Writing since 2002-   (reading since 2011)

Retired/active/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms- BtVS, Riddick-Verse, Witchblade, SVM/Trueblood, Twilight

Preferred pairings-  Eric/Sookie, Eric/Sookie/Godric, Bella/Godric.

I’ll fight to death for – Godric because no one deserves to go out all alone with only a human there for comfort. Even if they are two thousand years old and can take care of themselves.

You’ll get my updates – When I have a chance to write them. You all get the first drafts of the chapter stories, then I edit them later. With my work schedule it’s not a set schedule of when you get chapters.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Awesome

Languages I write in – US. English (Texan slang, because here in Texas, Texan is it’s own language). Small amounts of actual French.

EPUB/PDF available for download – no (but only because I have no idea how to do that)

Places to find me


My Stories


 Sookie Stackhouse is not who she pretends to be. What happens to the young woman when she is forced to come out of the coffin? Who’s her powerful father and true mate? This is an EricxSookie story.

Work In Progress.



Just a Little Spark

Starts with the events in Dallas. Will Sookie be able to save Godric from death? Will she accept that the Viking is better than Compton? Join the group on a little trip as Godric, Eric and Sookie try to navigate a new life together. Filled with twists and turns. What lies in their future?

This story starts with the events in Dallas and moves from there. Be prepared because not everyone is as they seem in this story. It is a Godric/Sookie/Eric story with a lot of hate on Bill. After all, who really likes that slimy no good weasel? I sure don’t.

Work In Progress


Run Me Over

Running from her problems in Forks, Bella literally runs into the sheriff of Area Five in Dallas. Will she survive an encounter with the nightwalkers, or will she forced back into her old life at the hands of the Cold Ones?

Work In Progress

Luck of the Irish 

The year is 1003AD. Godric and Eric have left the Cap of the North and taken travel to the realm of Ireland, to a realm filled with fae and wonder. It’s just after the Viking defeat and the reign of the High King of Ireland. How will Godric and his Viking child cope? What mysteries await them in a land so unlike any they’ve been to already? 

Rating M. No pairings. Told in first person POV by Godric. 

*challenge entry for American Android’s Historical Fiction Challenge. 



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