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We here at Directory know how frustrating it is when looking for that elusive fic and coming up empty without a title and/or writer as reference. We’ll do our best to source it, please look at the Story Locator (Responses) spreadsheet first to see if your missing fic has already been found (please take notice of the internal scroll button) and perhaps you’re able to help out someone else in the process. Use the form below if the story you are seeking is not among the lost and found entries.

Think you can identify a story that we have yet to find? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll be eternally grateful.

Please note if a story has been pulled for publishing as an original work (or other reasons) we will provide you with public contact information if available and the writer of that specific story has given indication they will provide copies to singular requests. The Directory will not supply .pdf copies or any other forms of publication that is not a public link.


151 thoughts on “Story Locator

  1. sookiefreak says:

    I think the story SilCBL is looking for is “An Elegant Death” by InLoveWithEric:

    The page in which many monarchs are giving Eric their kingdoms is here:

    SilCBL’s request is below. I don’t see the phrase “writings on the wall” but there is a lot of talk about prophecies.

    SilCBL: Here’s what I remember:
    It was a Eric/Sookie story (i know, d’uh,lol) and in the end Eric not only was announced King of Lousianna by the AP, but almost all the other Kings and Queens at the gathering gave him their kingdoms, too.
    I remember the phrase “writings on the wall” was used a lot.
    I know, really not much to go on at all, but if anyone can help me find this fic, it’s you guys. So, pleeeease help?!?


  2. sookiefreak says:

    loretta57 is looking for Drained by Suki59:

    loretta57’s request: im looking for a story in it sookie was with bill and he got sick and .she found out it was the government she goes to eric and finds him sick and drainers were draining him she get him out and leaves town she finds a run down house and nurses eric back to health he goes to the queen and sookie follows him she gets a job at the palace and andra keeps feeding on her


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