WP Comment and Review Etiquette Guide

The social aspect of the comment sections on WordPress come with some unspoken rules. Please read on to gain an approximate understanding.


We like ‘likes’


Seriously we writers really do, not everyone feels the need to write an extensive review about something they just read and not every chapter calls for it but we really like seeing that ‘like‘ pop up in a notification. A ‘like‘ also lets us know you’re enjoying the story and still reading it (or steadily ploughing through a story on our site). It’s one simple click to show support and  means the world to us, so go ahead and just do it!




Liking a comment (either a response to yours or our response to another reader) lets us know you read it and we’re not talking back to air, so we really like that too 😀




Some of us will even ‘like‘ your comment too just to let you know we read it and appreciated your feedback and sometimes we even comment back because…


We Like Comments Even More than Likes (But We’ll happily take both if you’re offering)


Writers put a lot of time and effort into not only their blog but especially their writings. The only payout we get is your adoring love and likes for our work because that’s as much as we’re legally allowed to charge for fanfiction.


Not everyone has the time to respond to every single comment left behind but they are certainly read and appreciated. They allow us to gage how our story is received, if what was meant to come across did as intended. Even when a story is long finished we still appreciate seeing the activity on an older story.


Reviews can give great insight, which can elevate our writings to a new plane, give us new story ideas, really make us think, pick up on things we never consciously put in there or help break through that pesky writer’s block simply from being offered a different point of view. You the reader matter to us and our process so don’t be scared to leave a sign of life, sometimes we talk back but it’s only ever in gratitude for taking the time to leave a comment behind.


So just save us the embarrassment of resorting to begging for feedback and just leave us a comment at the end of a page or post (and a like… we really like likes)…

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