Writing since-  2010

on hiatus

I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM, fixing CH’s mess

Preferred pairings- Eric & Sookie sitting in a tree and all that jazz

I’ll fight to death for – Eric & Sookie

You’ll get my updates – I’ve been very bad about updates in the past year or so and I’m not quite pregnant and lacking energy to actually get anything done. Who knows, though.

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – no, but I can make some for anyone interested

Places to find me



My Stories

Eternal Night – Sookie lets Eric change her and she gets a little bit more with her immortal life than she thought she would as she embraces her nature and fate. Vampires, fairies, love bubbles and lots of fluff. All Vamp. M for language and lemons.




Songs of Our Life – Sookie and Eric are best friends. They are each involved with someone else but they will have to face their true feelings when life takes an unexpected turn. AH


Need – Sookie and Eric broke up three months ago, but one night, she realizes there’s nothing else she wants more, but him. Will he take her back?



Iron – A warrior’s battle cry echoes through the field. His reason to live was taken away and he wants it back. Sookie’s pain is his pain. In that moment, he’s not the Sheriff, he’s not a vampire, he’s the warrior he used to be a thousand years before. And this Viking is thirsty for the blood of his enemies. (on hiatus)



The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – Summer rain brings together two people who can’t stop thinking about each other. No names, no contacts, no way to find each other. ..  How will they ever reunite? (Colab with Meridian)



One Shots & Shorts

  • Gone With the Wind 
    • Sookie and Eric meet Bill for their yearly New Year’s Eve get-together. Will his pleading and begging bring Sookie back or will his dreams become dust in the wind? Set after books. Written for Cageyspice in Sookie’s Secret Santa Fic Swap. M for lemons and language.
  • Infatuation
    • Sookie goes to Mexico for vacation and she meets Eric. They share a night together and she leaves home, carrying more than his memory. All Human, AU. M for lemons and language.
  • I Want You To Want Me
    • During the summit in Rhodes, Sookie and Eric complete their bond. Along with the new connection, feelings are exposed and long lost memories recovered. While Sookie wants to know more about the bond, Eric wants her back. Will he win her over? Sort of Canon. M for lemons and language. IWTS 2012 entry
  • Red Blooded Woman
    • Fear and self-doubt can make you lose sight of reality, can make you view the things around you with the wrong eyes. One month after that dreadful night, Sookie can’t take it anymore and decides she’ll do anything to bring him back. What will Eric do when she shows up with Bill Compton in his very own bar? All Human. M for lemons and language. IWTS 2012 entry
  • Stop. Rewind
    • Two years can pass in a heartbeat or can feel like an eternity. After Sookie leaves, Eric starts seeing her everywhere. Until this morning. Is it just his imagination playing a cruel game again, or is she really back? Written for FaeBloodVampWolf in Sookie’s Secret Santa Fic Swap 2012.
  • Dead Right 
    • Set in Dead Ever After. OC, AU and whatever else you want to name it since this Sookie has a brain and a backbone and the last three books were twisted to fit the HEA. The whole Sam shebang that ends with Sookie using the Cluviel Dor on him doesn’t happen. Rated M for some lemonade. Written for Gyllene’s HEA contest. Won Third place
  • Eyes on Fire
    • It’s dark, it’s cold and Sookie has no idea where she is or how she got there. She meets someone she’s surprised to find out is much like her. Last couple of books don’t exist. M for language
  • More than Friends
    • They’ve been friends for ever and they couldn’t picture their worlds without the other. One kiss changes everything. Will they sink or sail? AH Rated M for a reason..
  • Christmas Red
    • This back and forth going on between the two of them was driving them nuts, but they both enjoyed the game a bit too much. Will they take the final step? Written for alh1971 for the 2013 Sookie’s Santa (Rated M)







5 thoughts on “Gabrielleblue

    • Gabriela says:

      Am, thanks sweety. I haven’t written anything new in ages, but I’m glad there are still stories you haven’t read yet. Xoxo


    • Gabriela says:

      Hi! Well, it can very well be finished right now. It was meant to be a one shot, but I bent to the pressure and wrote another chapter. I’ll maybe add more at one point, but not now. Thank you for reading! In glad you’ve enjoyed the stories 🙂


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