TB Viking Addict

Writing since- I started writing my first fanfic, “To Protect My Kin,” in May/2015. Been reading fanfic since 2013.

Retired/active/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms- True Blood/SVM. I write based on True Blood, but I do occasionally incorporate some SVM ideas into it. So far, I prefer AU.

Preferred pairings-  Sookie and Eric. If I can’t have the Viking for myself, then I guess Sookie can have him. *sigh*

I’ll fight to death for – Eric. He’s loyal, entertaining, and badass. Oh, and Jason. Anyone who cracks me up like Jason has earned my protection and loyalty. Poor fella needs it too.

You’ll get my updates –  It’s complicated. I started out with a set schedule, but some medical problems have gotten in the way. I never abandon anything though, so you will get updates. Ideally, my schedule is once a week.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Addictive. *snickers* I think it’s a play on my name.

Languages I write in – English. I could write in Spanish, but then those updates would never come…

EPUB/PDF available for download – No. I’m technology challenged! I only have a WP because the incredible and amazing 4padfoot helps me out by taking charge of it for me. If you really want my stories, feel free to copy and paste them from my sites.

Places to find me – 



My Stories


In Dallas, Godric doesn’t make it to Sookie in time to save her from Gabe & she’s dying when he arrives. Sookie convinces Godric not to meet the sun & he decides to turn her. When she rises, they discover Sookie has some extra gifts. Godric decides they need to move closer to his progeny, Eric, for her protection. A Vamp. Sookie Story. Not for Bill fans. Mainly Season 3 plot. [SxE]






4 thoughts on “TB Viking Addict

    • Tbvikingaddict says:

      I suck right now, I know. It’s the longest I’ve gone since I’ve updated and I honestly hope to update soon, I’ve just been dealing with a lot since November. Thank you though for still thinking about my story. It’s good to know I’ll still have a few readers by the next time I update. 😉


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