Writing since – 2011 (and I really couldn’t believe that when I went back to see when my first story was published).

retired/active/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms– SVM/TB

Preferred pairings– Sookie and Eric

I’ll fight to death for – Most of the characters you would expect. The Sookie/Eric pairing of course but then there is Pam and Jason and Thalia to also consider here. I also fight for creative freedom. Writing and other arts can be used as a source of release and that can be sorely needed in today’s world. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone they should be able to do it their way.

You’ll get my updates – I do tend to update once a week on the weekends. There are occasions when I cannot update but for the most part I update weekly.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – A tough one. I don’t think there has necessarily been one word but my stories tend to be a bit on the angsty side focusing on the emotions and growth of the characters.

Languages I write in – English

Beta – MsBuffy has been a tremendous help editing my stories as I move them over to WP. On FF any mistakes in Lips of an Angel or any of the Amnesia Trilogy are all still my own.

Banner – As my photoshop abilities are non existent, Gyllene has kindly made my banner for this page.

EPUB/PDF available for download – Not at this time

Places to find me

WordPress https://jc52185.wordpress.com

Fanfiction.net https://www.fanfiction.net/~jc52185

My Stories 

I am in the process of adding all my stories to WP. Lips of an Angel is all loaded up there and Amnesia is in the process now, though it is complete on FF. The rest will be added to WP but can currently be found on FF.

Lips of An Angel (WP) – Years after being forced apart, a longing phone call between Sookie and Eric sets Freyda’s ultimate plans in motion. What will the consequences be? Will they be able to make it out alive? Will they be able to make it out together?

Set years after Dead Ever After but written after Dead Reckoning so the events that happened in the last books won’t happen or will be a bit different in this story. Specifically, what was learned about the contract between Eric and Freyda in the last book won’t be in this story. The arrangement between them in this tale is different.

Amnesia Trilogy


Amnesia (WP) – Story Quote – I have never been claustrophobic. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be saying that again for a while. I also haven’t been afraid of the dark even though I know more than most of what can be found in the dark. Yet another fear I would probably end up developing. Something about being trapped in a dark car trunk for hours would probably do that to some people.

This story starts in Club Dead and is the first in a trilogy. The characters have different reactions to what happened in the car trunk and it causes changes with other canon plot points.

Love and Memories (FF) – Sequel to Amnesia. Sookie, Eric, and everyone else in their lives must deal with the consequences of the events in Amnesia. Canon plot points are brought in but occur differently and have a different resolution than in the books.

Story Quote – “I have slept with thousands in my years here in this world. Thousands,” Eric repeats not exactly making me feel better. “But only you have made me feel. With you it was best. Only with you has it felt so right, so perfect.” He hesitates before looking up and meeting my gaze. “I am hoping you will help me find out why.”

Everything (FF) – Sequel to Love and Memories – Third story in the Amnesia Trilogy.

Story Quote – I have waited a long time for him to come to this realization. I have long imagined what it would be like when he finally did, but I find myself being wrong. It is better than what I imagined – so much better.




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