Unseen Wonder


Writing since-  August 30, 2014 (Reading Since – Forever )

Actively reading and writing.

I secretly live in these fandoms- Primarily non-canon SVM/TB. I don’t think I will do any human verses since I like the flexibility and surprises that come from supernatural worlds.

I am planning on making some TB crossovers, but its still in the works. Also love the Marvel fandom so a potential crossover is there.

Preferred pairings- Sookie/Eric, Godric/Sookie, Eric/Godric/Sookie, (and a little bit of Godric/Eric thrown in too ;D) I hate Bill and will likely kill him or humiliate him until he slinks away licking his wounds in all of my stories (most likely both).

I also am a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe fan (and writer!) I pair Darcy Lewis with whoever I want (because she is the best character that never existed in the comics). I also LOVE harry Potter, Harry/Hermione is amazing!

I’ll fight to death for – Godric of course! Its a sin that they killed one of the best characters that TB managed to create. Sookie and Eric pairing is something I will fight for since they deserved a happy ending and they didn’t get it (thats why I’m a fanfiction writer I want my favorite characters to get the life the Author/ producer would never give them).

You’ll get my updates –  I try to maintain some sort of frequency but real life gets in the way other wise I have a set schedule and it’s updating my TB story every other Sunday usually.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Funny, dramatic, and bashing. Though the one I get the most is cliffhanger, but I don’t really think so, you should read my stories to see if you agree though!

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – No, but I’m planning on it!

Places to find me  




My True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries Stories

In-Progress Stories –

Destined in Dallas (In-progress – Incomplete)

Incomplete (13 Chapters – 74,263 Words)

What if Sookie was suspicious of Bill in Dallas? Meeting Lorena certainly wouldn’t help. Luckily Godric and Eric are there to help Sookie as she leaves Bill and figures out what she needs. If Sookie can save Godric from himself that is. Bill bashing. Lemonade. OOC Sookie/Eric/Godric.

Coming Soon to an Unseen Wonder near you! –


The History of Forgotten Realms (Coming soon – Incomplete)


Sookie meets Eric just after the Great Revelation. After being invited she decides to go to Fangtasia, little did she know the results of her commenting on Eric’s throne would have. Now she is being invited almost every night to test her knowledge of mythology against the people that actually believed it. Sookie/Eric.

I have more stories namely my Marvel Cinematic Universe/Soulmate Verse stories. Feel free to visit my site just click on the image below! Or visit https://unseenwonder.wordpress.com/


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