Recently Completed Stories Archive

At the end of every month or so we compile a list of all the completed stories by members of the Directory in the dedicated Meet Your Maker posts. Below is the most recent overview of all completed works.

If you’d like to notify us of a completed fic (and safe us the hassle of keeping track), or we’ve inadvertently missed a story coming to completion, please use the form at the bottom of the page to notify us. Currently we record stories completed by members of the Fangbangers Anonymous Directory only.

MC = Multi Chapter (10 Chapters or more)

SS = Short Story (10 Chapters or less)

Please note we don’t record one-shots, it becomes simply impossible to keep track as these are often continued at a later date and therefore are never considered truly complete.

Completed Fics LAST UPDATED – 2016.10.24






Galatea’s Descent hisviks 2015.03.31 x
Tenterhooks California Kat 2015.04.02 x
Inner California Kat 2015.04.15 x
Up All Night My Secret O 2015.04.17 x
Swimming for the Light Natsgirl 2015.04.26 x
Everything jc52185 2015.04.27 x
Life in the Fast Lane MistressJessica1028 2015.04.30 x
Even The Dead Can Scar magsmacdonald 2015.05.07 x
The Boss MistressJessica1028 2015.05.10 x
Every Contingency California Kat 2015.06.05 x
Secrets That We Keep kjwrit 2015.06.07 x
Meant to Be Kleannhouse 2015.06.11 x
The Man I Want to Be Carroll E. Stewart 2015.06.15 x
The Tower Carroll E. Stewart 2015.06.18 x
Repossessed kjwrit 2015.06.22 x
Detox My Secret O 2015.07.03 x
Red Carroll E. Stewart 2015.07.07 x
Love Eternal justwanderingneverlost 2015.07.12 x
One Night California Kat 2015.07.12 x
Wonderland Secret Nerd Princess 2015.07.13 x
Playing God Kjwrit 2015.07.16 x
Whispers on the Wind American Android 2015.07.16 x
She’s a Brick House Carroll E. Stewart 2015.08.03 x
A Parrody in Three Acts: A Night in the Life of Andre Meridian 2015.08.18 x
Battle of the Badges kjwrit 2015.09.07 x
Into the Blood (Part I in a series) kinnik 2015.09.12 x
The Far Reach (Part II in a series) natsgirl 2015.09.24 x
It Happened in Rhodes My Secret O 2015.09.25 x
United (Part III of III) California Kat 2015.09.27 x
Black Friday Gyllene 2015.09.30 x
Lead to Love hisviks 2015.09.30 x
SVM/TB Fic Exchange
Rewind, Play, Fast Forward California Kat 2015.09.21 x
Crossing the Fine Line KittyInaz 2015.09.21 x
The Heart Desires natsgirl 2015.09.21 x
Forever in a Night Queen of Area V 2015.09.21 x
The Long Journey Home Lindiesblog 2015.11.09 x
Given Unsought California Kat 2015.11.15 x
Vikings, Valkyries & Vampires, Oh My! krispybee12 2015.11.24 x
Three’s A Crowd krispybee12 2015.11.24 x
My Night As A Call Girl krispybee12 2015.12.02 x
A Touch Of Spice krispybee12 2015.12.18 x
The Anniversary Queen of Area V 2015.12.25 x
Twisted and Turned Part III: Edge of Tomorrow ElfChef 2015.12.26 x
Bonfire of the Vanities hisviks 2015.12.28 x
Forever & Always krispybee12 2015.12.31 x
Vikings, Valkyries & Vampires, Oh My! Pt. II krispybee12 2015.12.15 x
The Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar
Legends kjwrit 2015.12.02 x
The Cut justwanderingneverlost 2015.12.06 x
The Night Market Magpie Tales 2015.12.09 x
Yes, Sookie Virgina, there is a Santa Claus California Kat 2015.12.11 x
The Santa Clause kjwrit 2015.12.13 x
I.O.U. magsmacdonald 2015.12.19 x
The Wish kjwrit 2015.12.21 x
The Gift kjwrit 2015.12.23 x
Squirrely Girl and the Three Gay Bears hisviks 2015.12.24 x
From Time Immemorial hisviks 2016.01.03 x
Sink Back into the Ocean hisviks 2016.01.09 x
My Wish jc52185 2016.01.10 x
Sookie Stackhouse: Vampire Hunter krispybee12 2016.01.11 x
The wedding (Part II of III) natsgirl 2016.01.26 x
Lover’s Always (Part II of III) gyllene 2016.01.28 x
Scars That Bind krispybee12 2016.01.28 x
Blue Nail Polish Meridian 2016.02.13 x
The Handfast (Part of a Series) Natsgirl 2016.02.17 x
Relapse My Secret O 2016.02.19 x
Never End dream7me7sleep 2016.02.21 x
6 Months to Live hisviks 2016.03.10 x
Do You Hear What I Hear? Fairytale Amber 2016.03.13 x
Time after Time California Kat 2016.03.16 x
A Heady Draught (TaT follow up) California Kat 2016.03.28 x
Semper Fi (repost) inlovewitheric 2016.04.18 x
One Night Meridian 2016.04.26 x
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Carroll E. Stewart 2016.05.10 x
Fractured krispybee12 2016.05.14 x
Demon’s Lust krispybee12 2016.05.21 x
Angels of Night and Day Sakshi Chopra 2016.07.22 x
Entangled krispybee12 2016.07.22 x
The Revealing of Andre Meridian 2016.07.24 x
The New Normal Ladytarara 2016.07.28 x
Petulance My Secret O 2016.08.05 x
Charmed, Inc. krispybee12 2016.08.08 x
True Viking (Part 1 of 3) Ladytarara 2016.08.12 x