My Secret O FanFiction

Writing since- 2010

I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM. Mostly canon, although sometimes I stray a little 😉

Preferred pairings- Eric and Sookie

I’ll fight to death for – Eric

You’ll get my updates – Every Friday

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Lemony

Languages I write in – English

Places to find me:

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I admit it. I’m obsessed.

Welcome to my wordpress: My Secret O Fan Fiction

I write Southern Vampire Mysteries Fan Fiction featuring Sookie and Eric. They are all rated MA for a mature audience, because they are filled with the lemons that are lacking in the books. So please, save us both some trouble and only enter if you are 18 or older.

I don’t write drama or angst, and pain is kept to a minimum. My stories are uncomplicated, sweet, and smoking hot. Don’t expect to find anything else here, because you won’t.

I am lucky enough to have some amazing friends who help me edit: SeriousCrush, Laurie, FairytaleAmber, and Meridian. I’ve been lucky enough to brainstorm with some talented women and couldn’t create many of my stories without them! Thanks to SeriousCrush, Padore, FairytaleAmber, Meridian, and GabbieAnnie for the hours you’ve spent helping me craft stories!

Please follow me, and comment … I live for reviews. Well, good ones anyway.


Here is a list of my stories with a little description under each, click on the picture and you’ll be taken to the story. After the title, you’ll see a series of letter and words, this is what they mean: MA=Mature Audience, AU=Alternate Universe, E=Eric S=Sookie P=Pam L=Laurie, and finally, I note if they’re Complete or In Progress. 🙂

Getaway: MA E/S Complete

La Vie En Rose: MA E/S Complete

Switched: MA AU E/S Complete

 Eric takes Sookie on vacation, and it changes everything. Lots of goodness, some quick, some slow, some taboo. No angst, just love and happy ever after. Set after the 10th book. This is a sequel to my story, Getaway. Baby Vamp Sookie is on an adventure with Eric including sightseeing in Paris. Hot lemons, with a little more power, but just as much love. Above and beyond CH’s canon after 10th book. Near the end of Living Dead in Dallas, but instead of the maenad’s bloody massacre, she finds Sookie and Eric fighting their attraction and gives them a unique kind of madness.

Take Me Now, You Big Viking!: MA E/S Complete

Kitchen Table: MA E/S Complete

Hidey Hole: MA E/S Complete

 This is what should’ve happened after Sookie and Eric are attacked by a mysterious Were in chapter 5 of From Dead To Worse. Sookie comes to her senses and helps Eric recover from the gunshot he endured protecting her. She does more than heal him. Ever wonder what happens when Eric is staying with Sookie in Dead to the World at the end of chapter 9? Read on to find out.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could wait for Eric to get up from his day rest if he were staying in my house. Set during Dead to the World, Sookie gets impatient. Short and sweet.

Desperation: MA E/S Complete

A Better New Year: MA AU E/S Complete

Giving Thanks: MA AU E/S Complete

 What if Sookie made the right decision when finding Eric in her bed the first time in chapter 3 of Club Dead? Well I think it would have been something like this. Anyone else out there wish the first chapter of Dead To The World had gone better? That’s what I thought. Sookie is smart, Eric is lost and alone, and she makes him feel all better. No drama, just bliss. Happy New Year!  After Dead As A Doornail, Sookie is living in her house again and finds herself very lonely on Thanksgiving. Eric helps her find something to feel thankful for. Enjoy!

Two Blondes in Shreveport: MA E/S Complete

The Pam Factor: MA AU E/S/P Complete

Kitten & Sugar Pie: MA AU P/L Complete

Set after Charlaine Harris’ short story Two Blondes, Sookie and Pam get home from their trip to Mississippi and they show Eric just what he missed during the girls’ vacation.  Ever wonder how things would go between Eric, Sookie and Pam? You’re not the only one.  Set near the end of All Together Dead. Enjoy!  Remember Laurie, Pam’s girlfriend in Getaway? Here’s a little more of just them. Pam has all kinds of fun planned.

The Contest: MA AU E/S Complete

Confetti: MA AU E/S Complete

The Tilted Kilt: MA AU E/S Complete

 What if Sookie’s first encounter with a vampire was different? Dawn is nice enough to take her to Fangtasia, where Sookie meets a very hot Viking, who invites her to judge a contest. Fluffy, fun and short. Sookie is 18 and decides she needs to spend time with Hadley, which means visiting a goth club in Shreveport. Hadley isn’t great company, but Sookie finds someone who is. Tall, blond and different…somehow.  Desperate for a new job, Sookie looks for work in Shreveport at the Tilted Kilt. She meets all sorts of interesting people and finds herself exposed to a world she doesn’t know anything about. Luckily, she’s got a very helpful boss to guide her. Raise your hand if you want to see Eric in a kilt! 🙂


Glamoured: MA AU E/S Complete


Sookie’s Present: MA AU E/S Complete


Mr. January: MA E/S Complete

 Sookie actively seeks out her first encounter with a vampire, and she meets a few. One stands out above the rest…  Sookie’s special present has been years in the making, and after falling into the arms of a mysterious man, she’s about to get what she’s been looking for…and much, much more.  Remember the Vampire Hunks calendar Eric put together for Fangtasia? Yeah, me too. What if he delivered the proofs to Sookie? I bet something like this would’ve happened.


Stay: MA AU E/S Complete

Rhodes Pyramid

Third Time’s The Charm: MA AU E/S Complete


Worth It: MA AU E/S Complete

Still in shock from the bombing in Dallas, she finds solace in an unlikely place, and while she’s recovering, she finds something much better. What if Sookie came to her senses during the Rhodes convention? One moment of clarity could change the entire course of history, but is she smart enough to see the truth? When it comes to Sookie, Eric can’t think straight. But when his very existence is threatened, he must decide if she really is worth it.


The After Party: MA AU E/S Complete

feather duster

Up All Night: MA AU E/S Complete

svm badge

Fangbangers Anonymous: MA AU E/S In Progress

Taking Eric’s blood to heal from Sookie’s stake wound means more than either of them know, and now, all her fantasies about Eric are about to come true. As the newest member of the Sunny Maid team, Sookie not only makes new friends, but also meets someone she can’t resist: Eric. As they fall in love, they discover they share a past neither knew of. A past that draws them closer and could change the supernatural world. Sookie just stumbled upon the world of FanFiction  finding herself in a starring role … with Eric. Certain that he’s sharing her secrets with the world, she confronts him and is faced with an unexpected outcome.

Detox Cabin Pic

Detox: MA AU E/S In Progress

Sookie’s being held captive in a dilapidated and isolated  house with only Eric to keep her company. They must learn how to get along and trust each other so they can make the most of their bleak situation.

What are all those ^^^ empty lines for? All the stories I’m going to post, just as soon as they come out of my brain. Follow me and you’ll be the first to know what’s new.



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