Writing since- 8/27/2010  (reading since 08/09)


I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM/TB and Crossovers containing Twilight.  I also write in Crossovers with Twilight and the following: Charmed, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Mummy, and The Vampire Diaries.  I also work in Alice, 2009, Inuyasha, Jupiter Ascending,  NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Twilight and Tin Man. 

Preferred pairings- Eric/Sookie/Godric in any combination.

I’ll fight to death for – Godric or Eric.  They rank pretty high up there.

You’ll get my updates – When I can get them out!  I try to do a chapter every Monday, but Real Life can derail that.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Addicting

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – Yes: Media To Go on

Places to find me




Facebook: Kittyinaz and Facebook Group: Kittyinaz’s Group



Link(s) to original fiction:

Our Road 1

I am also a reviewer for the Non-Canon Awards, the TB/SVM fiction:



My Stories: 



Description – What if two people make a wish at the same exact second, and at that second, is between life and death.  What if that wish was granted and they find themselves with the chance to make it all right, to fix everything that had happened.  This is that Chance. – Complete

Crossing 1

Description – A rock is thrown from the far past. A future with a child is given up, a death is not as it seems. Everything is going to change. Or else the end of all is going to come.  Gift for Natsgrl1 on the Fanfic Exchange hosted by Queen of Area 5. – Complete


Description – What if Sookie had another meeting that no one knew about in Fairy?  One that when she returned home, she knew more than when she left, if she knew about herself, and about who really loves her?  Where would TB go from there?  Starts In Season 4, no idea how far we will take this.

I Still Love You 1

Description –One Shot AH- Sookie leaves, and almost a year later, makes a call that changes everything.

In The End 1

Description – One night a pull to their very souls, calls out Eric and Godric to their future.  And that one moment, that one action, sets forth a change to the entire world. E/S/G.

Never Changing 1

Description – AH – Sookie has had enough.  She leaves the United States to get away from her abusive ex-husband who had dragged out their divorce in live television.  She leaves her cousin Hadley and brother Jason for Sweden. Once there, she meets someone new, who will take the time to gain her trust.  Once he has, they come back to Louisiana for him to meet her family, and her to meet his brother. Winner of Kelpie’s Twin Contest.

Sacred 1a

Description – A small change, a single decision, and secrets are spilled. Suddenly, a future opens out that will change everything you know about True Blood. Starts in Season 2, episode 2.

TB/Twilight Crossovers

ED 1

Description – Godric is sidetracked from his errand to Seattle, which not only changes his destiny, but the destiny of a lost girl, which will set them both free. Book 1 of the Set You Free Trilogy.  Complete.

Edge 1

Description – Bella goes to relax, and becomes involved in a southern girl’s life.  This brings a breath of free air to the lives of those that love Bella, and set some souls free. Bok 2 of the Set You Free Trilogy

Picking Down Clocks 1

Description – A chance meeting in Las Vegas changes everything.  Suddenly a future that had been a brief glimpse of is possible, and there is nothing the Blood Line will not do to make it happen. Banner Credit goes to Gyllene.

Scars 1

Description – Two people are broken, scarred by life itself.  They have no idea what to do next, but neither can go on the way they have been.  On a chance encounter they find more in common than ever imagined, and set out on a journey to heal not only them, but others.

For the rest of my stories, feel free to visit  I look forward to you visiting!





7 thoughts on “Kittyinaz

  1. suzymeinen says:

    Eric/Sookie/Godric need I say more. She sucked me into reading my first crossover too. It’s still the only one I’ve ever read, but I couldn’t find any TB/SVM stuff of hers I hadn’t read so this had both Eric and Godric so I thought WTH. It was so good! Now of course I’m sitting here with my best puppy dog eyes and trying not whine as I wait for more goodness.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. American Android says:

    Love Kittyinaz to death! Not only is she a great writer but she’s also a good person who is super nice and welcoming to everyone. She doesn’t just write, she also makes banners for people, holds contests, gives us a place to socialize on FB, organizes awards and does all sorts of other selfless things for the people in our fandom. She also likes to put Godric in her fics which is always a plus for me. Like her, I love Godric. Her crossover with Godric “Every Night Turns Into Day” was also my first crossover. I’m a hardcore SVM/TB only fanfic fan and I’m really picky about what I read, being the antsy person I am with a million things to do, but I loved the story despite that. I also love her “In the End” story. Hello G/S/E Deliciousness!!!! Kittyinaz and me have a lot of common with our love for G/S/E, our seriousness about writing the characters, and even our age! She was one of the first people besides The Queen of Delicious who really made me feel welcome in this fandom when I started writing not so very long ago. I felt in over my head and unsure about my stories but she always came and reviewed and told me her thoughts and she talked to me on facebook. Now I consider her a friend and I’m glad to have met her and read her wonderful stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kittyinaz says:

      *sniffles* omg!! that is one of the nicest things every said to me!!! I thank you, and you truly have a real talent my dear. I look forward to more chapters as well as trading our Holy Grail quips!

      Liked by 1 person

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