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We here at Directory know how frustrating it is when looking for that elusive fic and coming up empty without a title and/or writer as reference. We’ll do our best to source it, please look at the Story Locator (Responses) spreadsheet first to see if your missing fic has already been found (please take notice of the internal scroll button) and perhaps you’re able to help out someone else in the process. Use the form below if the story you are seeking is not among the lost and found entries.

Think you can identify a story that we have yet to find? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll be eternally grateful.

Please note if a story has been pulled for publishing as an original work (or other reasons) we will provide you with public contact information if available and the writer of that specific story has given indication they will provide copies to singular requests. The Directory will not supply .pdf copies or any other forms of publication that is not a public link.



143 thoughts on “Story Locator

  1. fanficglo says:

    HISVIKS thank you for finding: Live, Life, Love Accidentally! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner after all the hard work you did. (Vacations & life got in the way). Truly appreciate your hard work! Thanks again 😀


  2. ciasteczko says:

    Shyreader0102 I believe the story I’m looking for is a sequel to another story. Eric and Sookie are married. She finds out that Eric’s first wife is not truly dead but rather that he turned her. After Eric kisses his first wife, Sookie leaves him. She returns after learning that Eric had been injured–maybe silver poisoning?

    Over My Dead Body PersianFreak


  3. ciasteczko says:

    Eric has Hep-v and Sookie is with Alicide Sam is Mayor and Bill( is still a slug )Pam kidnaps Sookie and Takes her to Eric Jess has Andys daughter Bill is lying again and going to give Sookie to the government .Bill is suppose to give up Sookie and they cant find her or anybody that is close to her.Alicide gets a visit from Sookies Granfather

    InLoveWEric True Blood – Season 7 – The Right Way


  4. ciasteczko says:


    Looking for one i read last year. AH Eric owns a bar in New orleans. Sookie shows up at his house for a date and sees another girl leaving his house. years later they meet up again and Eric is trying to make things better. He takes care of her when she is sick. Eric has a shitty relationship with his father that finally come to a head.

    VictoryInTrouble Getting It On


  5. ciasteczko says:

    Eric, bill and sookie are on a T show. Sookie is with Bill but falls for Eric. But then the catch Bill having sex with Lorena which he is related to.

    “True Love” by cageyspice


  6. ciasteczko says:

    Glorifishus This is a massive story I think by a lady in Texas?
    It’s Eric and sookie. And sookie is pregnant with the first of Eric’s kids and it has been prophesied that there kids will be the old gods being reborn – but there’s a (warlow – don’t know his name) type character that wants sookie as his and the kids to be his for evil. There house becomes warded and fully sustainable – Eric is building them like an army on the property as well.
    I think there’s a supernatural place they can go where no one with bad intentions can stay there – that could be another story I’m getting confused with…
    Been searching for this story for ages – it was on fan fiction and then she continued its writing on a blog because fan fiction wasn’t working properly at one point – not sure if the fanfic one was deleted

    The Arrangement


  7. ciasteczko says:

    Sookie was kidnapped and had a son that talked you buy touching he could show pictures Jessica and Willa go to Eric for help the little boy was safe because their was a tunnel between Willa and Sookies house and her son stayed there till they found him that all I can Remember

    it’s Deception by mistessjessica1028


      • Meridian says:

        Lol, as I was reading the description I thought the plot sounded familiar, so I read it again, then BAM – OH HAI! THAT’S ONE OF MINE! 😀

        This fabulous service needs to be advertised to Mars and back so more people can request help locating more stories so that more stories can be found…

        Liked by 1 person

      • hisviks says:

        Well it beats being asked by one of our dedicated story finders, “Is this one of yours?” and then having to mumble and stumble extensively because for the life of you, you can’t quite remember… #sodidn’thappensodid


  8. ciasteczko says:

    loretta57 hi im looking for a story in it sookie is a young girl and has a cabin she goes to tha she and her grand father built she sees eric and pam fighting in the woods and eric owns bills house she ends up working for eric and meets godricwho takes her to the prom and eric is jealous he falls for sookie and she has always loved him sents she meet him

    I’m not sure which story you’re looking for
    What Lurks Beneath
    My Viking!


  9. ciasteczko says:

    thevikingskittykat While I was re-reading a story it made me think of another that I cannot think of the name of and all I can remember is that Sookie and Eric were getting married, Disney wanted them to get married there they made them Prince and Princess. There was a Wizard of Oz “thing” and Bill was actually a girl at the end. Thanks.

    Pulled from and wordpress “A Work of Art” by storiesforevy


  10. ciasteczko says:

    Mrskroy Hello! I’m looking for an AH story where I can only remember bits and pieces of the epilogue. Eric and Sookie have a child (a daughter, I think). Eric has been traveling for business and the chapter starts with him waking up in a motel room after a bad dream. He has a tattooed wedding band (though I think they aren’t legally married just yet) and possibly baby footprints over his heart. He ends up driving all night to get home to his family early and surprises a sleeping Sookie. She tells him she’s pregnant again, and there might even be a proposal in there too.

    I tried googling as much as I could remember, but no luck. Thank you in advance!

    I’m not sure….

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    • mrskroy says:

      That was one that popped up in my search, but it’s not that. The epilogue definitely started with Eric in a motel room. He was supposed to fly home the next day, but decided to drive straight through the night. I can’t recall much about the actual story up to that point. I feel like Eric and Sookie had a tumultuous relationship prior to the birth of their first child…but that of course describes most of the stories out there!
      Thank you for the suggestion, though! I have a feeling I’ll stumble on it once I actively stop searching 🙂


    • mrskroy says:

      I found it! And I was totally wrong about it being the epilogue that I remembered. It was Brainmates’ “Help Me Remember”! Which was one of the stories that I looked at…but it was chapter 20 that stuck out to me and not the last chapter like I thought 🙂 sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase with this one!

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  11. ciasteczko says:

    lala Looking for a story where sookie is a faery princess with dark tendencies and is having an affair with felipe and Eric is trying to win her

    Author -firstgreenisgold Dark princess
    story removed from


  12. ciasteczko says:

    galit avigail Hi I am looking for AH stories the first one is called ” A lot like Love” it was pulled out but if any one has it in a PDF form I will really appreciate it. The second I do not remember the name but it is a squeal to a story where Eric wins Sookie in a card game against Jason and i am looking for the part 2 of this story Sookie and Eric are having Troubles in their marriage Sookie is depressed after Amelia has lost her baby boy and Eric is involved in governments with Pam – it is an Historian story. thx Galit from Israel

    Bought and Paid for by 10Pints


  13. ciasteczko says:

    LastStone85 The story I’m trying to find has Sookie as the Fae queen of Oklahoma and Eric was sold into her service by Appius. That’s generally all I can remember, but I loved it and am annoyed at myself for not having it marked in my favs folders. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,,

    The Big Bang
    By: Idream3223


  14. ciasteczko says:

    loretta57 im looking for a story in it sookie was with bill and he got sick and .she found out it was the government she goes to eric and finds him sick and drainers were draining him she get him out and leaves town she finds a run down house and nurses eric back to health he goes to the queen and sookie follows him she gets a job at the palace and andra keeps feeding on her

    Drained by suki59


  15. mrskroy says:


    Thank you guys for all you do with this site! The story I am looking for was set post True Blood Season 7. I can’t remember if Sookie had given birth yet, but her husband leaves to visit his parents and Sookie reunites with Eric. After her husband dies in a car crash, they discover he was having an affair and planned to steal the baby. I believe the other woman was a were but I can’t be positive. They had an apartment all set up with baby supplies. Sookie has a hard time dealing with her in-laws after her husband’s death because she had already gotten back together with Eric.

    Not sure if you’ve found it yet…but that would be All Things Left Unsaid 😊


  16. valleystitcher says:

    I did want to alert readers that All About Eric’s Immortal Beloved has been reworked and is available on Amazon it is titled An Innocent Heart and it’s by Merryl Anderson. She has released volume one. Yours, Margaret


  17. 4xamom says:

    thevikingskittykat Hi, I’m having a brainfart. All I can remember is Eric is a firefighter and Sookie is a nurse. They meet when Eric saves a kitten in a fire and brings it to the ER where everyone is nasty about it but Sookie. Thanks.

    this story is in kjwrit’s men in uniform it’s challenge


  18. ericsbickerchick says:

    could anyone help it is 2 stories one Godric is alive and Eric is with SOOKIE she is changing into super natural thing that has wings Eric is the king of a group of men that protects them he tells Grodic and tells him he never said anything because there was never any need for him Eric explains that he can still call his men to his side.Eric also has his friend there I think it was Thomas ?please someone must know this story.2 story Godric turns granny and they find Jason with the fellowship of the sun granny wants to get Jason Godric said no until he finds out they blew up I think its a ship and Godric has friends on It.
    Thank you


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