Secret Nerd Princess

Writing since-  May 2013


I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM/TB
I write mostly canon from the SVM, BUT always reserve the right to change whatever the heck I feel like. Though I will always warn you if I change the “rules” somehow.

My crossover world is Doctor Who.

I’ve also dabbled into the Arrow universe, but those stories are all one-shot/drabbles.
SVM is my main fandom.

Preferred pairings- Eric & Sookie.
Oliver & Felicity (Arrow)

I’ll fight to death for – Eric Northman. Sookie Stackhouse.

You’ll get my updates – When I figure it out I’ll let you know. I tried to do a schedule once, it didn’t work. Once I get back into the swing of things, it’s usually a chapter a week, but there’s no set day. Sometimes you’ll just get things randomly because I felt like writing them.

Deal? Deal.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Tell you what, why don’t you come over and leave me a comment! Then you’ll have a voice in describing my writing.

Languages I write in – English. Unfortunately I never learned a second language. That’s on the list of things still to learn.

EPUB/PDF available for download – No, sorry. 😦

Places to find me  

Secret Nerd Princess (wordpress)

Secret Nerd Princess (fanfiction)

Secret Nerd Princess (facebook group) – Who knows what you’re gonna get here besides updates to any of my stories…Probably dinosaurs.

Secret Nerd Princess (twitter) — Come Follow Me! I’m random!

Secret Nerd Princess (tumblr) — Come Follow Me! I’m random!

Original Fiction:

Here are a few original stories for you to have fun with while I’m busy writing more! Every one of the stories came from my brain, which probably ended up swimmy at the end…So please don’t steal them from me.

The beginnings of an original story.
Vampires. Hellhounds. A bartender with a Mustang and a very (un)fortunate night.

Grave Delusions:
Fred works at little stone church turned bar by night and goes to school during the day. It’s a normal existence. So what she wants to know is why in the hell all of her ex-boyfriends have started showing up?


The Myth of the Moons:
I read an article in Discover Magazine once about how scientists believe there is a chance that the Earth used to have two moons. This is just a little story in the style of a myth to explain that idea.

Two girls. One road trip. A bloodthirsty forest.

Rule #1:
What happens when you fuck with the bartender?

There are more. Poke around!

My Stories

Dead on Arrival:

My answer to the desecration of the characters in the last book in the SVM by Charlaine Harris. I do not own many of the characters…some of them I do.

It starts by filling in the blanks from Eric’s side of the story in Dead Ever After and then veers off into the story I would have told. What will happen? Will Sookie stay with Sam, living a normal life and having babies, or will she put on her big girl panties and rescue Eric from the clutches of the evil Queen?

Some violence, some lemons, lots of swearing.


Sookie meets the 10th Doctor. Set after the 4th book, Dead to the World, and the second season of Doctor Who. The Doctor takes Sookie on a trip through time and space to discover the truth about a certain Viking vampire who she might sorta kinda maybe love. Rated M for possible future scenarios. Will warn if a chapter contains anything more than PG.

I don’t own The Doctor, Eric, Sookie, Pam, or Aude. They belong to the BBC and Charlaine Harris.

At Least We’ll Always Have Buffy (one-shot)

Arrow Universe (all one-shot/drabbles)

There are more! Poke around!


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