Writing since 2014 (reading fanfiction since late 2013)

Retired/active/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM/TB (Spike from BtVS comes to visit in one story but not a legit crossover)

Preferred pairings- Eric/Sookie,  Pam/Niall (don’t judge it till you try it… it’s all in the name of spaghetti and comedy), Pam/Whoever’s around… Godric gets thrown a bone now and then… but mostly Eric/Sookie

I’ll fight to death for – Pam because Eric can take care of himself and reluctantly he’ll always save Sookie’s ass so Pam’s the only one I really need to worry for… and Jason… and Godric …and Lafayette …and this list is getting too long…

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Beautiful

Languages I write in – UK English (the occasional European language slips in but translations are always provided)

EPUB/PDF available for download – https://hisviks.wordpress.com/downloads-epub-and-pdf/

Places to find me  






My Stories




Put in an impossible position by his Queen the answer to all the Sheriff of Area five’s problems seem to reside in a foul mouthed bouncing blonde waitress discovered accidentally in the small town of Bon Temps. When subterfuge and reality seem to collide nothing can be returned as it once was and the consequences resonate beyond the scope of expectation. E/S – AU – Rated MA – NOW COMPLETE-


Godric went to the Fellowship of the Sun willingly and somewhere along the way he found a chance at redemption. Now vampires residing in the state of Louisiana prepare for their existence to be changed with the ancient vampire who promises atonement all through prophecies from God. Blind faith costs all as the fate of true death looms. Unwilling to let go Sookie Stackhouse determines to fight where vampires have seemed to resign. E/S – AU – Rated MA


When the man who raised Eric to be the expert killer that he is, reveals he has six months left to live nothing seems to matter anymore. The revenge and unanswered questions that have haunted him for over 16 years catapult into acceleration as his last job in Russell’s employ throws all his plans off center. E/S- AU/AH – Rated MA 

 Ms/Mr Series

By all appearances the boss from hell, Eric Northman, has been making Sookie Stackhouse’s job a trying journey. A last minute task moments before the office Christmas party suddenly makes every single thing spoken and asked of her by the enigmatic Mr Northman stand in a completely different light….

 Pendant pieces, may become more in the future. E/S-AH-AU COMPLETE-ISH-

 Hinterland Shades

 My entry for the second fall edition of Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge. Boy meets Girl, or rather Fang meets Fairy, yet everything seems to conspire against them through space and time till chance finds them on each other’s doorstep again. With determination they seek to move heaven and earth, all for that secondary glimpse into a future. One shot for now will become something more eventually. E/S – AR -AU 

Everything and More a Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake

 “I know you, there are two Sookie Stackhouse’s. One who still clings to the idea that she’s merely human and the other who’s coming to grips with the fact that you are better than that.” – Eric Northman.

So what would happen when one angry fairy was knocking on the back door of Fangtasia while a seemingly human and heavily pregnant version of her is preparing for an elaborate Thanksgiving feast? A multi chapter extension from one of the Thanksgiving Fixin’ shorts. E/S – AR – Post Season Seven -NOW COMPLETE-

In MemoriAm Series

 My winning entry and companion piece for Sephrenia’s writing challenge.

When the nicest thoughts Sookie ever heard disappear as suddenly as they came, her life is turned upside down. She finds herself entombed in a world about him whilst never exchanging but a few words with the man she never got to meet. Fighting to keep his memory intact the enigma she knew as Eric Northman suddenly comes to life. E/S – AU – Rated M 

In MemoriamMemento Mori



The follow up to the Winning one shot from Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge’s In Memoriam and its companion piece Momento Mori. The story continues after a decade apart but a constant in each other’s minds. Eric and Sookie can finally make a fresh start but it will never be easy for a newly turned vampire and a telepath when the semblance of order that surrounds them threatens to fall apart.  E/S – AU– MPOV- Rated MA

 It’s Already Gone

Because the thought of watching True Blood season 7 sounds about as enticing as watching Bill’s sideburns grow in. 10 connected one-shots. 10 farewells. Sookie/Eric HEA but not the traditional kind. E/S – M for language – NOW COMPLETE –



Sometimes being with a vampire can get a little chilly…

Total crack with a hint of spaghetti… I blame Meridian

Thanksgiving Fixin’s SERIES

Post season 7 finale ‘Thank You’ snippets to fix the True Blood finale into something all the more palatable. A collection of very short and sweet chasers to wash away the bitter aftertaste. Eric/Sookie endgame in mind. Bill remains decidedly dead. Well most of the time… E/S – AR – Post Season Seven -NOW COMPLETE-

Thanksgiving Fixin’s EVERYTHing and more OUTTAKES

Outtakes from the Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More Verse


Thanksgiving special one-shot outtake. The kids are a couple years older and have prepared a special surprise orchestrated by Pam… think of that what you will. Part of the Everything and More universe from the Thanksgiving Fixin’s series. -NOW COMPLETE-

Into the Black

 A Black Friday special one-shot outtake. Pam really needed to get her shopping done and poor Spike got roped in along the way the day after the Fangsgiwin outtake… the kids and Eric make an appearance too. Part of the Everything and More universe from the Thanksgiving Fixin’s series. -NOW COMPLETE-

Meet Me Under the Stars

A Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More Outtake: Christmas Northman style. The giant family decides to visit Eric’s birth grounds for the holidays. Hijinks ensue. Three parts will be posted daily. E/S – P/N – Post Fangsgiwin’ – NOW COMPLETE –


 What started as a Thanksgiving Fixin’ turned into a one-shot entry for Gyllene’s HEA contest. Four years after Bill’s death the veneer of Sookie’s HEA as portrayed on TB falls to pieces as she is confronted by some hard truths by the ones she loves. Fortunately a helpful Viking helps her see the light out of the shroud of darkness Bill left behind. E/S – HEA – One-shot.

The Doctor is in

Silly little one shot to celebrate my fanfic b-day. Dr Ludwig healer to all expands her practice to include the feeble minds of the addled supernatural setting them straight with her no nonsense attitude. No character is spared her scrutiny and she writes a few wrongs right in this post DEA verse.  E/S- Rated M for language – LPOV – One shot.

In Memoriam

When the nicest thoughts Sookie ever heard disappear as suddenly as they came, her life is turned upside down. She finds herself entombed in a world about him whilst never exchanging but a few words with the man she never got to meet. Fighting to keep his memory intact the enigma she knew as Eric Northman suddenly comes to life. E/S – AU – Rated M – One-shot. Winning entry for Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge.

Memento Mori

Companion piece to In Memorium from Eric’s point of view.

 E/S – AU – Rated M – One-shot




Meet Beehl the Constipated Cat, he’s a snarky asshole that you might actually like when he’s not clawing at Eric and Sookie from the MS/MR Series. Pam wasn’t allowed to kill him but she did have fun dressing him up in her doll’s clothes post deballing.

This is a collection of cartoons with observational humour about all things fanfiction, the fandom and completely random things. Incidentally he gives a recommendation but mostly Beehl’s a malcontent asshole that gets tortured a lot and still can’t seem to empty his bowels in the process…


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