” Little did he know that death was coming. AH/AU


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