Me!!!! Right, so I may or may not have gone a little shouty caps when this little gem popped into my inbox.  Proving not only to be MVP of the year (and possibly the next millennium) in this Advent calendar already with the sheer amount and joy she’s sprinkled through it, kjwrit’s generosity extended even to me. So in my secret Santa mode intending to surprise everyone else I ended up surprised too! I will unabashedly claim it’s my favorite of the lot because it’s my gift so I’m allowed to 🙂 Also, it’s ‘feline’ themed and it’s hilarious so I couldn’t be happier and shouty caps will probably never be enough to express the joy I received from it. You’re the best kjwrit!



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Surprise! Well, I’m guessing it’s still a surprise to msbuffy because that would be perfectly in character with her. She’ll be the first one to say, “You didn’t need to get me anything!”, but we dare to disagree. As far as we’re concerned that’s exactly why msbuffy deserves not just this gift but whatever else Santa’s been hiding in that sled of his, incidentally very similar in my procurement strategy for these stories 😉 (and for those of you wondering; no, I didn’t lure kjwrit into a basement with promises of Tarzan only to keep her hostage and make her write these lovely stories for us, she volunteered when something else fell through). You see msbuffy is so caring and giving all-year-round by both providing encouragement and her superior editing skills not only for the posts on this blog but for the works of many, many other writers as well.

If that’s not enough, msbuffy is also the one that will notice if someone isn’t feeling their best, whether it be a fellow reader in the comment section or on a personal post from a writer, without fail she will leave a kind comment and keep them in her thoughts, never to placate but because she genuinely cares about this community and more importantly the people that make it up. While she’ll most likely insist this is all too much, in our view it’s barely scratching the surface of what would be enough to repay the year-round generosity that she displays.  Merry Christmas msbuffy, enjoy!

See msbuffy, even Jason agrees!

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Sneaky attack number two with a repeat offender! You see, The Queen of all That is Delicious was my accomplice in getting all these lovely stories you’ve been enjoying so far while keeping it all a secret from the rest of the contributors. All along she didn’t know that I (hisviks) was scheming a little extra on the side (I’m sure she’ll forgive me) to make sure she got a gift story as well!
The Queen of All that is Delicious was the first on board with setting up the Directory and helped a lot in its initial days of getting everyone else where they needed to be so this could all come to fruition. She’s also the cat wrangler of the group that makes sure everything stays in order. As her name suggests she’s a long time devotee of SVM/TB fan fiction, her name is even derived from Missus T’s Halo Effect and as the name also suggests she’s very into her food. Luckily there’s plenty of food to be found in this tale, especially cheese… You might want to bring a snack, it’s long!

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Now this lovely story/beast of a tale is not only a surprise to the readers of our blog but also to the contributors of the blog. The Queen of all that is Delicious and I (hisviks) have been secretly plotting away to surprise them since it is the season of giving and after all the hard work they’ve put in on this blog we felt they deserved a little moment in the spotlight and get some recognition for a change. Our contributors work tirelessly each and every week getting the right stories in for the recommendations as well as write all the reviews while scouring for those missing story request.
With a little help from a few of our writing friends we present the first of our short stories dedicated to the contributors who keep this site running that will be exclusively on our blog till the 25th. First up to receive a tale of her own is RedJane12, I call her the devil’s advocate since she keeps me in check and knows where to signal strengths and weak spots like it’s nobody’s business, asking the right questions at the right time. Always enthusiastic and involved I can’t be more grateful for RJ’s involvement in the Directory. Enjoy the holiday flavored Sooric as the writer has termed it, in her mind it tastes like chocolate.

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