Writing since:  2012, since entering a writing challenged sponsored by MMHS  (reading since: since I could, but fanfiction since 2009.)

Retired/ACTIVE/on hiatus/undecided: All my stories that are not complete are still active; however, a few of them are giving mymuse issues so they are a bit delayed. However, they will be completed come hell or high water.

I secretly live in these fandoms:  Primarily SVM/TB and canon/non-canon if crossovers with either TB or SVM. I read the others but don’t write it.

Preferred pairings:  Eric and Sookie are preferred. They may start out with one of the others, but the others tend to die or divorce Sookie/Eric in my stories.

I’ll fight to death for:  Eric Northman

You’ll get my updates:  It’s complicated.  Real life gets in the way of my writing. I have a stressful job some weeks, and the last thing I want to do is write. I am my own worst critic so I will not post it until I think it is ready. Sorry.

The word most used to describe my writing by others: Likeable, but some have said, “What are you thinking ALL HUMAN? Are you nuts? we want our vampire!”

Languages I write in:  English and Google translate Sweden

EPUB/PDF available for download: Not yet.

Places to find me: 



Facebook: Kristie McCaffrey-Yamber and Facebook group (I belong to many of the groups but none are solely mine, admin on a few.)

Story Index2




Summary: If only things were different and ended like they should have (damned Coda, it doesn’t exist in my world.) This is my attempt at making things right. The characters are set in the world of SVM, with a twist on what I think should have happened in the last book.


(one-shot, for now)

Summary: Victor was always the issue after the takeover. What if, he was ended sooner and by Eric’s hand after an attack on his bonded mate? What if, there were other Nevada vamps present when it occurred? Will Sookie run or will she accept her pledged fate to her Viking? My take on how it should have gone after the takeover. (Based on canon.)


(Multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary:  What if the world of SVM/TB happened differently? What if Sookie Stackhouse found out about the Supes before the Vampires revealed themselves? What if she thought she dreamt about the only man ever to hold her and her heart but in actuality he was real? What would she do when he was revealed to her? This will be a mix of Canon and show. Never liked Appius, so I am doing away with him.


(one-shot, complete)

Summary: They were always destined to be together, but Real Life always got in the way even if they are both Supernatural. However, they worked through all their obstacles as a team to finally be together.  “Destined” was written for the Queen of Area Five’s fiction exchange (2015).


(Multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: A third chance at life/death would you take it? Would you be willing to give up everything for another chance even if most beings cannot see you as you truly are? What will happen if you find love? Will you go for it or remember the words spoken to you?


(multi-chapter, completed)

Summary: After he lost his lover and children from the contract he had to sign with the Queen of Oklahoma. Will Eric be able to go on without his mate and children? Or will he face the same FATE she did?


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: What happens if Eric missed one of the Yakuza killing squad? Would Sookie be able to protect herself from the last one? Or will she perish? Who will be her savior?


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: Fae and Vampires do not mix, or do they? What will happen when a Fairy Princess chooses her Mate which happens to be a Vampire Sheriff? Love, Drama and Fun set in a Supernatural world. (Eric/Sookie and a few of their friends and family.)

Kleannhouse_all human


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: “Crashed”—(verb) to make a loud noise, to break or fall to pieces, to collide especially violently and noisily, to move or crash with. Can two people lives crash into one another and they come out whole and as one? God willing.


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: This story is all human and set in the Book-verse. What happens in the mind of an adult turning 50 years old? Do they think normal thoughts or do they have a midlife crisis?


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: What happens when you are taken away from the family and friends you love and adore to hide a secret? What lengths do you go to in order to protect the ones you love? This story is told by Tara and Pam. It is based loosely on the song “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks.


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: If Dreams Come True is an all human story set in the “book-verse.” What happens when a simple girl meets the man of her dreams? But they are from different worlds!


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: What happens when your life in thrown into turmoil? Do you let it swallow you alive or make lemonade? I say lemonade. (Sookie POV)


(multi-chapter, completed)

Summary: (AH) Eric tells his mom he’s dating someone so she’ll leave him alone and the pic he shows her is a random pic he found on the internet of Sookie. But then he’s out to lunch one day with Mom and Sookie is at the next table over. He corners Sookie and begs her to go along. Eric’s annual family Halloween party is that night and he has to convince her to go.


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: When an older woman finds a younger man, will the sparks fly or will there be social faux pas that have to be overcome?


(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: What If you never thought you would find the man of your dreams? Do you ever get a second chance?

The Vampire and the Wolf

(multi-chapter, in progress)

Summary: What happens when your life comes full circle and you finally get the one you want? Will they get the HEA or will real life get in the way?


One thought on “Kleannhouse

  1. californiakat1564 says:

    A wild imagination? Kleannhouse has one! It was her human fics that drew me in first, but she’s broaching into the SUPE world more and more. And she’s a helluva beta to boot!

    Check her out if you haven’t yet. I suggest you start with Ooh for the Love of Zombies, which is my favorite of her completed stories. It charmed me!

    Liked by 1 person

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