Missy Dee

Writing since- May 2011, I think (reading since: Jan 18 2009 according to my FF.net profile)

Undecided – I’d like to start writing on my own again eventually. I’m not sure if that will be happening though.

I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM/TB –All Human, definitely AU.

Preferred pairings- Eric and Sookie

I’ll fight to death for – Eric

You’ll get my updates – When I get to it, good things come to those that wait.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Hot… lemontatsic works too.

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download –  No (Maybe on day)

Places to find me  



Twitter: MissyDeeFF

 My Stories


Sookie’s fiance died and Eric is her boss/coworker/friend of sorts. He’s had a secret crush on her for 3 years and just as she’s about to go on a leave of absence she gets an anonymous email from her secret admirer. Eric “sees” it when she steps away. She catches him and uses him as her confidante of sorts while dealing with her mystery man. AH/Mixed POV/M eventually – maybe – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

At Your Best

Is it the one that got away? Or the one that you just couldn’t get away from? Eric and Sookie have a toxic relationship that neither of them can walk away from no matter how bad they hurt each other. M for lemons and language. A/H – OOC – AU – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

 Beautiful Disaster

Sookie is having a bad day, starting with her car breaking down and ending with arguing with a customer only to find out he is the mechanic hired to fix her car. Rated M for Lemons / AH / OOC

Change Me

Sookie is overweight and ready to change her physical appearance, Eric is a personal trainer and doesn’t realize he needs to change his view of life and women. This is how they come together and help each other change into the people they’re meant to be. EPOV/AH/M/OOC – Eric/Sookie

Crash Into Me

Single dad, Eric falls into an unexpected relationship with an unlikely woman. AH/EPOV/rated M for mass amounts of Lemon and Language OOC – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

Drowning in You

Sookie is in a dead end relationship, she knows she needs to move on but not sure if she’s ready. A story of how she learns to let go and rebuild her life. AH/AU/OOC – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

Follow Me

When shy guy Eric takes over for his uncle, Sookie is worried they won’t work well together. They’re both in relationships, but opposites attract in a big way – warning there will be cheating involved in this story. SPOV/M/AH/OOC/HEA – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

Ghosts That We Knew

Summary: Sookie met Pam in Minnesota. They’ve been dating for 4 months when Eric calls Pam back to LA to open Fangtasia with him. Pam brings Sookie along, and initially Eric is not impressed with the telepath, but Eric has to give Sookie his blood after a run in with another vampire. An instant bond is created… – NC-17

Lying Eyes

Sookie is a young, spoiled housewife. She loves her husband, but he’s never home, and she’s terribly lonely. Enter pool guy, Eric, who helps her alleviate some of that loneliness. All SPOV. – M – Eric/Sookie

Run to You

Sookie is a waitress at a small diner. She’s immediately taken by a troubled customer that comes in one night. Their friendship blossoms quickly as she helps him get through a rocky breakup. All SPOV/Rated NC-17/All Human

Something New

Sookie and Rasul are happily dating until a night of passion with his best friend changes the course of their relationship. E/S/R – M/AH/SPOV(mostly)


Sookie rebuilds her life with the help of a new friend after her breakup with Bill. Rated T for language and minor sexual situations. A/H – OOC – T – Eric/Sookie

The Adventures of Mail Boy and Ms. S

An office romance blooms between Sookie and Eric, the guy that works in the mail room that she didn’t notice until he shows up unexpectedly one night…lots of lemons. A/H – OOC – AU and all that business – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

The Surrogate

Sookie agrees to be a surrogate mother for her cousin Pam and her husband Eric. Pam isn’t as excited about motherhood as she initially let on. AU/AH – Told from Eric’s POV – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

What I Got

It’s an ugly duckling story… Eric and Sookie meet in high school, they’re friends…they lose contact and when they run into each other again years later they are both taken by surprise by the changes the other has made. AH/AU – NC-17- Eric/Sookie

Wicked Game

Eric found something he wants, and he isn’t used to taking no for an answer. A sexy game of cat & mouse featuring Sookie & the Viking. A/H – NC-17

 One Shots


These are the songs that stick in my head and won’t leave me alone until I put them in writing.


Geek to Chic 

I fall to Pieces

Summary: Eric and Sookie had a short hot and heavy relationship in high school and meet again at a NYE party fifteen years after Sookie breaks his heart.

I know You’re Gonna be There

Eric goes out to a club knowing Sookie will be there but doesn’t have an action plan for when he sees her for the first time in 7 months. One Shot/AH/OOC – K+

It Will Rain

Sookie and Alcide had their whole lives ahead of them until sickness intervened and took him away from her. I will warn you, not a happy story. A/H OOC AU

 The Night Will Only Know 

The Good Stuff

A quick little one shot about Eric realizing what’s good in his life ans learning to appreciate it. AH/OOC rated T for language

Country Boy’s World 

City girl Sookie hates her new situation in the country until she meets a new friend. Collaboration with Ali989969. Rate T-ish. AH/One Shot.

Somewhere Other Than The Night 

 Rose In Paradise 

A one shot about what can happen when someone loves you a little too much for their own good… based on the Waylon Jennings song… AH/OOC/AU.

 Come Over

 Friday Night Blues


Friday Night Blues

Series of lemon filled one shots..Be warned…inside you will find lemons, fluff, smut and whatnot…NSFW…A/H



2 thoughts on “Missy Dee

  1. estrella75 says:

    its funny, I remember when i first started Missy’s stories, her ff.net profile clearly said she did not do angst. Well, her writing has evolved quite a bit since then, but remains one of my all-time favorite writers in the fandom. Funny, sexy, heartbreaking, real

    Liked by 2 people

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