Writing since-  2012

Retired/active/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms – True Blood and SVM, but that’s not all that secret (among others)

Preferred Pairings – Eric/Sookie or Godric/OC

I’ll fight to the death for – Godric

You’ll get my updates – Whenever I get around to them. I unfortunately have far more ideas than I have time, so sometimes I’ll start things that later gets put on the back burner, but they always eventually come around to my muses attention again. Eventually. I do not believe in abandoning stories so they will all be finished when I have both the time and the inspiration to continue.

The word most used to describe my writing would be – Interesting

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download No (not yet anyway)

Places to find me –



I have an AO3 account but I haven’t moved my stories over there yet.


Twisting the Hellmouth – For my BtVS crossover fics, while I have some planned for TB I haven’t posted them yet.

My Stories


Will You Be Mine – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M Warning(s)  – violence and sexual situations

Word Count – 23,227 (Complete) | Chapter 1

Summary  – When Eric makes his offer of protection Sookie only hesitates for a second before jumping in with both feet. Now, they need to figure out how they fit together with everyone trying to tear them apart.

Inspired by – That crap ending to season four!!!! Don’t even get me started on any of that so I fixed it.

Will You Stay With Me  – Eric/Sookie Sequel to Will You Be Mine (True Blood)

Rated – M Warning(s) – violence and sexual situations

(WIP) |Chapter 1

Summary –  Eric and Sookie have moved on but others seem to want to drag them back.  Can they stay one step ahead of their pasts or have they taken one step forward only to take two steps back.

Inspired by – Will You Be Mine this is the next step is their relationship.

Future With Me – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M Warning(s) – violence, torture, and sex

(WIP) |Chapter 1

Summary – When a demon gives Eric, Pam, Bill and Jessica a glimpse into their futures they’re all stunned at where they ended up. Now that they know how the story ends some are trying to change it while others try desperately to reach their happy ending.

Inspired by – I kept reading all these fic where someone would go back in time and fix everything and while that’s a good idea and one I’ll likely use later on I just thought I would switch it up and have the people from the past go forward and try to puzzle everything out.

Another World – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M Warning(s) – sex and violence

Word Count – 25,325 (Complete) | Chapter 1

Summary – After Sookie’s death Eric would try anything even Fae magic to see her again. When he’s given the chance at a fresh start he realises he can do it all again and do it better in another world.

Inspired by – My version of Eric traveling back in time to get it right.

What About Now – Eric/Sookie (True Blood)

Rated – M Warning(s) – Sex and violence of all kinds

Word Count –  19,700 (Complete) | Chapter 1

Summary  – Whe Sookie’s telepathic cousin comes to town she decides that she needs to help Sookie find the right guy for her. With vampre interference, human hatred, a trip to Dallas, and her cousin’s own stubborn pride that proves to be harder than she first thought. Luckily she knows the perfect Viking for the job.

Inspired by – Well I had the character of Sookie’s cousin in my head for the longest time just shouting at me to be written then I came up with this idea that Sookie couldn’t be the only telepath in her family (I mean other than her nephew) so this is what came out of that.



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