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EricIzMine’s Stories

The MultiVerse

I think it’s safe to say this Alternate Universe has taken on a life of it’s own.

For anyone who’s discovered it later, Bored To Death is the original story in this collection of realities. It was the first one written and is the basis for the MultiVerse.

One commonly asked question is regarding what order to read the stories in…
Long story short, read Bored To Death (BTD) first, and just be sure to read In The Dark (ITD) before trying to tackle Nuclear Winter (NW). There isn’t a particular reason to worry about being ‘out of order’.

*Not all of the stories are romantic and happy.

Chronologically by post date: Bored to Death-> Meanwhile-> Death’s Door-> In the Dark-> Euro Pass-> Couldn’t Get Away-> Alpha-> Rubbernecking-> Nuclear Winter-> Breathless-> Bright Things-> Intrepid-> Like a Rock-> Culture Shock-> Keep It In The Family-> Raw


Salt In The Wound

A little One Shot of pure, unadulterated venting… It’s all a joke. Not to be taken seriously.


The Lemon Cart

A follow up ficlet for Salt In The Wound… This is just another joke, meant as nothing more than fun.


  Where You Keep Them

An entry for the ‘Eric and His Great Pumpkin’ one-shot contest. In the SVM timeline, this story takes place shortly after DeCastro & Madden’s takeover. It actually didn’t make the cut because there weren’t any lemons, just sappiness.

An Engraved Invitation

An entry for the ‘Eric and His Great Pumpkin’ one-shot contest. A ‘What If’ that takes place after Living Dead In Dallas.


The Dating Game
(A FicLet)

Eric and Sookie’s friends go to great lengths to put them together. Only two chapters.


Saints & Sinners


All Human story… Eric Northman comes to Bon Temps to speak to Corbett Stackhouse and finds Sookie first.

Alcide In Wonderland

The Alcide Herveaux from Saints & Sinners turned out to a popular guy…Best friend to Eric… New big brother type for Sookie… And one hell of a Dad…After a lot of requests for his take on things… That’s exactly what i’m posting.From the beginning.

It Can’t Be


Yesterday and today have a collision when a skeleton from Eric’s closet appears to turn his world upside down and rips him apart emotionally.


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