Writing since- Winter 2013 (I’ve been reading fanfiction since the mid-90s…)

Retired/active/on hiatus/undecided – No story of mine will ever be abandoned, although a few may be sitting on the back burner at the moment.

secretly openly live in these fandoms- I write mainly in a True Blood vein with some references to the SVM books, however all of my work takes canon elements and weaves them into a very alternate universe. My stories have their own lore that runs consistently across them and there are a few original characters that make repeat appearances. My true love is of the vampire genre itself, however I’m quite dedicated to doing character studies of Eric and Godric. Additionally, I’ve done pieces for the Thor/Avengers fandom featuring Loki.

Preferred pairings- You’ll primarily find Eric/OC/Godric in my stories or some combination thereof, but I’ll read just about anything, so long as there are fangs.

I’ll fight to death for – Eric Northman and Godric

You’ll get my updates – When inspiration strikes!

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Hmm…not sure. You tell me? I get a lot of “omg!” and “wow!” I suppose.

Languages I write in – English, but I do pepper in a little French and Swedish for fun.

EPUB/PDF available for download – Nope, sorry.

Places to find me  




My Stories: 

Rosalyn - Child of light

Into the Mystic

Surrounded by people but feeling alone at the AVL’s annual gala, Godric finds himself taking a strange and unexpected hike into the desert. This story is sensual, sweet, and hopefully uplifting. Rated M for very mature content. Godric/OC pairing.

RunesRune Songs: The Collected Short Stories of Eric Northman

Upon his maker’s urging, Eric Northman has kept a diary from his earliest days. Ever wonder about his turning? What he did in his first year of life? Curl up and read his recollections. Rated M for very mature content; Eric/Godric pairing.

MoleskineSuch Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

What would you do if you discovered the real inspiration behind the Southern Vampires Mystery books?  Young and adventurous, Dr. Lillian Choate is researching vampire fan culture in Louisiana. When someone     attacks the owner of the bar she’s studying, Eric, she quickly learns he is far more complicated than meets the eye. As she’s drawn into this dark and dangerous new world, it’s not just her career that will be on the line. Rated M. Eric/OC/Godric pairing.

 Assorted One-Shots



2 thoughts on “Melusine10

  1. estrella75 says:

    Melusine is one of those writers that i’m always eager to stumble upon. Her writing is so rich and almost solid enough to run your fingers through. Its always great to find writers in the fandom that not only write great stories, but write. SO. well. Its these times that you want to show people “Look at this amazing writer!”


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